Palin de-friends Perriello

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin instructs her friends on Facebook to take aim at 5th District Representative Tom Perriello and 19 others who voted for President Obama's healthcare package and replace them in November with "Commonsense Conservatives."

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Fun pics of from the tea party:

Turdburgler, My job at UVA consists of statistical analysis and analysis of internet viral videos on politics. The analysis we did was about the effect of the viral starring Tommi, it had nothing to do with safe food or water.

@Life long resident.

I think you missed the sarcasm of that post.

Little Tommy Boy Perriello is toast in November, plain and simple. Maybe before his defeat, he can get a ride in Air Force One, perhaps even get a freebie booster seat emblazoned with the Presidential Seal or even that special logo our Narcissist In Chief designed for himself. Good riddance to bad rubbish. This SOB has a tin ear to the wishes of his constituents and wouldn't even allow them into his Capitol Hill office last week. He represents the DumboCrat Party, not the 5th district. Watching him go down on November 2nd will be sweet indeed.

Attaboy Tom! That's a badge of honor if anything.

Sarah "The Quitter" Palin has zero credibility outside of the Teabagging "Hatriot" Party.

I'd rather have Tom Perriello as a friend ... he is not a quitter. That is what "Commonsense Conservatives" do. When the going gets tough, they quit on the American people!

So that's a "no" then. He's been holding fundraisers with some of the other candidates.

Hahahahah, but please, lead the charge!

How does calling Palin a quitter make you uniformed? I was under the impression that she quit.

Mr. Perriello said plainly on his web site on Saturday he's against kickbacks and backroom deals yet went ahead and voted for a bill that has them all in there anyway. Anyone who is that deceptive and disingenuous is not representative of the moral and ethical values of the 5th District and should be removed from office.

I have been a lifelong Democrat and I am no fan of Sarah Palin but Tom Periello will never ever get another campaign contribution from me. I even hosted an event in Batesville for him back in 2008. Now he gets caught on video saying that Congress will continue to steal from the citizens until we tie their hand.

Tommy is a fiscal disaster, a lying campaigner and won't be getting my vote in 2012 (unless he is running against Palin for the 5th)

All of that and nary a word actually explaining "what’s wrong and why there is all this fuss about [Periello]."

The Constitution was written by men who felt it was necessary to set up a system of representative government because they were certain that the common people would never rise to the task of governing themselves effectively in a direct democracy. People who have nothing more to add to an important debate than inane grade school name calling serve at least to remind us of how wise those men were.

I still love it when the uninformed call Ms. Palin a quitter, the obsessed libs and press where so terrified of her that they make it nealy impossible to do an effective job so she wisely stepped aside. But regardless of your views on Ms. Palen, don't worry, we are well aware of Mr. Perriello's double speak and total lack of a spine, next election he is soundly OUT! Save our Constitution and REPEAL OBAMACARE!!!

Good going Sarah Palin. I'm glad someone is speaking up. I live in Va and am going to vote anyone that voted for that health care bill out. I'm tired of them not telling the truth and not listening to us.

I like that turdburglar .... "Teabagging hatriot party"

Why would anyone in Virginia listen to a looser from Alaska anyway?

OMG!!! Say its not so....the half term governor of Alaska has decided to tell Virginians how to vote. (Must be taking time from her preparing the new Alaska reality show.) Mr. Perriello must be doing something right.

you know what T.P. is good for a good A.. Wipe
that he is tops in his class

Dang...Mr.Perriello must be pretty nervous.

Tommy the little twerp. You know, he's a great waffler on camera but the vote history doesn't lie! He did such a good job pretending to be a moderate before this and the cap and tax. He would've been clobbered by rotten tomatoes if he had told the press he was going to vote for this weeks ago. What a disgrace. They think they know better than us and yet we are their source of income. End the corruption now. You can't make us buy insurance you dummies. Go sell that bullspit to someone else. State rights to rule this garbage unconstitutional.

WoW This is sort of a case of the "Pot Calling the Kettle Black"

Hey Gas .. this country is rapidly headed toward bankruptcy .. we may well all be homeless before too long. And if it isn't headed towards bankruptcy, with the situation being as it is in the bigger picture, perhaps we can share a jail cell when we can't afford to buy into this wonderful force-fed government run socialist health care system. And besides, in the face of 30 million illegal aliens being granted Free citizenship we will be in such competition for this illustrious health care, that we might just buy a grave plot instead.

Cville Native

Great post, you are right, there is not one thing on that list that makes it worth stealing from my neighbors. All of those are totally worthless government boondoggles.

The government needs to do only one thing - QUIT BANKRUPTING US

Hey Life long,

Wow. I kinda doubt the Center for Politics helped you arrive at that analysis.

Safe food and drinking water = government boondoggle. Very telling.

cpcville, you would think think that soldiers' lives were "wasted," wouldn't you?

It is appalling to me to be witnessing in 2010 such mind-boggling anger, incivility and downright frightening behaviors and threats masking as free speech. There are obviously important issues facing this country right now and we deserve to have them discussed intelligently and respectfully as the Founding Fathers intended. So what's this new maneuver by the Senate Republicans refusing to work past 2pm and shutting down a number of very important hearings? Do they consider this as working for the interests and security of the American people? What the hell is happening to us!

Some of you need to look at the biger picture and stop thinking about your own "happy income" and "secure" lifestyle. As we continue to watch long lived businesses close up, people getting laid off after two and three decades at a job, families losing everything they have worked for, and the economy not improving as much as we all like to pretend it is... some of you might live to see the day you praise this new Health Care plan. In many cases it's going to be the only factor that keeps a lot of people from joining the ranks of the homeless.

Tom is already gone. There is no way he can last in central Virginia. Boy I pray he doesn't.

Mr Perriello also was mistaken in believing that the Catholic Hospital Association somehow represented the views of the Church on this bill. The Bishops and the Catholic Medical Association both were against the bill because it does in a rather round about way provide tax payer funds for abortions. The Bishops also realized that no executive order could really correct this issue and wrote a lengthy statement to that effect. So enjoy those extra years in purgatory Tom.

Nice to know Palin is continuing her tradition of being misinformed and petty (along with some of the commenters here). Kudos to our congressman for doing the right thing for the citizens and small businesses in our district and not kowtowing to political pressures.

I find it amazing the amount of advice people give on this site related to politics. Eight out of ten voters vote for a candidate because their friends do, their parents do, or there some liberal or conservative professor spins his belief and they adopt it. I for one do not care if you believe as the Dem's do or Republicans, what I do care about is for everyone that has the right to cast a vote understands the facts of the issue for themselves. The bottom line is everyone is entitled to their opinion; however no one is entitled to their FACTS. Understand all sides then vote.

Sarah Palin as tea party demagogue is one thing (nobody takes her seriously anyway)but what I find astounding is Virgil Goode now repackaging himself as a tea party candidate to run against Periello. Since as running a Republican he was only able to raise $180 in two months. Goode voted FOR Bush spending money as fast as photocopiers could print it. As Glenn Beck said (and it made sense--maybe Beck was safely on his meds at the time) "Democrats tax and spend. Republicans just spend." Goode was THAT kind of Republican. And now he's back as a Tea Partier? That suggests such a low IQ and short memory of the average voter, it calls into question democracy itself. Maybe we should give up on voting let pure dumb luck pick our leaders. Roll the dice, or deal cards in a big strip poker game. Loser gets stripped of his dignity, honesty, and common sense, and goes to Washington.

We are all being played by the power elite's grand strategists and administrators who, far above, control and orchestrate politics like a long range live reality tv show. We live in the Truman Show cum West Wing but it is impinging how we live.

Sarah Palin was selected and promoted beyond her capacity to instigate mass social unrest. All the signs indicate that there is an intention to polarize the nation far beyond that seen during the late 60's while economically and financially dissolving resistance to the intended makeover. Whether that makeover does become the North American Union of Mexico, Canada, & the US or not, we do not yet have leaders that are free and clear of the puppet masters. Everything about Palin's sudden rise suggests hidden support beyond her capacity. She is a patsy, a puppet, and her effect will be destabilizing while also working to wreck the advent of a new party that is due, one that might actually rise to rally people to refuse consent and demand an end to these elite plans being shoved down our throats for extended Long Wars, world domination of the dollar system, and socialized totalitarian democracy founded on fear and hysteria. And intended to wipe out all vestiges of the America that began to wither with the rise of the national security state and all real power given to the financial-military-industrial complex.

Virgil's not really back in the race, is he?


you started well but went completely of track: palin *IS* advocating long wars by her strong terrorism stance, continued deregulation of american business for the purposes of dominating the world economy and creating mass fear that good solid americans will be made subservient to euro socialists, jews, athiests, muslims, blacks and secularists.

If any group out there is attempting to create a financial -military -industrial state; they are thrilled with palin's rise and will work to see her influence continue.

Im sure Sarah is donating all the money she makes when she is paid to appear and speak to a charity that supports unwed mothers.

"Not a huge fan of Palin, but I do find the sheer hate of her disturbing."

I don't have hate for her myself, but I found her in particular to be disturbing, and the negative ire towards her to be understandable for that reason. Have you seen any of her interviews? It was clear she was uninformed about so many things. She was lampooned on SNL for a reason. Those rambling, nonsensical skits by Tina Fey weren't that far off.

Also, she didn't resign because of the negative attention and all the lawsuits and time and energy it took up. She left early because she did the math and realized how much $$$ she could rake in from her book deal and other publicity tie-ins. She left for her own personal reasons and gain. That is not somebody who should be "elected" Prez. It means they wouldn't be willing to go the distance.

But let's say for a moment that she did leave because of the amount of negative attention and press directed her way, and it had nothing to do with self interest nad $$$. If she couldn't handle that, as governor of Alaska, then how in the world would she ever handle being Vice President? Let alone President (come 2012, if she chooses to run)? That's not somebody who is equipped to be in the position of VP or Pres.

But ultimately none of it matters anyway, since all front stage politics is a big diversion/distraction for the masses. It's not the truth of who really runs things, or what's really going on in this world.

"If congress had made an honest effort..."

Blame that on the GOP leadership who elected to stonewall rather than participate in the legislative process. With such tactics, the Republicans effectively took themselves out of the game and left the field to the Democrats. Thank you very much Mitch McConnell and John Boehner (and a special thank you to our very own Eric Cantor!).

Virigl's attempt to get back in the race:

Point of information: Perriello was a Libertarian prior to running as a Democrat. He is a very intelligent and dedicated man and I would have bet a dozen Titleist PRO V-1's to a scatched up Top Flite XL that he was an honest man as well, but if he didn't get a golden parachute (like a judgeship) for his vote I will be surprised. There is some good in the health care bill but a lot of bad items, a lot of special interest deals, no tort reform, and nothing that will give us more health care professions (just the opposite). If congress had made an honest effort we could have had a good health care package but instead Tom went along with Pelosi and the left wing radicals so I can't see him winning in November.

Ridiculous accusation about the judgeship.

Now some tea bag terrorists have apparently tried to bomb his house.
The feds are investigating. And you wonder why more decent people don't run for office!

As for the substance of the bill, it has problems, but the alternative, was much worse, so, bravo Dr. Perriello' son.

The alternatives were do nothing or the Republican free market give-aways. The plan had enough of those, but it is possible people of good will will possible make it better over the years. Which is not true about the whirlpool the pubs are trying to send us down. Republican stuff like health savings plans and advantage are a very good deal for those that get them, and terrible for the rest of us. I advise anyone who can afford and understand it to get a health savings plan. All of a sudden, almost everything you buy at CVS you can take off your taxes. The IRS keeps a list of qualifying items, but basically, it's the honor system, because you are rich and can afford to pay for the plan upfront. So buy that, it's a good deal. For you.

Gasbag:It's as if you read my thoughts & wrote them down.I agree with you word for word.Thanks for posting.

The reason this liberal doesn't care for Palin is that she is a complete m*r*n who lies about her own past and seems to care for little other than her own rise to power. The fact that she is a nutty christian that hangs out with witch chasing preachers and is dumb enough to let it be filmed sure doesn't help.

There are 4 christian churches on my street alone and quite a few more all over the place. Those guys seem to practice christianity pretty openly. Where have you had your head lately.

Please stop the namecalling and incivility.

Join the Coffee Party!

Palin resigned due to the law suits constantly being slammed at her to bring her down. Personally I think she has a point, if she has to spend all her time fighting lawyers how does one get time to run a state? Not a huge fan of Palin, but I do find the sheer hate of her disturbing.

Perriello, have met him to discuss issues, it was like talking to a brick ball, and a waste of time. I find him weasel-like and a Pelosi puppet.

As an independent, I will never vote democrat again. The way the health care bill went down was a real eye opener. To have a president to say he doesn't care about the process is mind-boggling. I want health care reform, but this isn't reform, it's socialism. Why would anyone think it's ok for the IRS to be enforcing this? Or to be forced to pay a penalty if you don't purchase a plan that the congress themselves declare they don't have to use? America is rapidly changing, and not for the better.

Yepper, I went to the analysis session at the UVA Center for Politics, no one there seems to agree with you. Send Larry Sabato an email an see if you can convince him of your alternate reality, I am sure he'll change his mind (sarcasm).

Um, spelled LOSER wrong!

Life long resident, re:"Now he gets caught on video saying that Congress will continue to steal from the citizens until we tie their hand."

Tom was using what's called an "analogy" between the Congress' deficit spending and a child stealing cookies from a cookie jar.
An "analogy" is a rhetorical device where one turn of phrase is used to represent another. The "stealing" was referring to the cookies in the cookie jar and was used to represent congress' continued deficit spending unless 'pay as you go' or balance budget legislation was passed.

So he NEVER said that congress would steal the taxpayers' money. He was referring to cookies in a cookie jar. However, the cookie jar isn't real (now you'll say, "He's a liar!"). There is no cookie jar. The cookie jar was invented so that he could better communicate with a bunch of tea party activists.

Glad I could clear that up for you. Now that you know the truth, I'm sure you'll be revising your opinion (sarcasm).

It's not really going to matter what Sarah Palin says at this point. Perriello won't get re-elected. He had an exciting two years, though.

T.P. father was in the health care industry,so he should know what health care about.once again half of Americans are being selfish.they would rather help haiti,and chilean than help your your poeple(usa).for example katrina still no help,and in bad shape.Giving starts at home.T.P. you did the right thing,so 30 million american will have health care,and Obama lets take care of katrina area,since it was forgotten.

Let's have another go again at this liberal ObamaPelosiReid loving-hugging no brain of his own Pereillo. Yes, have a go again on what’s wrong and why there is all this fuss about him.

The reason folks are upset is because the Leftist have taken over our country and thus people are really upset”Špeeved”Š62% of America does not like what has happened so far under the rascals Obamaman, Reidster and Peloser. The rascals have dumped on our Constitution and are robbing us all with ther Chicago theivery and spendlust.

If the healthcare bill had passed back about 30 years ago, most people in Charlottesville would have raised cane over the trashing of our nation and the lack of responsible leadership by their jokester of an elected Congressman. Yes, lack of responsibility by the liberal Perreillo.

But, since Charlottesville is now trashed by libs and non-conservatives”Šyou get what you chose. Bad government and bad DNA as leadership. Come this Fall, Cville and the surrounding Congressional District needs better choices and better candidates. Kick the bum Periello out of office”Š

Elect statesmen”Šelect Patriots”Šfolks who will go to WASHDC and do their job using the US RULE BOOK which is the US Constitution. And, when the work is done there in DC come home to work here where the REAL jobs are and where the truth is about how to vote and how to lead as a Congressman. Perriellos’s masters are here at home”Šit is not what OBamaman or Peloser tells him to do. Serve 4 or 5 terms and come home. Don’t make it an occupation and a source of an overpaid retirement.

Before I close, when is someone going to ask Perreillo to adopt all of his District. Yes”Š ADOPT! We want the same healthcare Perreillo voted for himself. He EXEMPTED himself from the healthcare that WILL BE forced upon all Americans. Perreillo considers us his peons and servants by his actions. Hold him accountable by electing someone with a great love for his country and some backbone to say ââ?¬Å?No” to the lib Democrat leaders. Perreillo has cast shame upon himself and us by his actions.

"When it comes to removing liberals, spendlust Democrats like Pereillo from office, then enough is never said".

Now, I don't like Sarah Palin but Perriello is done. He has absolutely no chance of being re-elected. If he had actually listened to his constituents instead on Nancy pelosi then he would have voted no.

For people who want to live without government, why not visit a country like say Liberia to get a taste of what it's like first and then come back and report on the glories and wonders. For other options check out the web site world's most dangerous places.

To people who complain that Perriello doesn't represent his district: Do the logic. He won narrowly. The district is fairly evenly divided between liberals and conservatives. Of COURSE he is not going to make everyone happy with every vote he casts. He's far better than corrupt ol' Virgil Baade. In a representative democracy, we are not always going to get what we want. The republicans and teabaggers come off as being whiny poor losers who would rather pout than collaborate.

It boggles the mind that the republicans/teabaggers are willing to waste money and soldiers' lives in Iraq and Afghanistan without a thought, but when the government, for the first time in about 50 years, implements a program designed to help its citizens, they freak out. Isn't it about time something was done about the health insurance companies' greed? Don't they realize that the plan that was approved is very similar to what the republicans offered in 1994? And do they understand that the reconciliation process is being used to remove the most egregious sweetheart deals? They need to get past the Faux News propaganda machine and look at the facts.

Perfect!Great! This helped so much! I've read several
rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

The following op-ed was published on August 20th, 2009 in

When President Obama recently cited the number of Americans without health insurance, he declared that, ââ?¬Å?We are not a nation that accepts nearly 46 million uninsured men, women, and children.”

Uninsured patients often delay preventive care, waiting to seek medical attention only when their conditions worsen. This leads to more intensive treatment, often in the emergency department or hospital where costs run the highest.

Universal health coverage is therefore a sensible goal, and the reforms being considered all make considerable effort to provide everyone with affordable health care.

But expanding coverage cannot succeed as long as there remains a shortage of primary care clinicians.

After all, what good is having health insurance if you can’t find a doctor to see you?

Massachusetts is often held out as a model for national health reform, and the bills being considered in Washington emulate much of that state’s 2006 landmark universal coverage law. As a physician in neighboring New Hampshire, I have had the opportunity to observe the effect of the Massachusetts reforms.

Today, 97 percent of Massachusetts residents have health insurance, the highest in the country. But less publicized are the unintended consequences that the influx of half a million newly insured patients has had on an unprepared primary care system.

The Massachusetts Medical Society reported that the average wait time for a new patient looking for a primary care doctor ranged from 36 to 50 days, with almost half of internal medicine physicians closing their doors entirely to new patients. And when you consider that Massachusetts already has the highest concentration of doctors nationwide, wait times will likely be worse in other, less physician-abundant parts of the country, should universal coverage be enacted federally.

When patients are forced to wait weeks to obtain medical care, they inevitably find their way into the emergency department for treatment that ordinarily can be handled in a doctor’s office. Indeed, since health reform was passed, according to state data provided to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts emergency rooms have reported a 7 percent increase in volume, which markedly inflates costs when you consider that emergency room treatment can be up to 10 times more expensive than an office visit for the same ailment.

Alwyn Cassil, a spokeswoman for the nonpartisan Center for Studying Health System Change, told HealthDay News that expanding coverage without improving access to care is a ââ?¬Å?recipe for failure,” as well as unsustainable, ââ?¬Å?because it will just bankrupt us.”

Massachusetts is finding out just how difficult it is to fiscally maintain universal coverage. In part due to soaring health costs, the state Legislature has proposed reducing health benefits for 30,000 legal immigrants and cutting funding to inner-city hospitals like Boston Medical Center, which, according to the Boston Globe, may ââ?¬Å?force it to slash programs and jeopardize care for thousands of poverty-stricken families.”

The prospect of suddenly adding tens of millions of patients to an overburdened primary care system has the potential to make the already dire state of American health care even worse.

November 2010, signals the end of Tom Periello political career here in the 5th District. He won by only 757 votes, I don't think he will be within 3000 of the eventual winner. Please can we get a honest politican to represent the majority of the 5th district.

I'm laughing because John Yoo (another Hook article) went to
Harvard and Yale and for all I know never held what would be considered by some a "real" job. Stereotyping just doesn't work. Oh and don't forget Bush went to Yale! Please tell me about the "real" jobs he held!

Mr Perriello does not vote the way his district wants him to, he votes the way President Obama wants him to. Obama & Perriello made a lot of promises concerning jobs, & the economy in the 5th District, especially in southside area, that neither has kept. It will be another 3 yrs before we can do anything about Obama, But we will correct the Perriello mistake in November.

"tell the government to get their G*ddamn hands of my medicare"

- may be my most favorite quote of all time - 11 words that display the fact that 80% of america does not even understand the basics of life in the 21st century

sarah palin is a fool, but considering the mental depth of most americans, she will get very very close to the presidency.

my 2nd all time favorite fact: president reagan increased taxes on more than 5 ocasions that raised hundreds of billions of dollars.

Music Lover, if you think this bill is "universal health care," I'm sorry to tell you, but you are in for a rude awakening.

Rose, what kickbacks? Can you be more specific? Oh you can't? That doesn't surprise me.

Lets see, Palin ran on a ticket supporting mandated healthcare, and now you guys are going to get mad at Periello for doing what Palin did?

See, this is why I think the economy isn't bad enough yet. we need it to be s bad all these right flakes have the impoverished world they wish for and are the victims they so desperately want to be.

Palin is quiting hypocritical money grubbing opportunist who was happy to use Canada's health care system when it suited her. all you folks should just move to Alaska and succeed, and see where you get without all the liberal tax dollars pouring in to subsidioze your lazy ignorant white bottoms.

Rob, well said.

I live in Perriello's district. He won by less that 800 votes in 2008. This is a very conservative district and he only won because of the lefty UVA area. He has voted with Pelosi time and time again. He stated in a town hall that basically the constitution is what 9 black robed justices say it is. He actually used Bill Clinton as an example of fiscal restraint, totally discounting Gingrich's influence during that short period of a balanced budget. Maybe since he was 17 at the time that is understandable. He is not a moderate, in spite of the MSM constantly referring to him that way. He is a typical Ivy-league educated liberal who has never held a real job who knows best for all us yokels here in central VA. He is GONE in 2010!

I am tired of well-off, selfish people. In America (Of the people America....not "Corporate America) We look out for each other. Sheesh...

I'm not sure who the fake Reality Check is up above, and I do not agree with his/her views at all. I'm a Perriello supporter and Sarah Palin is a hate-mongering piece of s**t.

Tom Perriello quit the Rebublican Party after his first looss, then joined the Democrats.

He's NOT "a quitter"? He's a lapdog for Obama.

Woof, woof, Tom. Roll over, fetch the ball.

The reason liberals hate Mrs. Palin is because she is god fearing Christian that makes sense. The minute she showed up on TV they had to destroy her. Getting GOD out of our lives is what the liberals want. Remember they said it can't be in our schools in our government in our country. However, muslims get to practice openly not CHRISTIANS....We are reaping what we have sown. Folks I did not say democrats I said liberal. There are still some of the old democrats left. If JFK lived today he would cry at what he is witnessing in politics today, even FDR. The hippies of the 60's are running things now.

Jeff D: "Tom Perriello quit the Rebublican Party after his first looss, then joined the Democrats."

What are you babbling about? Tom never ran for office before unseating Virgil.

It is surprising that someone as dense as you can figure out how to even operate a keyboard.

Jeff D, OH MY GOD--I think you are thinking of VIRGIL GOODE, who began his political career as a Democrat and then switched parties. To my knowledge, Tom Perriello has NEVER RUN FOR OFFICE AS A REPUBLICAN. Please, please, please, tell me what race it was in which he ran as a Republican, and when, and please, please, please, provide reliable sources to back it up.

I can hardly wait to hear your answer.

"Hatriots" Love it. Was it coined here, or just re-used? It's apt either way.

The 5th district is historically conservative and Tom Perriello probably will not be reelected. But his election initially will be the bigger upset. Politics is quite the pendulum and it took a huge left swing after the 8 disastrous years of George Bush. So this swing gave us health care reform. The swing of the Jimmy Carter era gave us Ronald Regan and even as a liberal I think he did more to bring back American pride and strength we hadn't seen in awhile. So be you conservative or liberal, remember the elective is very fluid and neither party will have a indefinite stranglehold on power. The founding fathers knew this would create term limits! Will the republicans get the numbers and GUTS to repel health care reform? Be tough to run on removing someones safety net! We will see!!

AT: "So enjoy those extra years in purgatory Tom."

So, according to you, Tom Perriello is due some sort of ecclesiastical comeuppance for voting to extend affordable healthcare to millions.

Wonder what your Pope Ratzenberger is gonna get for shielding pedophiles from justice?


Man, birthers, truthers, Luddites, and other assorted nitwits certainly abound here.

I say THANK YOU, TOM, your your healthcare vote. I wish Fox News would go dark for just 30 days to force people to get an alternative source for information for just a little while. (You can take down MSNBC and CNN at the same time if you want) I have never seen a bunch of people so rabid on so little information. These people are like the Germans in the 30's - they have had their anger focused by lies and propaganda, and no amount of truth can get through to them. Patiently pointing out the lies told about the health care bill does no good. They are too busy screaming to hear anything.

Tom, I salute you, and hope you get re-elected.

Isn't the idea of a becoming a Rep to "represent your district," not to represent some random ex-politician? You know you're doing a good job when your opponents get angry! Keep it up Perriello!

Bootzilla: "ââ?¬Å?Hatriots” Love it. Was it coined here, or just re-used? It’s apt either way."

Alas, re-used. Saw it on the Daily Beast and thought it appropriate.

In protest, I hereby pledge to abstain from the following socialized programs:

•Social Security ... See More
•State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) ... See More... See More
•Police, Fire, and Emergency Services
•US Postal Service
•Roads and Highways
•Air Travel (regulated by the socialist FAA)
•The US Railway System
•Public Subways and Metro Systems
•Public Bus and Lightrail Systems
•Rest Areas on Highways
•All Government-Funded Local/State Projects
•Public Water and Sewer Services (goodbye socialist toilet, shower, dishwasher, kitchen sink, outdoor hose!)
•Public and State Universities and Colleges
•Public Primary and Secondary Schools
•Sesame Street
•Publicly Funded Anti-Drug Use Education for Children
•Public Museums
•Public Parks and Beaches
•State and National Parks
•Public Zoos
•Unemployment Insurance
•Municipal Garbage and Recycling Services
•Treatment at Any Hospital or Clinic That Ever Received Funding From Local, State or Federal Government (pretty much all of them)
•Medical Services and Medications That Were Created or Derived From Any Government Grant or Research Funding (again, pretty much all of them)
•Socialist Byproducts of Government Investment Such as Duct Tape and Velcro (Nazi-NASA Inventions)
•Use of the Internets, email, and networked computers, as the DoD's ARPANET was the basis for subsequent computer networking
•Foodstuffs, Meats, Produce and Crops That Were Grown With, Fed With, Raised With or That Contain Inputs From Crops Grown With Government Subsidies
•Clothing Made from Crops (e.g. cotton) That Were Grown With or That Contain Inputs From Government Subsidies
If a veteran of the government-run socialist US military, I will forego my VA benefits and insist on paying for my own medical care
I will not tour socialist government buildings like the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
I pledge to never take myself, my family, or my children on a tour of the following types of socialist locations, including but not limited to:
•Smithsonian Museums such as the Air and Space Museum or Museum of American History
•The socialist Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Monuments
•The government-operated Statue of Liberty
•The Grand Canyon
•The socialist World War II and Vietnam Veterans Memorials
•The government-run socialist-propaganda location known as Arlington National Cemetery
•All other public-funded socialist sites, wheether in my state or in Washington, DC

This was too good not to post.

Gimme a weekend with her. I could probably mellow her out.........


Who gives a rat's butt what Sarah Palin thinks? Will anyone HERE vote against Perriello just because Sarah Palin recommends it? If so, then they are dumber than we give them credit for being, and would be prime examples in defense of Karl Marx' statement that "the majority of people are too dumb to govern themselves." As an independent who is NOT a supporter of Perriello, I despise Palin even moreso. Who in their right mind would be against an overhaul of our health care system in this country? Who in their right mind thinks the cost of health care and insurance is appropriate? Who in their right mind wants their insurance company to be able to drop them when they need it most? Who doesn't want to ensure that children with pre-existing conditions can be insured & receive proper medical care? These are the things that the theocratic Republican Party stands for? Really?

My comment was ââ?¬Å?If congress had made an honest effort”Š” and the last time I checked Republicans were in congress as well as Democrats. I do hold both parties accountable for not producing a better piece of legislation. As for Perriello being bought off, I certainly hope I am wrong since I think highly of him but I am very aware of what goes on in congress and I have found that the old rule, "follow the money" usually bring you to the truth.

Hey C'ville Native: STOP MAKING SENSE!

Hey Yepper: Stop trying to teach a pig to sing! It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Everybody else: A key plank of Obama's platform and the Democratic Party's platform for aver 30 years has been universal health care. It amuses me beyond measure how you are now so outraged that they actually made it happen.

Can't wait to see Dems turn the tables against Republicans who run to repeal HCR. What exactly do they want to eliminate first? The pre-existing conditions prohibition? The part that lets kids stay on their parent's policy until they're 26? The part that closes the Medicare "donut hole" RX problem? Maybe the part that makes it impossible for coverage to be pulled because a customer actually had the nerve to get sick?

Ah...good times!

Has everyone missed one of the fundamental points of this health care bill????? I just don't understand how everyone can be so uninformed. Stop listenting to what everyone else is telling you the bill is about and read the thing for YOURSELF - take some personal responsibility to be informed. One of the major hallmarks of this bill is that all of a sudden a patient HAS RIGHTS. Who knew! Who knew a woman could actually get care for breast, ovarian or cervical cancer instead of having her gender qualify her as having pre-existing conditions. WOW!

I wonder how many insurance lobbyists are filling the pockets of Palin and her fellow super spinners. A bunch of you posting here need to relocate your spines - hey, maybe the new healthcare bill can help you cover the cost.

Regardless of political biases, anyone who voted yes for this bill voted from their hearts and that takes courage.

C'Ville Native: RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

And also let's pledge not to work anywhere where OSHA has made things safe nor take any drugs reviewed by the FDA. And let our children play in any old fold-up crib and drink water that comes from, well whatever (pun intended).

I love C'ville Native's comment above but of course, some people would like to eliminate half (if not all of the programs listed).

After wading through most of this (which was actually more civil than some of the comments on say, the gas line incident in the DP and yes, the level of discourse is really sad everywhere), the only people left to comment are the people constantly writing on the Morgan Harrington case here at the Hook.

Where is L.K. Tucker? His usual stock answer might actually be applicable for Sarah Palin.


Yes, I would think the soldiers' lives were wasted, because they died for a needless war. Just like the lives of the soldiers in Vietnam and Korea were wasted. The last just war we fought was WWII.

By the way, I believe the good people of Iraq have single-payer health care, funded in large part by your tax dollars and mine.

Cville Native, went back and reread, I still don't get the sarcasm.

I cannot believe Obama was ever elected as President. His views and beliefs right in front of your face. He could not even pass the background investigation to become a Police officer because of his morale character along with his associations. Common sense is not as common as you might think. Everyone is surprised with Obama's healthcare reform. I am not surprised at all, the man is a socialist. This is what America gets when you have the Leftwing crazies in charge. Back to the subject, Thanks for nothing Tom!!