Obama, DNC use Perriello incident to raise money

The Democratic National Committee and President Obama's "Organizing for America" are trumpeting the incident involving a severed hose on a portable gas grill at the home of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother on their blog and in fundraising e-mails to supporters, characterizing it as retaliation from the “extreme right-wing” over healthcare reform.


A little deeper reading shows that these doctors believe that if the government is left completely out of it then the Doctors and the free market will take care of itself. They believe that insurance actually caused the costs to skyrocket because of peoples belief that since they did not need to pay their own bills they did not have to take care of themselves.

It is kind of interesting that since this recession started Breast enhancment has dropped by 50%.

I imagine that there are those who will simply dismiss these Doctors because they are against abortion. I guess for some you need to be willing to kill a fetus to have credibility in this debate.

I don't disagree that we need tort reform, but that pales in comparison to the fleecing of the public by private insurance and pharma companies. Hopefully this is a first step, and we will end the dominance of these lobbies in the future.


a spin only worthy of the Hook on a tea-bagger fueled attack on an individual without any connection to the fray.

anxiously await your cover story on the "Zen of Sarah Palin"

Children with pre-existing conditions will be covered marcus.


@marcus welby

I heard an interview with Thom Hartmann today on WINA; he confirmed that individuals are paid to blog for and against certain individuals and causes on these message boards. I wonder how many posting here are paid for doing this ?

Unless I can factually check something that is said I dismiss it, and I wish more thinking individuals would do the same ââ?¬â??maybe that’s the problem; people have stopped thinking.

some predictions about the future

1) once "pre exisiting" conditions becomes the law for all (not just kids) then most young healthy people will pay the 95.00 fine and just buy health insurance if they get diagnosed ill.

2) since health insurance will be determined primarily on age (no longer male female, pre existing comditions etc) employers will simply stop hiring anyone over 40-45 because the rate jumps will be dramatic.

3) once even the homeless start geting free health care you will see marginal doctors from third world countries come in and open up clinics where they only treat back pain, allergies, flu etc, which does two things; it milks the system (legally)and takes the gravy away from other doctors who wil not have these easy jobs to subsidize the other harder (and less lucrative) diseases and illnesses. When jiffy lube opened, car dealers who lost that business simply doubled the cost of anything that MUST be done at the dealer to make up the difference.

4)Once the medical rehab is required for mental illness, drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment centers will open up everywhere and people will be recruited like there is no tomorrow.

5)all the previously healthy people who will now be forced to buy healthcare will feel "entitled" to use it because they "feel" they are getting forced to pay for it.

6) with employer mandated coverage businesses will stay intentionally lean, hiring more subcontractors, using overtime instead of hiring, and will invest in automation that reduces the number of employees.

7) you will see a HUGE influx of cash transactions amongst businesses that can get away with it. (the fraud will outpace the enforcement 10-1)

8) Insurance rates will sky rocket because the insurance companies will be FORCED to pay out more for all the prexisting conditions.
Example: Joe/30yrold male, healthy pays 2500 a year. Bill 30year old diabetic with cancer, premiums: 12000 a year. Enter Obamacare: both parties must pay the same amount: new premium for Bob (14,500 divided by 2) 7,250 a 4750 dollar savings... new premium for Joe 7,250 and 4750 INCREASE. Imagine a business owner deciding if it is time to add another employee or not.... since he is now paying an ADDITIONAL 4750 for joe, do you think he will a) take a risk and hire an additional person b) give joe a raise or use the raise money to pay the health care increase. c) sit tight and see what happens.

Obamacare... now "castro" approved.............

I don't object to political parties raising money, as the Republicans National Committee is doing, having brought in $1,494,084 in their "Fire Nancy Pelosi" campaign. I hope those who support health care reform, whether they be Independents, or Democrats will also open their wallets for candidates who support this desperately needed start to a sane health care system.

I had health insurence once. The least coverage avalible cost $100 a month. It was almost as if I had nothing at all.

I find in increadibly cheeper to just pay the Docter and when something bad happened, which it did.

The state paid for it anyway.

The only thing worse then a republican in charge is a republican out of office!!!!!!

Palin is the only name needed to prove that!!!!!


I want you to think of the conflict in your statement. The problem is insurance, but you blame the government for telling insurance companies they can't continue with extortion. I find that very interesting but hardly surprising as people on the right these days seem to thrive on cognitive dissonance.

I would agree with Ron paul if we were to ban health insurance all together, and then remove ALL federal funding from medical schools and hospitals. Suddenly those complaining doctors would really be screaming about student debts, but that is the rue market.

meet the new deal same as the old deal...

It does not matter who is in power they all steal and the sooner we the people get together the better off we all will be.


Tort reform

The earlier post is totally inaccurate as the cost of lawsuits is not signifigant but the cost of defensive medicine is the result of shakedown lawsuits. That cost is driving up the insurance rates.

Basically there is a cost benefit analysis applied to a lawsuit involving a carrier, (auto or medical). Both the plaintiff and defense counsel know this. The plaintiff knowing he has a weak case settles for the threshold amount and on the the next "victim."

Due to this predatory practice the medical establishment is required to double or triple a patients costs in order to cover their arse and discourage fleecing by marginal and unethical attorneys. Along with overall tory reform each state needs a very strict certification panel that would allow a med/mal to go forward. Some state certify with a lawyer, doctor, and a lay person in the hearing to make sure it is not a shekedown.

However the President is a paid lobbyist for the trial bar and as such made sure that we do not have anything close to healthcare reform but we do have the Massachuseets blueprint for yet another Washington failure.

No need to worry about Obama grand scheme much more as the international situation is about to control the rest of his Presidency along with the stalled economy. After labor Day he will be in the low 30s and the rest is hostory as he tried to run the country just as mayors in Detroit, Chicago, and Richmond have run a city government. It works until the bills come in and then even the dumbedown wake up.

Point is that the Music Lover is not well informed and adressed only a portion of the tort reform issue.

"Would Tort Reform Lower Costs ?" Brian, I hope you will study this and then give me your opinion.


Old Timer...

The government did not just STOP insurance companies from extorting customers they just passed a law that gives them a license to extort 30 million more.

There are no provisions limiting the healthcare premiums, only ratios. so if they want to double a healthy persons premium and then double that to arrive at an unhelthy persons premium they can do so.

Obama KNOWS this and thinks that this is the best way to arrive at single payer healthcare.

The insurance companies KNOW that in ten years we will be there and that they will be paid to administer that healthcare except they will do it for a fee like medicare is done now.

Congress will still be getting legal bribes to make it happen.
CEOs will still get fat salaries (or some other compensation trick) the deficit will still be unamangable
and the rich will still be getting blamed for the countries woes.

The only thing that is gonna change is that the bums on the mall will be a little more docile since they will be getting free percocet.

I've had enough of the politicization of violence.

Join the Coffee Party!

Tom works for John Podesta as his day job, so by extension he is a lappup for Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. With Tom what you see is what you dserve. No experience....talking points poster chump. And no I am not a Tea party, Republican or other just understand the process and that healthcare and other large programs are just Ponzi cash flow so Washington can continue to fund its obligations using new income streams created by large tax increases.

It is about having 40% of the people subsidize the cost of living for 60% of the people. Both political corporations are competing for the 60% and hoping to rope in the 40%. On this I know I am right.

comment deleted by moderator

I see what was posted at Organizing for America as totally legitimate and truthful. Those who voted for health care came under extreme hostile pressure; I do feel they were courageous. I for one just donated $25, and will do all I came to make sure this bill is not defeated, and that we extend health care to those without it. We need to e-mail our elected officials and fight Attorney General Cuccinelli's attempt to deny Virginians the benefits of extended health care and the protections it affords. This is a modest attempt to make much needed changes to our health care system and I hope it will be expanded in the future. Those who care for a just and equitable America need to elect those who support this bill. Get involved--donate, register others to vote and work to elect candidates who support health care reform.

This is what OfA has posted, I hope others will donate as well

"We knew that power concedes nothing. So did President Obama. So did the members of Congress who courageously voted for reform, knowing that the special interests and the extreme right wing would retaliate swiftly.

The attacks are fierce. Deceptive ads are hitting the airwaves in swing districts. GOP lawmakers are pushing to repeal reform -- and preventing the Senate from performing basic functions. A few Republican attorneys general have launched a baseless attack to overturn the legislation. But that's not even the worst of it.

A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging tea partiers to "drop by." Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized.

Can you chip in $25 or more to defend health reform -- and those in Congress who fought to make it possible? "

Please Donate

brian, if you want to understand the true Ponzi scheme in our country, listen to this interview with Michael Lewis, author of
" The Big Short." I think you'll fine it's not the government you need to fear.


You're GD right they're using it to raise money! They sure as hell ought to!!! The other side of the aisle whipped these nuts up into a froth for their own political purposes, and now Eric Cantor says the Dems are not supposed to use the inevitable violent results for political advantage. Horse feathers!

I'm donating as much as I can to make sure these rightwing extremists' chickens come home to roost!

Hallelujah! Holy Sh**! Where's the Tylenol?!

Using an incident like this to raise money is nearly equally dirty pool.

You mean politicization of violence like when CBS broadcast a photo of George Bush with the subtitle, ââ?¬Å?Snipers Wanted”. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/kilborn1.html

How about these protest photos. Far worse than any tea party protest. Did you complain about them?


Instead you advocate for an astroturf outfit, how about you really decry the perveyors of violence on both sides.

As far as TJs pride in the healthcare bill what happened to tort reform as Obama as Dems get hugs cash from Trial Bar, Unions, Defense, and now Pharmaceuticals and Hospital chains. We even have the government take over of student loans in this. Why not the big screen tv, the Camry, and the house you deserve.

You just dont get it the man and big business will get their piece of the pie but the people that work will just work harder for less after the hope and change pep rallies are just a footnote.

I did impartial think tank research on the Massachusetts healthcare reform bill that was enacted under Romney, and I am certain that you do not understand things like unfunded state mandates and how they have to be funded by state taxes and so on.

The only effective healthcare reform will result from cost containment related to the built in cost of defensive medicine and the related tort reform. Washington has only been successful with two things, the best war machine ever and regulating a national currency. All other efforts are bankrupt....morally and $$!

Again the money from the so called healthcare package is just more money to use to acquire power. Healthcare as such is not addressed in this bill but taxes are. Do the homework and please note that you have a dog in the hunt, or at least you think so.

brian, you sound like someone who actually thinks, and reads, and looks at facts. If you want hard data about wealth distribution in the United States, please study this:

Wealth, Income, and Power
by G. William Domhoff
September 2005 (updated February 2010)

This document presents details on the wealth and income distributions in the United States, and explains how we use these two distributions as power indicators.

Some of the information might be a surprise to many people. The most amazing numbers on income inequality come last, showing the change in the ratio of the average CEO's paycheck to that of the average factory worker over the past 40 years.


The Albemarle County GOP office was allegedly vandalized; I certainly hope the police investigate this and the people responsible are caught and dealt with.

However, given Rep. Cantor's recent lies about his own office being attacked, I suspect this will be a cheap opportunity for teabaggers to portray themselves as victims. And that hasn't happened for what, a couple of days already...


I would request you delete posts that refer to people as "teabaggers" - it is a vulgar slang term that should not be accepted in civil debate.

States don't always pay for health care for the poor. There are also many categories that don't fit Medicaid. A lot of people have to go begging to hospitals, churches, etc and if they come up with nothing then they may get no treatment at all. For people who have insurance the ones who are most satisfied use it the least. Any moderate to major treatment under current insurance programs reveals problems. For the elderly premiums for the drug program have gone up 5x since its inception. Many problems.

I have from the beginning thought that the claims of vandalism and threats (which don't result in arrests and don't cause any injury to persons) are fabrications being used to 1) use for sympathy affect fundraising, and 2) justify Patriot Act (Obama just signed extension of that bill's authority) and the Department of Homeland Security to intimidate and harass political opponents (specifically Taxed Enough Already members). I have read many entreaties on blogs written by people who I suspect are paid political staffers demanding that the TEA Party be labeled a terrorist organization. If this sounds far fetched, sorry, but Obama is from Chicago and this is how politics operates there - corruption, dishonesty, fabrications of events, shaming of opponents. I hope the next Congress is able to investigate the bar association application and birth certificate of B. Hussein Obama, impeach him, and remove him from office.

That's why I have left the Democrats, I can't take the messages of hate, the exaggerations, the mind numbing hypocrisy. After 30 years of voting for Democrats no more. I am, and now that I have educated myself, I realize I always have been, a Libertarian.

I am increasingly disillusioned by the status of political debate in thei country. In the 50's and 60's, we had a lot of debate about controversial issues(Vietnam, Civil Rights, the Great Society), but the ad hominem attacks and the name -calling were considerably less than what we see now. We have a system we cannot afford (including new health isurance), but Obama inherited a deficit largely because we tried to pay for a war on credit, because "conservatism" has transformed from a commitment to limit spending and try to balance budget to a commitment not to raise taxes.
In 1998, this country was at its apex. We had beaten communism, and we were the dominant nation on the planet. How did we respond? We argued over a blue dress.
I am afraid history will not be kind to us, and this debate provides evidence as to how lost we have become.

Chris, "teabaggers" was the original term as adopted by the teabaggers. and perhaps your post should be deleted if you object to the term.

regardless of that nonsense, i fear we have as a country become so polarized that it will be the cause of our demise. this needs to stop on both sides of the fence.

Voted Wrong: "...After 30 years of voting for Democrats no more. I am, and now that I have educated myself, I realize I always have been, a Libertarian."

Dude, you must be a REALLY slow learner. And I hope you don't think the Teabag Hatriots have a spot waiting for you b/c they are MORE than happy to see Federal authority restrict individual liberty when it suits their morally conservative world view (i.e in the bedroom or reproductive rights).

Excellent comment, backwoods. Our political leaders used to make legislative and governmental decisions with a sense of responsibility. Somehow that's been lost and we are now DEEP in the hole as a result.

Although I'm left-leaning, I wouldn't lay our current predicament solely at the feet of the conservatives. Democrats have acted intransigent as well. You have one party that refuses to raise taxes and one that refuses to cut spending. You have military spending which is somehow sacrosanct.

But, yes, you had a decade of spending with abandon by those that claimed to be for fiscal restraint. The GOP, by going along with the deficits of the Bush years, has badly tarnished its "brand". They had a real opportunity to run the gov't with the courage of their convictions. Instead, they were more interested in forming a "permanent majority".

backwoods, until the borrower says, "Meh, I'm not going to pay. And you can't make me. Unless you are planning on coming over and invading us and taking it by force. Good luck with that." And then all hell breaks loose.

But it doesn't really matter since if the US collapses, the Chinese lose their biggest export buyer. So there goes their economy too. It's a lose/lose.

I'd always rather be the banker than the borrower.

On Biden's gaffe at the signing ceremony, the audio may have been crummy, but the message was crystal clear.

This t-shirt captures what was REALLY said...


I'm buying two. One for me and one for Mrs. Goat. :)

/The Goat of Truth

The original tea party people attacked the product tea, not individuals.

Maybe they should show some individualality and call themselves the pill popers.

Lets all go to alaska and insall a pipeline to burn more oil, we'll call ourselves the pipe pumpers! After we rape the last fronteir then we'll just move to South America.

At least there will be some money to help stop these crazy people. Most people involved with fist fights are to stupied to use their mind to win. Politicians need money, why do you think Bush and credit went hand and hand. Credit was handing it to Bush and Bush pumps oil.

At least Obama is getting money to stop violance.

I do wish the helthcare thing would come to conclusion and Washington could focus on jobs.

The republicans are just bent becouse they have lost control. They better watch it before they becoume well done or long gone.

I lean increasingly right. I think the health care reform is being proposed at the worst possible time. Still, there is plenty of blame to go around for our deficits. I would consider, for example, raising the age of social security to 72, or, take the life span, subtract 5 years, and set the retirement age. That way, fewer people live long enough to outstrip their contributions to the system. Otherwise, the system is pure welfare, because it does not consider the actuarial values when it sets the policies.

David Stockman was surprised that Reagonomics, without the necessary spending cuts (people forget those cuts never occurred) did not result in extreme inflation. We have now found out why: China had a huge appetite for American debt. Now, we are so dependent on their credit, that the mere threat that would stop buying USA debt froze the markets in the waning months of Bush II's administration. Funny thing, a bank decsion in China threatening to destroy the USA monetary system.

Who sound like the dominant world power?

backwoods, a little Jean Paul Getty for you:

ââ?¬Å?If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem.”

Turdburgler, all I can tell you is that after being duped by Obama and Periello I will never vote for either of them again. I might vote for a Democrat again but it may be many many elections. They have lost my vote and I am union, I can't imagine how poorly the Democrats are going to do overall.

THANK GOD the Democrats ignored the Republicans' cries for tort reform! It would do NOTHING to improve the economics of health care in America.

Tort Reform is 100% mythical. It is a lie. Texas enacted tort reform in 2003, and it's now the most lawsuit-unfriendly state in the country, with a cap of $250k on medical malpractice cases and innumerable hoops a plaintiff needs to jump through just to get a case certified. Yet the cost of health insurance in the state has nearly tripled since the law passed in 2003.

The percentage of uninsured people in Texas has increased, remaining the highest in the country with 25%+ uninsured. The cost of health care in Texas since 2003 has increased at more than double the national average. Spending increases for diagnostic testing have far exceeded the national average. And Medicare patients in Texas cost the country more than 25% more per patient than in any other state.

So the lawyers are making less $ (and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the lawyers were painted as the true evil in tort reform), patients who are victims of malpractice are being left out in the cold, and the insurers, hospitals, and health care providers are dividing any "savings" brought on by tort reform. And to top it off, MALPRACTICE INSURANCE RATES HAVEN'T EVEN GONE DOWN.

So you can keep your tort reform. The facts simply do not support that it has any value whatsoever, except to large corporations. It does not drive prices down, and any "savings" are not passed down to consumers. Tort reform is a complete and utter fraud.

Thank God the bullet that hit Eric Cantor's Richmond office was just safe "random gunfire" and not some nut with a gun.

The nutjob who threatened Cantor also threatened Obama et al.

I haven't been paid for performing since the 60s. But seriously, simply check the facts for yourself... they are out there....

Did you read today that insurance companies that are told starting in Septemeber they will have to take children with prexisting conditions..

Yeah it turns out that they can charge double or simply reject the entire family altogether...

The other tidbit that came out today is that if individuals don't pay the fine there is no enforcement allowed beyond sending a bill. No penalty, no arrest, no late fees, no collection... so while I personally think that is a good thing because I disagree with the entire bill what it means to the numbers is these people will not only not get insurance but will not pay the fine... so where is Obama gonna get the money from for all the pre-exisiting conditions? He has already set it up to soak the rich and businesses and we can't soak the poor... let me see..... who is left..... thats right... the MIDDLE CLASS.

marcus, I checked what you said, and you are right many of the insurance reforms will not take affect until 2014, to prevent a meltdown of the insurance industry--and industry it is --so yes, this is just a first step. From the Washington Post:

Does the Affordable Care Act end health discrimination for kids before 2014?



Here is an intersting lawsuit by Doctors AGAINST the bill.

marcus, let's examine exactly who these doctors who are suing the bill are:

"The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is a politically conservative non-profit organization founded in 1943

Type Political advocacy group
Founded May 1944
Headquarters Tucson, Arizona, United States
Focus Opposes abortion, Medicare/Medicaid, universal health care, and government involvement in health care; publishes the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons
Motto "A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943"

The group had approximately 4,000 members in 2005.[2] Notable members include Ron Paul and John Cooksey.[3] The executive director is Jane Orient, a member of the non-profit Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. AAPS publishes the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. The organization, its members, and the journal have all been the subjects of much criticism from mainstream medical sources.

Not to be confused with the Association of American Physicians or with the American Association of Physician Specialists.


Your second fox news post requires further fact checking, but here's a start:

"Not all of the Stupak 11 increased their earmarks between the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years. According to the Sunlight Foundation's report, Reps. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio; James Oberstar, D-Minn., and Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas, each requested less

Efforts to reach a spokesman from the Sunlight Foundation for comment were unsuccessful."