Dean: Perriello re-election chance to reject 'Palin fringe'

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is on the warpath for Rep. Tom Perriello, whom Adam Clymer (famous for being called a "major league ***hole" by President Bush) has dubbed “The Most Courageous Man in DC” in a story for the Daily Beast. Dean penned a fund-raising email for the Congressman in which he calls the race for the 5th District seat “a proxy for the struggle with the far right who want to intimidate Democrats” and sets his re-election up as a “rare opportunity to show the country that voters reject the Palin fringe.”

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Here is why "Rep." Perriello is dangerous. In an interview on the Joe Thomas show on Monday, Perriello was asked why he voted for Obamacare. His answer was straight forward- paraphrasing- "I thought that it was the right decision for me to make". No mention of how his constituents felt, even after all those town hall meeting he held.

It was how he felt, not how we felt- so, "Rep." Perriello is now just Perriello- not representing anyone "butt" himself.

I won't vote for Tom again. I have been very disappointed in what has been going on in DC.

Wow, it's just amazing reading this stuff. Charlottesville is a town with a world class university, yet "confused", "voted right in 2008" and many of the other libs on this board obviously never got over the brown acid.

Too bad.

Wow... comments deleted. A little thin skinned, Hook moderator? A little too much "truth to power" for your gentle leftist souls?

All that was said was that Perriello is a gutless liar: all demonstrably true. Call his office an HOUR before an important vote and his junior high school staff will tell you that "the congressman has not yet decided how he will vote." Sure.

Then last week he said that 400,000 of his constituents will save between $1,000 and $2,000 a year and the awful Health Care bill will save the treasury $1.2 billion. None of this is true.

Have a blessed day.

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I'll give Perriello credit for being upfront about his reasoning for voting the way he has. But he has not voted with my will, and I will not be voting for him in November. If enough people vote the way I do, he'll lose. If enough people vote the other way, he'll win.

Let's let our votes do the talking.

Harry D, I hope you have a kid or maybe a neighbor who is taking a high school government class. Ask him or her to help you understand this thing we call representative democracy. You are in for an eye opener.

You're really reaching with that HarryD. He had to decide one way or another. He got lots of different input and made a decision. That's really pretty simple. It's what he was elected to do.

"I wish all of you Tom-bashers could give tangible examples of what you’re talking about instead of just giving emotional and irrational commentary." <--- THIS!!!

I live in the 5th Virginia district. Periello won by less than 800 votes in 2008. Since then he has voted in direct opposition to the will of the people of his district by voting for cap & trade and the health care takeover and whatever else Nancy wants. This is a VERY conservative district. His 2008 victory was a fluke because Obama lied his way into office, and his Kool Aid drinkers automatically pulled the "D" lever in 2008. Periello will have no coattails this year. He is going to lose big time, no matter who is "on the warpath". This will be a proxy on Obamacare and the overall BHO socialist agenda, not the Palin "fringe". We elephants are loaded for bear and have a long memory, fellas!
Bye Bye Tommy Boy!!

Sorry, here is the correct spelling --to be accurate Thom Hartmann, and this is the podcast. Besides talking about paid bloggers, he also gives a historically accurate account of the Boston Tea Party, and how this relates to today's tea party movement.

They dont call him t.ommie the c.ommie for nothing

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Periello's re-election is a chance to reject the Periello fringe.

I even held an event for him. Just like Obama what he said was just campaign baloney. Periello has failed me too many times and been caught too many time with his pants down.

I might, MIGHT, vote for Obama again, if he cuts spending and government takeovers and giveaways in the next two years but Periello will never, NEVER, get my vote or my husband's vote ever again.

CC- sorry, he was elected to represent his constituents. He has yet to do that. Actualy, none of them have done that. And again, it is supposed to be a part-time position. Vote on a couple of things and go back to the farm for a while. Not, vote on some things and go back and campaign for another 2 years in office.

It is not a positon that has a job description of "look what I have done for you, so re-elect me again, and again and again".

200 years ago there was no need for term limits- Congressmen did their duty and then went back home to their real job.

If Perriello would do what his constituents have manadated him to do- and remember that his constituents are not just those who elected him, but everyone in District 5- he would have had to have voted against the bill.

Our children ARE listening, and look what they are learning from us: and:

"Might makes Right", and the Mob Rules...

A vote for Tom Perriello is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. I can't in good conscience vote for Pelosi. Therefore I can't vote for Perriello.

"...use hot button issues to develop a base. Abortion, classism, identity politics, and so on deleiver the people that are not able to think critically."

Are you off your meds? You just described the GOP playbook for the last 20 years!

The amount of vitriol coming from both sides is disturbing --our children are listening.

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Still reading this post? See to get a taste for the differences between the way the right wing protests, and the way the left goes about it. If you are dumb enough to believe state controlled media and the way they mis-represent the tea party, then you may just be a danger to yourself and others.

Have a blessed day.

Sorry Tom, didn't vote for you then and won't vote for you in November. Both Repub. & Dem. have shown their lack of respect for the Constitution and the will of the state and the will of the people. Maybe in November that respect can be returned.

Confused- you are right, you are confused. Does he represent you? If he had 100 constituents and heard them all and voted for a bill supported by the minority of them, what kind of representation do you have? I think it would be called a representative dumbmocracy.

"Palin fringe" --would that be a Hutaree ? Any around our area ?

"Nine members of Hutaree - described by authorities as an anti-government extremist organization - have been indicted on federal charges of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

At least one member of the group lives in Washtenaw County, and the indictment charges that group members trained in Lenawee County as they "conspired to levy war against the United States."

Apparently the "Progressives" (aka liberals before that became a deservedly dirty word) have learned absolutely NOTHING from the VA, NJ and MA elections. Americans aren't buying what Dear Leader, Tommy Boy and other socialists are selling. They can try to cram it down our throats or ram them up you-know-where as suppositories, IT DOESN'T MATTER. Dems are going down this November. So whistle past the graveyard all you want and pretend it's not there but the next election will be a tsunami drowning most Dems in it's path. Socialists like Pelosi will be safe because her SF district would vote for a cockroach with Alzheimers as long as it had a "D" after it's name. But in the VA 5th and others around the country, Perriello and his ilk don't stand a chance. YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN!!

Turdburgler, your handle says it all. No one is arguing that the Bush family influence didn't play a part in W.'s admission to Yale. No one is arguing that W.'s invasion of Iraq was was a good idea. But unlike Obama, he didn't impose Rules Of Engagement on the military that left them sitting ducks for his fellow muslims to shoot at them, and unlike Obama, W.'s justice department didn't indict loyal American soldiers doing their best to insure the survival of their unit and themselves. Military personnel are forbidden by law from criticizing the chain of command, but you better believe they are madder than hell.

Again so you get it.....Perriello works for John Podesta and he has cast every vote based on that. Podesta and Emanuel use people like Perriello and Obama to advance their agenda. When Perriello goes out in November he will live in Dc ot Manhattan as before and hustle for these titans of cynical politics. The Podesta theory is use hot button issues to develop a base. Abortion, classism, identity politics, and so on deleiver the people that are not able to think critically.

That would be a lot on the Hook board as they blow out the canned statements they read in the media....both sides.

Who is so unschooled in history or politics that they might think Perriello is a communist? We got Hutarees here too?

Quick, if you went to that world class university, which I'll admit there is scant evidence of, you must have slept though the class where the non sequitur was discussed.

Too bad.

Morning "confused". Your own tagline betrays your basic problem.


You know, its fnny how critical you are of a freshman Congressman with no political background somehow not being prepared and his office a mess?

They had their feet on the ground and running in far less time than Mark Warner, and had years of experience. My impression was completely the opposite, because Perriello was fast, and his staff did have answers for me.

So what if Perriello spent a few years in New York City and globally doing something else? It will make him a better informed Congress person. I know you yokals resent anyone who actually gets out into the world and does something with their lives, but I think his spending the first 20 of his life in the area qualifies as being a part of the 5th district.

It's a bi world out there, and people need to make big decisions these days. Bush was a disaster because he spent all of his time self absorbed in small minded right wing US politics.

Pay attention genius. Some fool earlier had ripped the Ivy League for producing Perriello and Obama. I was merely pointing out that such a ridiculous argument cuts both ways.

Your handle should be "Been Lying" or "Been Snorting Glue" because you are out of your freaking mind. Do you have any examples to back up those conspiracy theories, or just more racist BS (Obama is Christian)?

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Hook do a research piece on funding for Perriello. He is a lapdog for John Podesta and Rahm Emanuel. In 08 he lived in Manhattan and was doing fudnraising from an office in Brooklyn. Also in 08 he was a full time campaigner exploiting the anti incumbern wave. His major money was unions, Emilys,.....the usual suspects.

In 08 he went door to door playing the Ebb character from Green Acres and won the seat. At this time it looks like Goode will take it back by well over 15% of the vote. Perriello will just be a weekender and they will make him eat his lapdog role. Sure he has over 300,000 so far but the sources will be revealed as to what his connections are. he is a joke but hey like Bush and Obama he is an Ivy League joke!

Sounds like Howard Dean has been chosen to up-the-anti in the Democratic Party's disgusting accusations against anyone who does not kow-tow to their demands.

Seems like the Current Democratic party crop of politicians are more interested in Chains they can place upon common citizens than "Change" anyone could possibly believe in.

To think that our nation has fallen so far down that someone like Tom Periello could be held up so high and regarded as important at all is outright embarassing.

Yay!!! Howard Dean! Any politician that Howard Dean supports is a good sound choice. Those who oppose Periello are self-centered and totally out of touch with reality. He is a breathe of fresh air in a stagnant cess pool, also known as the VA political climate.

Some of you people are out of your freaking minds! Tom Perriello has acted admirably and honorably since taking office - working harder for the people of this district in one year than Virgil Goode did in his entire political career! He is the most dedicated public servant I have ever met and is ABSOLUTLEY deserving of the high regard with which many in this district hold him.

The cap&trade legislation that beavercleaver foolishly rejects will take American dollars out of the hands of foreign extremists and give it to farmers and entrepreneurs in the fifth district. The healthcare overhaul will very soon be a boon to the district's working families in their search to find affordable healthcare. To declare out of hand that Tom Perriello is out of step with the voters of this district is simply wrong. I appreciate his votes.

Brian, you are simply a bitter, lying, sack of sh__. Rather than asking the Hook to do some research, why don't you do some research yourself and stop smearing a good person?

Voted wrong, I don't know what you think Tom did to you to let you down? He has done exactly what he campaigned on - worked for energy independence, healthcare reform, and jobs in the district. And I would remind you that 1) stimulus spending was initiated by the previous administration and 2) the bank bailouts (while unpopular) averted the next Great Depression.

The "I voted for the guy, now I've been let down" thing is a hoax. That's a weak strategic attempt to make it seem like opposition is growing. I would be willing to bet that most posters who claim they "voted wrong" are not telling the truth about who they actually voted for.

"I live in the 5th Virginia district. Periello won by less than 800 votes in 2008. Since then he has voted in direct opposition to the will of the people of his district by voting for cap & trade and the health care takeover and whatever else Nancy wants. This is a VERY conservative district."

I also live in the 5th Virginia district and Tom has voted exactly how I wanted him to vote. The 5th once was a VERY conservative district, but as Dylan once said, "the times they are achanging" Seeing that the opposition has become even loonier (if that is possible) than it was under the Bush rule, I anticipate that I will work even harder for Tom in the next election.

Voted right in 08. I know what a dreg he is as I have done the research. Even his Washington office is a joke as the reputation is that he had kids that cant keep up with correspondence or track issues. Not brain surgery but.....

I have done the research and you are clueless on any facts that are objective. Perriello works for Podesta and as such is just as extreme and out of mainstream as Tea Party. The one good thing about St. Annes Belfield is that you come out a good talker even ii you cant get it right over two years. At best he is a street organizer for Emilys List or some other zealot organization.


I heard an interview with Tom Hartman today on WINA; he confirmed that individuals are paid to blog for and against certain individuals and causes on these message boards I wonder how many posting here are paid for doing this ?

Unless I can factually check something that is said I dismiss it, and I wish more thinking individuals would do the same --maybe that's the problem; people have stopped thinking.

I think it is time to rethink Ivy League graduates, especially those from Harvard, as political representatives. For quite a while now, Ivy League admission has been for sale, and not cheaply, either. It is not unusual for a parent to approach an admissions department with an offer of six or even seven figures in return for admitting their dim bulb. To keep the standards low they use this funding to provide seats for "charity cases" that aren't too sharp, either. This is why Ivy League schools are no longer at the top of science and research and their law and business graduates don't do much other than enter politics.
The result is instant prestige for the dim bulb ( Perriello) or loudmouthed self-aggrandizer(Obama). It has been a long time since Ted Kennedy was kicked out of Harvard and sent to UVA, I don't think Harvard holds such high standards anymore, and that is why they are keeping Obama's embarrassing thesis secreted under lock and key.

Tom is the best thing going - Smart, honest, and full of integrity. I wish all of you Tom-bashers could give tangible examples of what you're talking about instead of just giving emotional and irrational commentary. Let's be thankful that someone with Tom's abilities has chosen to serve all of us instead of just going off to get rich. Thank you, Tom! We'll be there for you again this fall.

I'm out of work. Is there work commenting for the right or left on sites like "The Hook"? Where do I sign up? I can write well. Or i can rite good. I can even "multitask"! (read: both)

The republican campaign strategy this fall will be the same as always, all Democrat policies are bad but we offer none of our own. If you cry wolf loud enough and often enough you will pick up a few seats. Then people see their lack of policies and the democrats regain majority. History repeats itself.

Choc Cheerio, listen to the above Thom Hartmann podcast he mentions where you can call to get a job.

Wonder which Ivy League school is responsible for the dimming of R.Lord's bulb? Wonder if he knows that both Bush Presidents went to Yale? Wonder if her even realizes that Yale is an Ivy League school?

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I will be the first in line to vote for the GOP. Tom will be a one-term less than wonder. I cannot wait, I wish November was here already. When I hear the news he lost by a slam dunk, it will be like Christmas before Thanksgiving. Let's start the countdown now. Never in all my years of voting have I ever felt this way! In the past I have voted for members of both parties based on a best person evaluation. This time I will not even have to think about it. If I get sick and have to crawl to vote this November, I will go, nothing will stop me from going to the polls and voting for the GOP. I hope ole Tom is out shaking hands at my voting station, because I will look at him in the eye and say to him "I WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU!"

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