Grisham, Roth find fake Italian interviews

Mega-best-selling author and well known Democrat John Grisham was surprised to learn he's an Obama basher. The New Yorker has the story of an Italian journalist who made up interviews with famous authors Grisham and Philip Roth allegedly to satisfy his conservative readership.

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Damn, turdburglar you beat me to the punchline! Wanna bet they hire him now?

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I been to Italy, live there before here, no conservatives in Italy, this story big bull.

I didn't know Fox News had an Italian affiliate.

Oh, come on, George S.! Having money has nothing to do with the offense of having one's ideals misrepresented. It's a violation. You know what else? John Grisham has earned his money, and I don't begrudge him a penny of it. From what I've observed, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

Jealous much, Geroge S?