Gas party? FBI investigates cut line at Perriello home

Update 3/28/10: Now the DP is reporting that Rep. Perriello’s brother received a threatening letter in the mail the same day the tube on his gas grill was cut.

Update 3/26/10 2:53pm: The DP’s Brian McNeill reports that bricks were thrown through the windows of the Albemarle County GOP headquarters in the Albemarle Square Shopping Center last night, in what is believed to be another act of politically motivated vandalism. Police are investigating the incident.

Update 3/26/10 2:30pm: The New York Times’ Micheal Cooper, reporting from Ivy, Virginia, deems the cut gas line on a portable grill at the home of Rep. Perriello’s brother “potentially the most dangerous of many acts of violence and threats against supporters of the bill in the last week.” The article goes on to highlight similar acts of vandalism across the country, complete with photo of the Perriello home.

“I think people have to realize what it means to say in a Democracy that ââ?¬Ë?I will kill your children if you don’t vote a certain way,’ ” Rep. Perriello told the Times. “What’s at stake here is the sanctity of our democracy.”


Update 3/25/10 4:50pm:  The Albemarle County Fire Marshal's Office and the FBI have confirmed that the supply hose of a portable gas grill at the home of 5th District Representative Tom Perriello’s brother, at 303 Heron Drive in Peacock Hill in Ivy, was a “deliberate act of vandalism” and that it was “intentionally cut,” according to a statement released this afternoon by County spokesperson Lee Catlin. Catlin says that Perriello family members returned home and smelled gas coming from the grill, located at the back of the property, and noticed that the hose was severed.

“While there was no immediate threat to the residence and its occupants,” the statement reads, “ investigators believe the leaking gas could have posed a danger had there been an ignition source nearby.”

Anyone with information on this incident or other unusual behavior in the neighborhood is encouraged to call Crime Solvers at (434) 977-4000.


The day after former VP candidate Sarah Palin encouraged her Facebook friends to “print pink slips” for members of Congress who voted for President Obama’s “disasterous” healthcare package, including 5th District Representative Tom Perriello, Politico reports that the FBI is investigating a cut gas line at the Charlottesville home of Perriello’s brother–- who is married and has two small children–- which County spokesperson Lee Catlin is calling a “suspicious incident.”

The mistaken address was posted on Lynchburg Tea Party activist Mike Troxel’s blog, who believed he was posting brother Tom’s address. According to Politico, Troxel encouraged tea party activists to “drop by” Rep. Perriello’s home. MSNBC reports that the Lynchburg Tea Party chairman posted a statement on the organization’s website, which appears to have crashed at the time of this post, saying that Troxel’s post had not been sanctioned or endorsed.

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Harry, you are supporting terrorism. Plain and simple

Tactics like this are what the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany used to come to power. Terrorize and intimidate the opposition.
Certain elements on the far right simply refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a government that they are opposed to, even though it was elected by the voters in the correct fashion. Much like the firebrands in South Carolina and other Southern states refused to accept that Abraham Lincoln has been elected as President of the USA. They chose secession and plunged the country into a civil war.
If it had not been a healthcare reform bill it would have been something else that they would have jumped on. They simply hate the Democrats and the Obama administration.

Johnny A WOW! man can you tell me the name of the store that sells hoods, robes and ammo.I gotta get me some before they take it all away. Are we still on for the cross burning on Saturday????!!!??!

Do you think she could spell "Syracuse"? The president cannot. It was televised, but nobody dared mention the spelling error!

Lets all refocus.... Yes, refocus on what's wrong and why there is all this fuss. Why is there perceived or even real threats?

Keep in mind, the left could have done this dastardly deed themselves to draw attention away from the Healthcare bill being passed so as to redirect attention to those they hate and dislike...yes, the Tea Party folks and the Republicans.

The reason folks are upset is because the Leftist have taken over our country and thus people are really upset...peeved...62% of America does not like what has happened so far under the rascals Obamaman, Reidster and Peloser. The rascals have dumped on our Constitution and are robbing us all with ther Chicago theivery and spendlust.

If the healthcare bill had passed back about 30 years ago, most people in Charlottesville would have raised cane over the trashing of our nation and the lack of responsible leadership by their jokester of an elected Congressman. Yes, lack of responsibility by the liberal Perreillo.

But, since Charlottesville is now trashed by libs and get what you chose. Bad government and bad DNA as leadership. Come this Fall, Cville and the surrounding Congressional District needs better choices and better candidates. Kick the bum Periello out of office...

Elect statesmen...elect Patriots...folks who will go to WASHDC and do their job using the US RULE BOOK which is the US Constitution. And, when the work is done there in DC come home to work here where the REAL jobs are and where the truth is about how to vote and how to lead as a Congressman. Perriellos's masters are here at is not what OBamaman or Peloser tells him to do. Serve 4 or 5 terms and come home. Don't make it an occupation and a source of an overpaid retirement.

Before I close, when is someone going to ask Perreillo to adopt all of his District. Yes... ADOPT! We want the same healthcare Perreillo voted for himself. He EXEMPTED himself from the healthcare that WILL BE forced upon all Americans. Perreillo considers us his peons and servants by his actions. Hold him accountable by electing someone with a great love for his country and some backbone to say "No" to the lib Democrat leaders. Perreillo has cast shame upon himself and us by his actions.

"Nuff said now!"

Very Clearly. So other than bashing the people that speak out against your views. Have you done anything for your country?
I didn't think so!

Ah yes Johnny America, now we try the pathetic little game of wrapping yourself in the flag, with suggested claims of 'I served' and think that covers any sort of un-patriotic behavior. You are a classic pedestal patriot, pretending it doesn't stink when you do it.

Of course I have done something for my country. Many of those supposed liberals have. Many of them were fighting in the mud in places like Vietnam.

People who go out and do volunteer work, work in for deplorable salaries doing things like caring for the adult mentally disabled after their parents die, they are ALL doing something for their country. Not just you or someone wearing a uniform, which is what you are hinting.

i know you want to pretend you are the hero, the man, and the one who defines America, but by every post you make, you remind us how little of America you actually seem to know about or understand. All you care about is your ego, and the power you are losing because you supported failed policies.

Gee remember the good old days when CBS broadcast a photo of George Bush with the subtitle, "Snipers Wanted".

How about these protest photos. Far worse than any tea party but again, nobody cared about it back then.

Johnny not America - What question were you asking? Seems to me like you answered the question for everyone without waiting for an answer so you could play the self righteous victim, and then got called on it.

Now it hurts your feelings because Old Timer called it right - you are a Vet claiming that only you, and what you do, qualifies for ' doing something for your country.' What I read from his post is that he served too.

Hope you enjoy all those nice socialized benefits you get as a Vet. Where would you be if it weren't for the liberals who put them into place so many years ago....

Update 2/28/10: Now the DP is reporting that Rep. Perriello’s brother received a threatening letter in the mail the same day the tube on his gas grill was cut.

Baggers Please...

How would any of those, who are minimizing the seriousness of this act, feel if this happened to your family ?

Hey Carter,

Nice song. How bout you move first?

Subliminal distraction is really getting out of hand in this town!

While we're at it:

"You fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion'
As young people's blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud.

You've thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain't worth the blood
That runs in your veins.

How much do I know
To talk out of turn
You might say that I'm young
You might say I'm unlearned
But there's one thing I know
Though I'm younger than you
That even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do.

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul".

Dylan. "Masters of War"

Friedman's ideas- expressed in his recent NYT's editorial: " Tea Party Without Nuts" have great merit, and my hope is, that by electing more centrist officials, we can move in this direction. He writes:

"If that radical center wants to be empowered, it can’t just whine. It needs its own grass-roots movement to promote reforms like nonpartisan redistricting and alternative voting in every state. It’s tea time for the center."

Harry, it really is a hoot when people try ans use big words to sound schooled, and totally flub it. These are the same people who cry elite.

I also find it a hoot that you claiming there are hippies from the 60's in the white house, and are mad at them for doing exactly what Bush was doing. McCain was advocating mandated health care, and that big Tea Bagger Palin went right along with it.

There is nothing radical about fascism in this country these days which is what your hero Reagan started us on a path to and Bush and Cheney decided was the only thing worthwhile.

I agree with Mr. Sewell:
and at least now we do have med reform maybe not the best
but it is a start in the right direction I dont know all the in and outs about the bill but I know as time goes on it will be improved on any med bill past will cost it is a fact of life live with it.

"Notwithstanding my feelings, I am not a Klansman or a hate monger."

To a normal thinking person you would not be considered either. To a frothing liberal nothing that you say will take you out of either catagory. If this were a speaking forum you would have been called a bigot before the word "I" left your lips.

Carter: "I was here first
Mr. Name Says It All."

Clever. My real name is "Carter is a Prick."

Cutting a gas line at someone's residence - that is POLITICAL TERRORISM. The Teabaggers are the ones who will destroy our freedom, not the Democrats.

This is really over the top. That man has little kids at his house, and there can be no excuse for something like this. I really hope the FBI finds this tea party goon.

In just a matter of a few months Tommi won't have to worry about this kind of stuff anymore because he'll be sitting at home.

There's no doubt the manner in which the address was posted online and the comments associated with it cross the line from free speech to inciting violence..........but before we go nuts and idict everyone on the right, remember there are kooks on both sides of the spectrum. Would every environmentalist want to be accountable for those who spike trees that seriously injure loggers? The unabomber had environmentalist views--is Al Gore responsible? Jim Bunning (KY Senator) received dealth threats Keith Olbermann responsible for his inane rants? Are all animal rights activists responsible for the few who use violence at research facilities?

Prosecute those who did the wrongdoing......but think twice about the generalization to all of those with whom you don't want to have to live up to that same standard.

Joseph, you're SO right! A better first sentence would have referred to Palin putting an image of crosshairs over the congressional districts that offend her and saying that her followers should RELOAD! That would have been more to the point. Thanks for pointing that out!

Reagan was certainly one of our very best Presidents. I'll be back, I need to go put me cape on.

Carry me back to old Virginny,
There's where the cotton and the corn and tatoes grow,
There's where the birds warble sweet in the springtime,
There's where this old darkey's heart am long'd to go.

JK, you are deluded if you think Democrats did this.

And claiming that Beck and Limbaugh are beyond reproach nearly made me spit up my cofee. Get real.

This one is for you Boot sing it as you pack happy MAY DAY

The workers' flag is deepest red,
It shrouded oft our martyred dead;
And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold
Their life-blood dyed its every fold.

Look 'round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
The sturdy German chants its praise;
In Moscow's vaults its hymns are sung,
Chicago swells its surging song.

It waved above our infant might
When all ahead seemed dark as night;
It witnessed many a deed and vow,
We will not change its color now.

It suits today the meek and base,
Whose minds are fixed on pelf and place;
To cringe beneath the rich man's frown,
And haul that sacred emblem down.

With heads uncovered, swear we all,
To bear it onward till we fall;
Come dungeons dark, or gallows grim,
This song shall be our parting hymn!

Then raise the scarlet standard high;
Beneath its folds we'll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We'll keep the red flag flying here

Its great to be able to see people express themselves. One side hates and then the other side hates. I do not like Mr Obama, nor Ms Pelosi or Mr Reid, but I can't do a "darn" thing about them. On the other hand, I found Mr Webb and Mr Warner on the wrong side of the issue as well and I can do something about both. I will work my tail off to help defeat both. I can't vote against Perriello but I can give money to defeat him. Notwithstanding my feelings, I am not a Klansman or a hate monger.

Johnny America,

Did you ask those questions abut the judicial system when Bush was shoving all sorts of illeal activities down the throats of US citizens? Other than John Ashcroft whom the Bush admin- ie Cheney- tried to trample, they brought in people who were absolutely in violation of the law, and were actively deny citizens their rights. They wanted deperately to 'get the liberals'.

Where was justice and the American way then?

Mindsets like yours digust me, because you don't give a hoot about the Consitution, big government, or taxes. You just give a hoot whether it's you as an angry white male getting his angeda promoted and being handed all the power.

I support the 2nd Amendment, am a gun owner, and am not pleased about many things in this health reform bill, but spare me please your petty carpings about the US COnsitution.

If you right wing flakes gave a darn about it, you would have never in a million years voted for Bush. The GOP treatment of Ron Paul left me in no doubt that you jokers wouldn't know the US Constitution and the mindset of the FFs if it was a wet fish slapped in your face. If you were the conservatvies you claimed, Ron Paul would have been a shoo - in. Heck, a lot of Perriello supporters would have voted for him.

Eric Cantor? Give me a break. He never found a pork bill he couldn't sign when it was his team calling the shots.

When (and if) caught will these people be tried as "TERRORIST" or just Faux (fox) News stooges ?

It was a gas grill? Away from the house? Im thinking a few 15 year old kids messing around. Just picked the wrong day to do it. This is not "news" anymore. See you all in NOV.

Joe harmony is fine, unless harmony means silence which implies agreement.

I was here first
Mr. Name Says It All.

I will believe this story when the person is caught and admits to doing it.

Hey Confused,

OK, you got me. Robert Byrd was in the Klan like, 70 years ago or something. He has since apologized repeatedly and supported every conceivable progressive cause, but don't let THAT fact cloud YOUR vision.

Ever heard of a little fellow named David Duke? Republican Klansman. Strom Thurmand? Segregationist AND recently deceased Republican Senator. Trent Lott? Former Republican Senate Majority Leader and ally of the Council of Conservative Citizens (segregationist group). Bob Barr? Former Representative and ally of the CCC.


If people do not agree with the healthcare legislation they have the right to work for candidates that wish to repeal or amend it. They have the right to challenge its constitutionality in the courts. That is how the system works or at least is supposed to.
But threats and imtimidation and the demonization of the opposition are not compatible with a democratic society. The fact that others at other times employed these tactics is beside the point. Who accomplished more for civil rights, Martin Luther King's message of nonviolence and inclusion, or Rap Brown's incendiary rhetoric about burning America down? Who had a more credible message of peace, Joan Baez or those who bombed ROTC buildings?
The Republican Party, the conservative movement, and the Tea Party folks will be hurting their own cause if they do not denounce and repudiate the violent, extreme elements. Look what happened to George McGovern when voters perceived that he was in sympathy with the violent,extremist elements of the Left during his campaign.
I actually at one time considered voting for John McCain. That was before Palin, before his campaign went negative, and it looked like all we would see would be a variation on the Bush administration. He was not the McCain of 2000.
The healthcare bill? I doubt its the monstrosity these people are calling it. Nor is it a perfect solution-I think a lot of tinkering and tweaking will be necessary. But can't help but think that no matter what it contained the Obama haters in the Republican Party and elsewhere would have still been frothing.

hey Bootzilla you are free to move?

history 101, If you actually knew anything about the 60's, you would know that the racist ones were not liberals. The liberals of that era were the counterculture, the hippies. The racists that wanted to keep black people down wanted to preserve the status quo, to "conserve" the old racial hierarchies, hence the term "conservative". Now yes, the conservatives tended to be Democrats in those days, but you make yourself sound uninformed when you talk about liberal in the 60's being racist. You have it 180 degrees backwards. 2ndly, to the people above who said the Dems probably cut this gas line to make the teabaggers look shows a pathological inability to negatively judge even inarguably bad behavior from your own ranks, and it is why it is actually VERY fair to lump you in with the most violent among you that actually commit this type of behavior. If you won't very visibly or very vocally condemn this behavior then you silently acquiesce to it and adopt it. Silence is the voice of complicity. It is funny, how your side accuses our side of being "double agents" when that has been YOUR trick. Remember the dimwitted girl that accused two Obama campaign workers of mugging her, and then later admitted she made the whole thing up? Or the guy that was caught with a bomb at Jerry Falwell's funeral and then admitted, lest he look like he was trying to terrorize all the Falwell worshippers, that he was trying to make it look like hateful left-wingers had done it. You guys are good at accusing us of your own tricks, but we all know the right-wingers are the violent backward vitriolic racist tricksters.

why aren't comments posting anymore?

Confucius. Seeing that you know of him what times the meeting at this week end ? I really don't want to go all the way to West Virginia so let me know of the local shooting clubs meeting time . Oh my mistake the shooting club is a "Militias" not a Klan. Big difference one in robes the other in camo !

"The teabaggers ought to be right at home in the RepubliKlan party".

This comment by Tom is little out of context. The KKK help to form the Southern Conservative Democrats during reconstruction. But the idea is understood.

We live in a country of 300 million. There will always be opposition to ideas. Let us hope that it can be taken care of without violence.
There are ways for the Republican party to oppose the law. And if the law is not meant to be, it will fail.

Not sure what education system produced your scholarship, but look up some facts for yourself, "And?". The Democratic Party of the 19th century and even of the Civil Rights era was quite different from the Party of today. Philosophically speaking, the modern GOP is much closer to the old Democratic Party. Anyone with half a wit would confirm that assessment for you.

Also, I have re-read Mr. Sewell's posts a couple of times now and fail to see where he makes any recommendations whatsoever as to the method of prosecution that should be employed against those responsible. Perhaps you imagined it? Or perhaps you read it in another post and mistakenly attributed it to Mr. Sewell after first having clearly misunderstood the true author's ironic intent.

Either way, it is interesting that this imagined slight compelled you to attack the criminal justice system as the proper venue for trying terrorism cases. Am I correct in assuming then that you would have these "domestic terrorists" denied the rights and priviledges of criminal defendants and instead brought before a military tribunal without even the benefit of counsel? Or is that fate reserved for "terrorists who originate from 'other lands', or those who might be liberal in their ideology?"

All the jive from the right about "nourishing the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants", the open carry of guns at Teabagger rallies, is of a part with the rhetoric used for years by the anti-abortion fruitloops.

Their basic message is: their political opposition is illegitimate, un-american, and any methods are OK to intimidate or destroy them. People post inflamatory messages on blogs and websites suggesting violence. They may lack the nerve to resort to violence themselves, but they hope their incitement may trigger someone to become a Golem for the cause. The "Operation Rescue" group really want for someone among their more unstable followers to to go on down to Hydraulic Rd. with an assault rifle and murder staffers at Planned Parenthood. In the last few days numerous acts of vandalism have taken place at Democratic Party offices following online incitement related to reactionary rage against the passage of the HCR bill. A mini "Kristalnacht" if you will.

So vandalism directed at Tom Perriello, but miss-targeted, is intended to make Perriello fear for his life, a new step in the coarsening of public dialog, and one that is of a piece with the politics of personal destruction employed not just by fringe elements, but part and parcel of mainstream Republican practices.

Oh, don't forget that girl that was attacked by the two Obama campaign workers...oh wait,...that's right, she admitted she made that whole story up...

Palin had someone do it. She just had the wrong

Mr. Sewell,
According to the current presidential administration, suspects of terrorism are treated as any other criminal. Are you suggesting it is appropriate to treat those accused of terrorism as a threat to national security when it is (now) deemed a criminal matter?

Shouldn't the FBI investigate, Mirandize anyone arrested, and allow them access to an attorney before a fair trial of their peers? Or is that privilege only for terrorists who originate from "other lands", or those who might be liberal in their ideology?

...and now they're trying to create this storyline in the media that the Dems WILL be voted out in November. Maybe the voters will go with the side that didn't turn murderous and racist over a HEALTH CARE BILL!!! Can you imagine what hell would be breaking loose right now if the Dems had made up lies to invade a country in an unnecessary war and got thousands of our soldiers killed and then voted to shut down a hearing to end veteran homelessness if the Republicans managed to accomplish ANYTHING in Congress?!

Troxel was told the address was wrong and was the address of a family member. He responded that he would not take the address down until Periello gave Troxel his address. To date, not one single Republican politician has condemned this thuggery, they just say it's not their problem. If these people are in charge of anything, the country is in terrible trouble.

I wish I could claim that this kind of behavior surprised me. But it doesn't, and that is a sad thing. Whether you agree with Perriello's vote, you can voice your opinion come November by voting. This kind of thuggery is unacceptable, but again....not entirely surprising of the Tea Party.

My father is a member, and has repeatedly hinted at intentions towards violence. Whatever the original intentions of the movement, it has become a haven for the unstable and aggressive, who have an Us vs Them attitude about the world.

Frankly, I know the bill that passed isn't perfect. But at least SOMETHING is being done, and the process has started. A pity that Republicans couldn't be more willing to be part of the process, because solutions are what we need. Not more bipartisan in-fighting, which solves absolutely nothing.

The Tea Party was revived in December of 2006 by the 9/11 truth movement, throwing cases of the Commission report into Boston Harbor and other convenient bodies of water. That it has been co-opted by the Republican Party is the ultimate irony. The 9/11 truth movement is a non-violent group seeking justice, and if you include all the disbelieve the Cover-up Commission we number a majority of Americans - including several members of the 9/11 Commission who suspect deception on part of the Pentagon.
Violence is NEVER a good solution!
Blessings to The Perriello Family - stay safe -
We need you, Tom, you are a damn impressive Congressman.

"Hoolarious - you are a hate-monger"

Whoa! That sure smacks of a personal attack. I'm sure it'll be deleted any second now...

They cannot put anyone who would do something like that in a hole that is too deep and the Tea Party was as irresponsible as humanly possible in posting the address and working people up to go after Tom's family. But one thing puzzles me. When we had our town meeting Tom said his brother could not afford health insurance. They showed the house on the news and something doesn't add up. Perhaps there is a health condition in the family that would explain it so I won't jump to any conclusions but whoever owns that house should be able to afford health inurance if I can--all things being equal of course.

The address wasn't "mistakenly posted". The address was wrong, but it was posted on purpose. What a dooooooouche.

Freedom of speech is a precious right but using that right to incite violence is contemptible. This is certainly an example, thankfully minor, of domestic terrorism and I hope every level of law enforcement treats it as such.
My thoughts are with the Perriello family.

Hey, here's a thought. If you disagree with the congressman's vote on health care, you can just vote for the other guy in November. I know arguments can get heated on the interwebs, but maybe we can all agree on that.

Lets hope this was just an accident. If not and this was proven to be incited by the tea party would that not be treason? That be the case we will have to unleash the full force of the military to thwart any threats!

For once I'd agree with the term "teabagger."

What is wrong with these people? I consider these actions as acts of terrorism and should be treated as such. These are not loyal patriots, they are dangerous, dangerous people who need to be outed and need to be jailed.

sounds like Sarah Palin's palling around with terrorists!

I've posted here under a pen name before, but this is a time for real names, I think.

Actions like this are a form of domestic terrorism, pure and simple. Sure, it's not terrorism of the scale of a church shooting or a federal building bombing. It's more on the order of a cross burning. It is an attempt to send the message, "we know where you live, next time it might be worse". The motive is to instill fear not only into the congressman but into supporters, maybe to make someone considering whether to post a Perriello sign or bumper sticker have second thoughts, worrying about whether their house or car will be a target. I imagine that those who sympathize with the act see it as a justifiable form of asymmetrical warfare: it lets the little guy fight back against the Big Powerful Congressman who has the force of the political establishment against him. Problem is, it's asymmetrical warfare against the basic functioning of our democracy, the ability to support a candidate or vote for a piece of legislation without fearing for one's life.

Coincidentally, I got ahold of a new Perriello bumper sticker the other day, and put it on my car this morning before hearing about this incident. Will I worry about driving with it now? Yes, a bit more than I would have. Will I take it off? Nope. Am I nervous about posting here without a pseudonym? A little; but in the first place I think Albemarle County is better than this, and in the second place there are times when you just have to say to your community, "here I am, here I stand". I'd encourage others to do so too.

cutting a gas line is a serious crime, its not an accident. I am not a lawyer, but i can easily see a cho DA pursuing a serious felony charge for this perp. you dont cut a gas line unless you are looking to blow up a house and/or kill those inside. what the difference between this guy and the muslim kid with the bomb in his underwear? both failed but attempted to harm or kill for political purposes.

Hey, "And?",
You're right! The Dems USED TO BE the shameful racist ignorant violent cancer on this country even as recently as forty-six years ago. Now the Republicans have proudly claimed that mantle for themselves! You must be so proud!

One more post after hearing Rush Limbaugh today. At 2;15 on his radio show he stated that, and Im sorry I cant quote exactly, that all violent demonstrations and destructive homespun terrorist acts are perpetrated by liberals. Just one name, Timothy McVeigh, certainly not liberal.

Tea Party people make normal Republicans look bad....

Sh**!? Conservatives are invisible now?? I guess that was what that thud was under my car this morning. I'd have maybe swerved if I'd have seen something...maybe. I dont think Beck has a calm bone in his body. Dangerous times? Its still media fear mongering. Dangerous times? Stay out of the streets

JK, what's so dangerous about these times? It's a gosh-darned health insurance reform bill for Pete's sake!

those that have been saying that this bill would destroy the country are going to look more and more foolish as time goes on. These are the same people that believed that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 and had WMDs. They are fools and it doesn't matter to them what the truth is, they just want to have their little hissy fits because it feels good.

They are leading the GOP down the path to further defeats. If they only listen/watch Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh they may believe they're being reasonable. The rest of us think they seem downright scary and more than a little crazy.

Their rhetoric regarding this legislation in no way conforms with reality. Now that it's passed, they are kind of in a pickle. I believe they're employing some of the same kind of circular logic employed before the Iraq war: "If he doesn't have WMDs or wasn't behind 9/11, why would George Bush want to go to war? Therefore he MUST be a threat and we MUST go to war." Instead it's: "If it really a reasonable health insurance reform bill why would Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck be saying that it's going to be mean the destruction of America? Therefore it MUST be a terrible bill and it MUST be stopped by any means necessary."

These people are not employing critical thinking and have been fooled and manipulated. Worse yet for them, after all their huffing and puffing, the legislation is now the law of the land.

Rick Dees: "To a normal thinking person you would not be considered either. To a frothing liberal nothing that you say will take you out of either catagory. If this were a speaking forum you would have been called a bigot before the word ââ?¬Å?I” left your lips."

Really? I have no doubt that you would consider me a "frothing liberal," yet I came away from Mr. Williams' comments thinking him a fairly level-headed sort - one with whom I disagree - but certainly not a Klansman, hate monger, or biggot. I would suggest that you examine your own tendency to vilify those with whom you disagree.

Joseph asked, "is Sarah Palin an elected official or a private citizen."

Well, she WAS an elected official, until she quit. Quitter.

Maybe we should shut down the internet once a week and everyone could have ice-cream or something.

Kudos, Re focus! What a plethora of hypocrisy I am reading in these posts! All of you who are in support of the government that is running our constitution and thus our country into the ground, are the very same that are attacking Johnny America, one among the very many brave souls who have volunteered to put their lives on the line to serve our country and protect the very freedoms the constitution imparts. While I may not agree with everything he has to say and how he says it, what he says - or what anyone else says for that matter - should be at issue. Shoot the message...not the messenger.

Caesonia: You wrote to Johnny America (oops...sorry...Johnny UN America...did not see where he had changed his name):

"You also weren’t asking what people did for their country. You were asking exactly what Old Timer knew you were asking, which was ââ?¬Ë? did you put on a uniform and take a government pay check for military activities...He also answered you with the same level of clarity you used.ââ?¬Å?Of course I have done something for my country.”"

What I took from this was that Jonny America was just asking Old Timer WHAT he had done for his country. He NEVER asked ââ?¬Ë? did you put on a uniform and take a government pay check for military activities?' If that is what Johnny America did, so be it. It was honorable and I have the utmost respect for all of our military, as should you. That's what he did. His question to Old Timer was answered with a totally insubstantial ââ?¬Å?Of course I have done something for my country.” Really? Wow! That tells me a lot. NOT! WHAT is that something?

Bob Dylan called it when wrote in 1965:
Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'

I do not think this is quite the Change Obama had in mind, but let's face it he's gonna punch back 10 times harder...

assonia - I think you missed your last dose of meds

Johnny A Yes I do things for my country everyday pay taxes do volunteer work, coach little kid sports teams do runs for different charities. To help your country you don't have to be in the military or a cop or a politician .Just regular people can do the things I just mentioned. As for me being a Democrat ,That's an insult to me .Don't call me a fanatical right wing Republican ether Id just as soon shoot myself in the head than be called that. I'm an independent that listens to the facts and follow my consents and my heart. I don't listen to the Faux (fox)news wackos.Or the Rush speed ball freaks I listen to facts not lies and fantasies that those outlets preach . Just the facts Jack . Oh one more thing today is Saturday isn't it? What times the Klan meeting down at Republican Headquarters tonight. Ill be there with my bricks and tube cutters,and maybe a 22 long rifle to break some balls .

Johnny Boy,

What a load of completely and total BS you just posted. I know ow the GOP views thing, I was a member once.

You really do live in LA LA right wing echo chamber land don't you? The government just stole our country with a Trojan Horse? Where were you not just the last 8 years, but 30 years ago?

Illegal immigration? Reagan and Bush led the charge for amnesty, not the 'libs.'

Giant government beauracracy? Lets start with Home Land Security, and feed me the mallarky that somehow that's about defense. It's about security theater and government control, because it hasn't added diddly to our security any more than Iraq.

Shrink government? Firing a bunch of Federal employees and hiring contractors for government obligatsions does NOT shrink government. It just lowers the accountability and increases the cost to the taxpayer. My God, soldiers being zapped in the shower and KBR still gets paid. Hey, but needed to offshore jobs to India to break the Unions and God forbid we hire the better American to actually do a quality job. The MOS of cook still exists, but we hire Halliburton to poison our soldiers while the cook stands guard duty somewhere, instead of taking care of his her fellow soldiers.

Second Amendment rights? I tell yah, the GOP was silent when people were having their guns removed by 'big gummint' contractors with no chain of Command Blackwater ( XE) after Katrina, but a GOP controlled Exec Branch, Congress and Senate had nothing to say. Silence Zip.

Tough on crime? 10% of Americans are incarcerated and yet crime continues to go up.

Competitive or Free MArkets? Don't make me laugh. TARP anyone? Anyone? Led by? I'll give you hint, and it wasn't a Democrat. When it coems time to bail out big business, Republicans can't wait to hand over the taxpayer's money. Reagan started that with the first Mortgage bust.

Reconciliation? GOP loves it. They use it far more than the Democrats. They did it in 2003 to hand out giant tax breaks to the wealthy, and left Joes like me picking up the bill, for an unfunded war. Wars cost money, why should welathy people have to pay for it as much as the little guy? It's enough that the little guy is dying in it.

Everything you scream and rant about has been done by Republicans, and usually to a greater degree. Even pushing the idea of a Mandate for buying health care has been on their list since Nixon. They just want it to be their idea, and forcing it through.

Family Values? Another joke when you look at hw they all live. I guess if they attack gay marriage the pretend they care.

Right now, my biggest laugh at the GOP is their screams about taxes and every thing else with an administration that is taxing them the same as Bush did, and less than Reagan. Even Reagan realized you had to pay the bills at some point. Obama is being a moderate Republican and still they scream.

They justs cream. They want it all their way, and won't accept that there is a part of America that thinks differently than they do. Obama will suffer NOT because he irritated the GOP, who can neer be pleased, but because he has ignored those who elected him to satisfy those who already hate him and will never be satisfied until he just acts like a complete Neo-Con.

I'de be happier if Democrats would actually be liberals for once, and give the GOP something to scream about. Then we might find ourselves in a position where we actually are solving problems.

Your egotistical rants here are just part of the problem.

Stay classy, Hatriots.

at the Charlottesville home of Perriello’s brother, wife, and two small children,
I think you meant to say sister in law, and their children?
Far as I know our Congressman doesn't have a wife or children, and if he did and they were living with his brother that might be newsworthy on its own.

Caesonia - The question was not for everyone and I answered the question because they couldn't. If you really read old timer's post he mentions some nice things about other people. But he did not answer my question: what HE has done for the country?

He and Crozetite were the only two people I asked.
Neither can answer any questions without insults, attacks and tyical Democrat rhetoric.

FYI- I have never once used any of my VA benefits. But thank you so much for your 2 cents.

This is from an interesting little article on the history of health care reform. It's short and an easy read for those of you who seek that in your reading material.

The GOP's Dirty Health-Care Secret

by Matthew Dallek

"Still, the bombastic rhetoric characterizing mandates as the end of liberty and the lawsuit filed by the attorneys general have a hypocritical, hyperbolic cast about them. Individual mandates have historically been regarded, at times, as a conservative agendaââ?¬â?one that would deliver on the promise of universal coverage while strengthening the private health-insurance system. It’s no small irony that instead of celebrating the triumph of their market-based approach to reforming health care, some conservatives in 2010 are denouncing the plan as the end of America as we know it."

Johnny UN America - So who were you supposedly asking then?

Doesn't matter really, because if you answered for 'them' then you weren't asking. End of story. You didn't wait and see.

You also weren't asking what people did for their country. You were asking exactly what old Timer knew you were asking, which was ' did you put on a uniform and take a government pay check for military activities.

So then you play 'victim vet,' and act all hurt because he caught you in a pile of garbage.

He also answered you with the same level of clarity you used.

"Of course I have done something for my country."

hey moderator. Are you kidding me?

crozetite- thanks for serving your little community. But I really don't think you should be coaching ANY LITTLE KIDS!

Johnny America, I think you must have taken an extra dose.

Johnny A (and we all know what the a stands for Hole) Cant take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. I served many communities all over the USA. And they weren't little. As for your service to our county how many GIs got food poisoning from your cooking. The only thing I can see you serving is MREs and they still got sick on those.

One more thing are you the Johnny America on the sexual predator wed site? Glade I don't live in your neighborhood!!!

Old Timer,

Thank you for your recent response. Glad to see we all agree that whatever your political party or view it is clear many Americans are very angry. Our country was just stolen by the biggest Trojan Horse in history.

I really do appreciate the fact that you have served our country. Whether in uniform or in another valuable way. There was NO code talk. Thank you.

It is time to stop talking to the wall. It is time for a change. I do not think there will be a civil war. I do believe that the leaders of the democratic party
will pay for their actions. It is also obvious you do not support Obama. Clearly he is not a conservative.

The philosophies are so different between the two parties.

The Democratic leaders want the American people under control of the government. They want us to be dependent on the government. The more people that rely on government for assistance, the larger the democratic base. The whole motive has very little with caring about people. It is all about controlling them.
I don’t think you wish to yield power to that cause.

The Republican leaders and members of the party view things much
different. We are all our brothers keeper. If you run into trouble, if you have a problem, we are here to help. But you really need to stand on your own two feet. The ââ?¬Å?Teach a man to fish story.” Absent of much government interference in our lives.

To allow someone to just free load from the people is just wrong! Our country was not built by a bunch of people who demanded ââ?¬Å?take care of me.” It was built be people that made personal sacrifice to get ahead in live.

Both in uniform and as a civilian I have served my country. I, like many Americans are simply appalled at the radical regime now in control of the country. So you are certainly correct. We are very angry that we lost control. It is not a matter of control, it is a matter of the type of control.

As this new Take over bill unfolds, I have no doubt you will re-direct your anger to Washington not other Americans.

Abolish Unions: The corporations held hostage by unions should dissolve their business and instantly form brand new companies to shake out the union mobs. After all wasn’t it the owners that took all the risk when they started their business?

Waxman should shut up. It is just crazy to watch. They have this all wrong. They answer to us. This is another abuse of power. As a CEO, I would tell Waxman to go pound sand. If fact, I did that just this morning.

Drill for the oil in Alaska. It has been said that there is only a 120 year supply there. OK. Drill now and tell the foreign oil cartel to Have a nice day!

Congress should write the laws and ââ?¬Å?we the people” should vote on them. With that process, they would write bills that they actually thought the majority of the people would pass.

Star Spangled,

I did answer, just the way I was asked. too bad if you are too ideologically driven to notice it.

Oh, and I am sorry, but liberals live under the same Star Spangled Banner that you do, and die in wars, so don't think your code name makes you special or more of a Patriot.

Hey Old Timer,

You think that was BS? That is your opinion. All your attacks on the good people here are worthless. I hope you spent as much time writing the clowns in D.C. Yes I have. Many of them! Yes I was in D.C. on 9/12/2009. Right up close under the tree on the right. A lot of the people I saw looked just like you. Male, 70 and white. Before you jump me for being a tea bagger. I am not. But I think they will help us to kick the dems out this fall. Then you will really have something to be happy about again.

Back to the future. Our Gov. on secession:

"Comment deleted because the user has a history of using various aliases to personally attack other commenters. Various aliases have included Chuck Bartowski, Anna Wu, John Anderson, Charles Carmichael, Sarah Walker, Sweet Dee, Dances with Smurfs, The Gimps, Cville Dem, and Sick of the Local Gasbag to name a few.ââ?¬â?? moderator"

Seriously?! I wasn't even attacking anyone on this board. Just making a valid point about how use of the word "teabaggers" to describe these violent extremists does a disservice to the folks who were originally called teabaggers. Besides, most of the stuff posted here is an attack of some sort or another.

But while we're sensoring aliases, don't forget my others: John Casey, Bryce Larkin, Morgan Grimes, Lester Patel, and Jeff Barnes.


treason: "a crime that undermines the offenders government." That would be the intent to undermine by the threatening of said congressman in attempt for such congressman not to be able to fulfil his duties under the threat of bodily harm.

Thanks for the critically important bit of copyediting, ****. Glad to see there are Hatriots on that job as well.

I don't wear a hat.

It is the Gas Party, the Assassin party, the intolerable party with the old southern mentality of 100 years back. You have pull Virginia back to the colonial time. You live at this moment but your mind lagging behind by a few hundred years. Way to go Gas, Assassin, party!

did she really write ââ?¬Å?disasterous”? Yeah, she'll be president REAL soon.

The teabaggers ought to be right at home in the RepubliKlan party.

Comment deleted because the user has a history of using various aliases to personally attack other commenters. Various aliases have included Chuck Bartowski, Anna Wu, John Anderson, Charles Carmichael, Sarah Walker, Sweet Dee, Dances with Smurfs, The Gimps, Cville Dem, and Sick of the Local Gasbag to name a few.-- moderator

It's possible "fool," "mope," "mr. wannabe criminal guy" are all a little more apt. But teabagger works too.

" Tea Party without Nuts" Thomas Friedman's editorial in today's NYT is worth reading if you care about our country.

While I am not a great fan of Perriello, I do think that the perp or perps of such a crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the let me "be objective"...just so there is a perp and this wasn't done purposely just to draw attention and pity. So I hope the FBI investigates to their fullest extent and gets to the bottom of such a dangerous situation.

Mr. Sewell:
I just hope that we have more people, like you, who are real concerned citizens with tolerant mind and civilized act. We may disagree on some or all subjects, but we should not put others who have viewpoints different from ours at risk. It this what sets this country apart?

The Tea party and the extreme-one-sided talk show hosts have done a real disservice to this country with their intolerable view. It is their way or no way! I escaped the Communists at least partly because of its similar intolerance. The people who paint this country as being pulled into a socialist society obviously have no idea what a socialist society is! Ignorance and conviction makes a dangerous setting for violence and wrong doing!

Other members of Congress have also been threatened according to CNN. I believe the Republican leaders in Congress should be held accoutable for whipping the public into a frenzy against a legitamate vote of our representatives. If someone dies as a result of their actions it will be blood on thier hands as well. This is a time for reasoned argunment and civility not name calling and threats to our leaders.

No reason to lead wqith Sarah Palin. Not relevent to the story at all.

Hoolarious - you are a hate-monger

To flash forward and see what happens when churches disagree with the Tea Party, go to Google and type in "Birmingham Church Bombing, 1963."

If anyone had any sense of humor at all, they would back-up Trexel's sewer line.

This sort of criminal activity is typical of the right-wing theocrats who have taken over the Republican Party... and is exactly why I am now an independent, NOT a Republican. Disgraceful how the Republican Party tolerates these types of people and encourages them to behave in this fashion. First, Bush-Cheney-Rummy, then the theocrats with Sarah Palin and her RCI (Rectal-Cranial Inversion), and now these tea-baggers. Remind us all how these imbeciles are any different than the Islamic Fundamentalists that we're fighting?

The clause that opens the first sentence is a non sequitur. What exactly does printing pink slips have to do with a criminal act? Poor reporting.

Give me proof. A suspect or a charged criminal. Then I'll pass on my opinion. Until then, it's all just speculation. It may be termed as a "suspicious incident" at this time, but it is way too early to pass blame on any person or group. Absolutely, if this was malicious, this incident is appalling, but we have no concrete facts as of yet. I would not condone an act like this no matter what party affiliation. It's just wrong, if in fact this was a calculated act of aggression by any person at all.

Tom, if you think the Republicans were the backers of the Ku Klux Klan, you are probably the result of the Liberal Education system. Go back and look up the facts; the Democrats were the supporters of the Klan, as well as the opposition to most civil rights legislation. Oh, don't forget that little topic Democrats hate to admit to: slavery.

Oh, and "And?", didn't Obama's Attorney General promise a congressional committee that Osama Bin Laden would NEVER make it to trial? Or do you ignore reality when it contradicts your arguments and your feelings about Democrats?

I think it is entirely possible that fringe Democrats did this in order to point the finger at "invisible conservatives", because they've been applying the same Chicago thug tactics all week in Congress. Remember that both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have been urging calm and being beyond reproach as these are indeed "dangerous times".

JK is the exact prototype for Rebulican conspiracy theory! Rush Linbaugh and Glen Beck urge calmness! It sounds like a snake that would not release its venom once it bites! I am waiting to if see Limbaugh would keep his promise to move to Costa Rica where he can use all of his money to buy his drugs and health care. We need to rid these poisonous hosts, just like we need to rid cancerous tumors!

Glad to know nobody was hurt. Maybe Tom and his demoncrat buddies should have looked into the future. Like: How will all these angry people react to us screwing them? They, the 500 creeps that think they run this country have not seen anything yet. This country is owned by 300 million of us. NOT 500 pigs. 300 million against 500. They should be worried. Somebody is bound to snap! At some point: the time for talking to a wall ends and another course of action begins.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Dems pulled this off in an effort to get a sympathy vote for Little Tommy Boy in November. It won't do any good.....HE IS TOAST. It'll be nice to have a Congressman who represents his or her constituent's interests for a change, NOT those of the Dumbocrat Party.


Unfortunately some of the same tactics were used by the left unhappy with the Constitutional Amendment to prevent same sex marriages in California.

I think that what is ticking a lot of people off is that they see those at the top of the tree not having to follow the rules, while all the rest of us schmucks are. So why should they bother? It's the same reason why i really piddle all over big business; they are always handed tax breaks, saying they provide jobs, and look at all those payroll taxes, while the small business has to meet those very same obligations, and then pay their own share.

I do not think that the rule breaking is what is driving these right wing nuts though seeing as they are happy to vote for rule breakers as long as it has their color all over it.

Hey Crozetite, the only Klansman I know of is a Democratic Senator from West Virginia. He's very well respected by the Dems. The truth hurts, doesn't it? But don't let the facts cloud your vision.

Some of the people condemning such acts are the same ones who supported the radical groups of the 60's. Some of those same people teach in our school systems today. Could we possibly have some of those liberal hypocrits on this board?

"Really? I have no doubt that you would consider me a ââ?¬Å?frothing liberal,” yet I came away from Mr. Williams’ comments thinking him a fairly level-headed sort - one with whom I disagree - but certainly not a Klansman, hate monger, or biggot. I would suggest that you examine your own tendency to vilify those with whom you disagree"

My tendency is to call it like I see it. If he had not stated that disclaimer you would have been all over it.

"history 101, If you actually knew anything about the 60’s, you would know that the racist ones were not liberals."

Did I mention race? No.
Did I mention Radical? Yes.

You know darn well I was talking about the bombings, thefts, kidnappings, and shooting that occurred by certain groups.
These radicals were and are held up on a podium by libs and today some are still walking the streets. Some are teaching in Universities and some are within our own government.
Thank you for the lesson though. I guess I had forgotten most of what I lived through.

When and if the Judicial system fails the people and protects the demoncrats. There will no doubt be a civil war. Yup I will be right up front to take the country back. Oh yeah, 5 million strong. If you were honest about this you wouldn't keep pushing the race thing. It has nothing to do with race. It is all about rights and being hijacked by the demoncrats. I look forwards to the day when they haul them all off in handcuffs. Can't wait to the presidents face then.

If you continue to blame the republicans for most of the country opposing the "Bullies Control Bill" You too will be on the wrong side of history.

Hey Crozetite! Give it up. Go carry Tom's boxes out of his office. I am sure he is going to need help moving. France is a good place for him.

Hoolarious- is Sarah Palin an elected official or a private citizen. Perhaps your moniker should be Hootarded.

Seems you too are clever, boy... been busy shooting up Canter's office? leftwing NUT BOY.

Rick Dees: "If he had not stated that disclaimer you would have been all over it."

Thanks for the psychoanalysis, Dr. Phil, but you're wrong.

Update 3/25/10 4:50pm: The Albemarle County Fire Marshal's Office and the FBI have confirmed that the supply hose of a portable gas grill at the home of 5th District Representative Tom Perriello’s brother, at 303 Heron Drive in Peacock Hills in Ivy, was a ââ?¬Å?deliberate act of vandalism” and that it was ââ?¬Å?intentionally cut,” according to a statement released this afternoon by County spokesperson Lee Catlin. Catlin says that Perriello family members returned home and smelled gas coming from the grill, located at the back of the property, and noticed that the hose was severed.

ââ?¬Å?While there was no immediate threat to the residence and its occupants,” the statement reads, ââ?¬Å? investigators believe the leaking gas could have posed a danger had there been an ignition source nearby.”

Anyone with information on this incident or other unusual behavior in the neighborhood is encouraged to call Crime Solvers at (434) 977-4000.

Cantor probably shot his own office.

Comment deleted by moderator

Comment deleted by moderator

The AP is reporting that the bullet fired at Cantor's office was randomly shot in the air - not an uncommon occurrence in Richmond.

Oh, and Johnny America - if that is your real name, haha - calm down.

Johnny A Just read what I wrote fully then think of what it says.Then if you still don't get it get on the"SHORT" bus and go home . Calm down and get a life .

One more thing ! Just remember Warsaw Poland 1939. The right wing radicals are doing the same thing that go old Adolf did then. But as then ,History will repeat itself and the good guys will beat the fascist pigs again.

What strikes me is this was perpetrated by the same crowd that screamed bloody murder about being labeled by Janet Napolitano's DHS last spring...funny how they turned out to be exactly what the DHS warned about.

Is anyone buying this blown out of proportion story. So someone, maybe a ââ?¬Å?Tea Bagger” is furious over the health care vote. Is angry enough to find an address on the internet. Gets in their car and drives around in the county looking for the address. No doubt seething with hatred the whole time. Finds the house and all they do is cut a hose on a back yard BBQ. I mean really a small propane tank going to two burners. No broken windows, no graffiti, no flaming bag of poo. I mean really what was the plan to delay the big celebratory cookout until someone runs to lowes. Maybe someone needs to check out the guy getting the most mileage out of this comedy.

The FBI found Bill Ayers, but he never did jail time and his (and his wifes) bombs killed in NYC. But Ramalamadingdong has NEVER refuted his friendship of that goon and his wife..........

Today the White House is full of portentous '60's hippies and radicals all dressed nicely in suits and ties- ready to blame anything on anyone but themselves- "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"

Amazing how two things bring out the BEST in people...religion and POLITICS....

perhaps people could visit mr. troxel himself and see if the view is different from the other side

204 Pennsylvania Ave
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 847-6347


Actually I think it is called for. The question is do those upset want to lower themselves to his level. I suspect a very good law case can be made against him, and he can be hit where it hurts, possibly even spend some time in jail.

Not called for, turnabout. I see a "deleted by moderator" in the future.

Well, Johnny America, I got to see the comments that were moderated before the moderator got to them. As a 70 year old white Southern male, I chortle at your complaints about me saying anything racist. Feeling sensitive are we?

Maybe you should look at the demographics of the right wing and who the jokers are doing the violence. It's a bunch of white men most of whom are very angry. Many of them are older, and it does have its token female like Caribou Barbie who is loved because she is ignorant and has nice legs - just the thing to let frightened ignorant white men feel secure. Mostly what these men are angry about is that they are losing power. They don't get to define culture in this country, and speak for America.

How do I know you most likely come from this group? Your name. You are supposedly ' America.'

Well, you are no more America than is Tom Perriello, Obama, myself, or my brilliant gun totin' Jewish wife. If you think America is rejecting you, you would better look at why, starting with trying to drive a culture divide that need not exist, based on ignorance and fear. you can change that, by coming to the table with real ideas, but if you expect to get different results doing what has been destroying this country for the last 30 years, well, you won't. Personally I am sick of the noise guys like you make.

No, it was wrong when Troxel did it, it is wrong when turnabout does it.


perhaps, but

(1)it is publicly available information
(2) Troxel has made himself a public figure though his arrogant act
(3)there is no call for violence or "backing up the man's sewer line" or any other act of law breaking. just a nice chat.

and as Troxel stated about himself - ââ?¬Å?I was a journalism major in college, so I have every reason to believe my research is accurate.”

so score 1 for a quality Liberty U education!

Johnny A Two deletions by the Man in one article, Say some nasty words did we? As for eating bullies for lunch." BURP "!

One more thing You still dont get it do you!?

I get email updates about all the comments on this blog post. I find the posts to be interesting and really reveal what is happening in our society. I think once again we are forgetting who our real enemies are. We are our own worst enemies and we create good or bad karma with thoughts, words, and deeds. We create the world we live in. I choose to live in harmony.


I think you missed my point. I don't like that either side does it. I just find that those who are so quick to be bullies and do nasty things count on the other person being polite. Violence begets violence. Unfortunately some people don't understand it until they face it themselves.

That's all.

Hey Crozetite, here is your response to my post:

"Johnny A WOW! man can you tell me the name of the store that sells hoods, robes and ammo.I gotta get me some before they take it all away. Are we still on for the cross burning on Saturday????!!!??!"

Are you kidding me? I'd say it was a pretty easy read.


Hey Old Timer, Glad you got a laugh. It really isn't funny. And wow, I can only think of one reason why the Moderator would delete those post.
One thing is very clear. Not much bipartisaship on this thread. Just because we are suppose to live in a Democratic society does not mean everyone must think like a democrat.

As soon as someone speaks out differently then you, the bullies come out of the wood work. Good job boys! When I was a little kid, I ate bullies for lunch. I served our country (US ARMY) when Perriello was in diapers. What have you done for her?

old timer: That is just perfect. Attack a vet. You are smart. Good job. WOW!

For you to say "of course I have done something for my country" Then talk up your supposed liberal friends is a joke and does not answer the question. What have you done for your country other than insult the people that oppose the 500 pigs in Washington? I didn't think so!

Nice job of satire Johnny. Even had me going for a minute there.

For the Cantor bullet, I would look at DailyKos's take on it. For the Albemarle Square window breaking, that one really does seem like a Republican put-up job. Sorry boys, but the lefties around here just do not seem that angry, and the righties do.

Update 3/26/10 2:30pm: The New York Times’ Micheal Cooper, reporting from Ivy, Virginia, deems the cut gas line on a portable grill at the home of Rep. Perriello’s brother ââ?¬Å?potentially the most dangerous of many acts of violence and threats against supporters of the bill in the last week.” The article goes on to highlight similar acts of vandalism across the country, complete with photo of the Perriello home.

ââ?¬Å?I think people have to realize what it means to say in a Democracy that ââ?¬Ë?I will kill your children if you don’t vote a certain way,’ ” Rep. Perriello told the Times. ââ?¬Å?What’s at stake here is the sanctity of our democracy.”

Update 3/26/10 2:53pm: The DP’s Brian McNeill reports that bricks were thrown through the windows of the Albemarle County GOP headquarters in the Albemarle Square Shopping Center last night, in what is believed to be another act of politically motivated vandalism. Police are investigating the incident.

So the republicans got jealous that no one was threatening them. Cantors little broken window now seems to be from a stray bullet, not hard to believe since its in Richmond. So if we break our window people will think its from those mean democrats.

ontheroad, you sound ridiculous. Imagine if a r-winger had said "The Democrats wanted sympathy and wanted to paint the TEA Party Patriots as evil. So if we cut our own propane lines, people will think it's from those evil, racist tea partyers." Ridiculous.

Everyone needs to step back and calm down.

Perhaps we do protest too much --back to work. Have we found Morgan's killer yet ?

Subliminal distraction is really getting out of hand in this town!

This is an interesting article from the WaPo.

Former militiaman unapologetic for calls to vandalize offices over health care

"So, if you wish to send a message that Pelosi and her party [that they] cannot fail to hear, break their windows," Vanderboegh wrote on the blog, Sipsey Street Irregulars. "Break them NOW. Break them and run to break again. Break them under cover of night. Break them in broad daylight. Break them and await arrest in willful, principled civil disobedience. Break them with rocks. Break them with slingshots. Break them with baseball bats. But BREAK THEM."

"Vanderboegh said he once worked as a warehouse manager but now lives on government disability checks. He said he receives $1,300 a month because of his congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension."

"Principled civil disobedience" indeed!

Old Timer

I could not help but laugh when I read your supercilious post. Why is it that you continue to take for granted that something is the case when, in fact, it could be the furthest thing from the truth? Assume, assume, assume....Just because I say I like your opponent’s point or don’t agree with The President, I am, by default, pigeonholed as the bad guy too. What flawed logic, but what a role model you are in spite of it!

So you are sorry liberals live under the same Star Spangled Banner that I do? That's a pretty powerful attack on the Liberals, don't you think? It's a good thing you are sorry they die in wars though so there is some hope for you! Sorry ââ?¬â?? could not help myself there!

But in all seriousness, why do feel it necessary to attack people's choice of names - oh excuse me - code names? Oh there you go with the code thing again.... No one is claiming to be more special than anyone else and certainly no more patriotic than anyone else. But if anyone were to be more pompous than anyone else, that would be you. Still to ideologically driven for ya?

Old Timer

What is with all the code-speak? Please say what you mean uncoded -just the same way you were addressed. Also - most of my post was largely an argument over semantics alone - no code. Thanks a million!!

Johnny America

If the Republican leaders believe We The People have the intellectual capacity to stand on our own two feet, are you implying that The Democratic leaders believe we do not? And if that is the case, how in the world could We The People(We The-Intellectually-Challenged-To-Stand-On-Our-Two-Feet People)have enough brains to understand a law to vote on, even if presented in layman's terms? Pardon my sarcasm, but there seems to be shed of truth to this.I like the idea, though, even though many will argue that this is why we have all these honest, constitution upholding representatives in DC for....

Obama says it's okay to drill offshore off the coast of VA but not Alaska. Okay. Just hope the Eastern coastline never sees a CAT 5 hurricane or tsunami...cause Alaska certainly will! Good long term thinking there. Well at least it's something, right?

When you say "We are very angry that we lost control. It is not a matter of control, it is a matter of the type of control." I like your point. I would's a matter of the type and extent of control the government will have over our formerly free lives.

Johnny A.,

"That is just perfect. Attack a vet. You are smart. Good job. WOW!"

Why not? You were attacking me - a Vet - with your bratty attitude of asking a question and then answering it, so smug in your own biases. Asking a person what they have done for their country is classic right wing code speak for " have you served in the military." I answered you in the same code speak you asked me. I told you " Yes, I served."

Then you used that code speak to do the next right wing action; use your military service to denigrate other very real contribtutions to Country that either threaten you or you just disagree with. And you did it.

Taking care of adult mentally disabled people is 'liberal,' and they are my 'liberal' friends. What, they can't possibly be 'Conservatives' doing those jobs? What happened to the 'Compassionate Conservative' Johnny? Am I not my brother's keeper? Aren't Conservatives supposed to be God fearing Bible readers and America is a Christian country? What about it Johnny ' America'?

Well Johnny, you are exactly why I can never be a Republican, no matter how conservative I might be. It's nothing more than a bunch of selfish angry white male narcissists, furious that their culture of ignorance and monotheism doesn't get them the top slot in running and defining America.

My respect for a Vet declines in direct proportion to their use of the uniform to label or belittle the contributions of others in our society. I recognize it's simply not a path everyone can take, because of physical impediments, or the artificial boundaries placed - usually by right wing white males - to keep them out.

When you grow up and recognize America is built of many parts, maybe you'll get some respect. Until then, you'll just be the miserable right wing echo chamber I hear.

Star Spangled,

Had Johnny America asked what people had done for their country, and actually let them answer, instead of answering for them, he ight have gotten a different response.

As it was, he answered for them, which is the right wing code speak for " I served in the military, and because I think you are a liberal, I am saying you didn't."

I called him on it, and wouldn't you know? He starts crying for getting back what he dished out, and proves me right by claiming he is a Vet. What's more, I did answer him in the way he asked. I used code speak.

If he wanted a straight answer, he should have asked a straight question and let adults answer. I would have given him a straight answer.

I suggest if you want to be taken seriously, you stop defending angry egotists pretending they and they alone speak for America. Johnny is no more - or less - American than most Americans on this forum.