City Market opens this weekend

dish-city-market-sunriseRise and shine! The Charlottesville City Market opens for business this Saturday. PHOTO COURTESTY CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY MARKET

The Charlottesville City Market kicks off this Saturday, April 3 at 7am in the Water Street parking lots. There are 111 vendors this year, 15 more than last; and First Street will be closed to accommodate them.

There’s also a new market this year, The Market at Pen Park, which will open Tuesday, May 4 in Pen Park off of Rio Road. Like the Farmers in the Park at Meade Park, which opens Wednesday, May 4, the Pen Park market will be open from 3pm to 7pm.

“So many vendors have asked to be a part of the market,” says City Market manager Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy, “ but we didn’t have room for them. Now we do.”

Anderegg-Maloy says that 25 additional vendors have already signed up for the Pen Park market, which will be similar to the City Market in the variety of vendors on hand.

Anderegg-Maloy wants to remind people that the Charlottesville 10-Miler is on Saturday as well, which runs across the West end of the Downtown Mall and down Water Street, so it might be a good idea to enter via Garrett Street.

Oh, there’s also a new market vendor website this year [], where vendors can create a listing and provide detailed information about who they are and what they offer.


How will we know the fake farmers from the authentic?

Just to clarify... Are the people who own Arch's right-wingers themselves? Or is Arch's just the preferred soft-serve of the teabag set?


I think Arch's frozen yogurt is the headquarters of the local tea bag "think tank".

"Make sure you don’t buy from all of the fake farmers."

Or from Righteous Bean...

Or from Lou Reck Farms, he doesn't own a farm and he buys all of his stuff from Southern Produce. But he does spin a good story (ie. lie) about how he grows all of his stuff. the man doesn't even own a garden tractor let alone grow produce LOL.

Our favorite farmer John Coles will not be at the farmers market this morning due to illness. John makes the wonderful goat cheese that he has been giving away for many years.My wife Sonia will be there with a book so that anyone who wants to can write in it and then we will bring it to John an Christine.

Thanks for the link. It looks like a very informative web site.

Or from Arch's frozen yogurt...

How will you know? Great question! Here's a website that offers some really valuable information for consumers who really want to know where their food comes from and how it was grown.

It's a bit of a shame to think that consumers have to be so discerning when it comes to choosing produce from a farmers market. I mean, the City promotes it all as 'homegrown', but it's pretty obvious that there are some vendors who really DON'T grow what they sell. However, my experience has been that those who do grow (and, by the way, they are the vast majority!) are proud as hell to tell you about their farm and their work. The ones who don't grow their own give you vague answers, and hurry to sell you something.... anything....

Go to Topeka, Chuck.

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What's wrong with Arch's?

Make sure you don't buy from all of the fake farmers.

what a picture

One of the best things about Charlottesville, you owe it to yourself to go and take a friend or family member