Fire collapses house

news-fire-robertsonaveA fire at 203 Robertson Avenue off Jefferson Park Avenue took down the house, but the three UVA grad students who live there were not home at the time and a pooch on the back porch was rescued. According to a release, a neighbor reported the fire around 2:35pm. Fire officials say snow contributed to the structure's collapse.

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Sorry to see this old house go, and glad no one was hurt. It amazes me that with all the old houses, and antiquated electrical and heating systems in Fry's Spring --minimally maintained, by often out of town landlords; that we don't see more fires in these student rentals, and then of course, there is always human error.

I live across the street, and the fire crews are still here. They have done a commendable job. So glad both human and canine residents are okay.

A very special, much beloved person lives on that street.

Glad to hear Puppy is OK.

The students can be replaced next year. :)

JPA Native,

Until the Fire department comes forth with the info that the fire happened because of faulty landlord maintenance and not because someone left a few incense burners lit near tissue paper, or herbal peace candles lit too near curtains, until we get some info that is a bit more concrete, lets not be so quick to blame the property owner/landlords.

@damon who are they--just curious