A memorial service for Morgan Harrington

news-morgan-service-familyThe parents and 22-year-old brother of the slain woman celebrate her life February 5. PHOTO BY SAM DEAN/ROANOKE TIMES

More than 500 mourners braved the snow and icy roads on Friday, February 5, to attend a Roanoke memorial service for Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared from an October 17 Metallica concert at UVA's John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville and whose remains were discovered January 26, 10 miles away on Anchorage Farm in southern Albemarle County. A Mass was held at St. Andrew's Catholic Church, followed by a reception at Hotel Roanoke hosted by her parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, and 22-year-old brother, Alex.

"She was not a perfect child, but she was an original," said her father, according to the Roanoke Times.

–Story updated Tuesday, February 9 at 9:58am

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Wondering- Bust 'em out big boy!

No journalist, or anyone else, has to answer any question regardless of the source of the question.......and then, why would they?

But again, Bust 'em out big boy!

Standing on "the spot"- waiting patiently and wondering just what a "Cville cred" is............

Hi Dakota-

So did The Hook sell pictures of the Harrington scene to a tabloid?

"Of course they profited! They sold advertising."

That's to be expected. That's a part of the journalism biz in this day and age.

What's unexpected is that I heard this story at all. It seems The Globe approached both local weeklies for some pictures but the Cville Weekly's price was too high. Being close to this tragedy made me curious. My curiosity has turned to disgust at the inability of a local paper to be accountable to its readers.

What pictures did The Hook sell to The Globe? You know good and damn well you sold SOMETHING to that rag. Just put this to rest and tell your town what you sold to them.

Me again. What pictures did The Hook sell to The Globe?

This will be a daily question, at least.

Wondering- still waiting on the ââ?¬Å?spot” for your ââ?¬Å?cville creds” to appear- come on big boy. Before you attack The Hook, after you created a rumor that they sold pics to a tabloid, give us those ââ?¬Å?cville creds”- remember Big Boy, ââ?¬Å?money talks and BS walks!” Show us the money”Š”Š”Š”Š

Having been a previous subscriber to the Enquirer, they are a great source of information for the police, remember john Edwards and the Bruno Malia shoes on OJ. I know investigative journalism doesn't come cheap. Just look at the price of the tabloids. Remember, Nat'l Enquirer submitted their name for a Pulitzer. What is the world evolving into? Maybe one of the tabloids will end up helping LE with credible information. Isn't that the goal, anyway?

Wow! Wondering I am with you on this. So disgusting. Someone from the hook monitors these posts. If they didn't sell pictures someone would have come on here and denied it.

So sad. Sleep well at night Harry.

I heard a rumor. Did The Hook sell pix of the Harrington crime scene to a tabloid?

Wondering.....did you hear a rumor, or did you start a rumor????

If you heard a rumor, what makes you think that it is anything but a rumor?

If you did not, then why did you start the rumor?


I have not a clue if the Hook or anyone else sold pictures of the crime scene . I will say I believe I have seen most of quality pics both aerial and ground shot's from the recovery scene , a few taken by those that were ran off the property also ; not a single picture I have seen in any way showed any disrespect to Morgan,her family or the investigation .

Investigative journalism doesn't come cheap , overhead needs to be covered to bring us this Free service and if any of the pictures I have viewed were "sold" then so be it as to further the follow up until Morgan's killer is brought to justice . It's takes working capitol to keep the public informed .

I would be the first to scream foul if I felt anyone was disrespecting Morgan , her family or the investigation .


Makes one wonder why wondering is worried about who is making money? Is wondering trying to hide something? Come on wondering.. what concerns you.. the fact LE might be getting close to an arrest and reporters have kept it in the news so minds can be jogged to put this and other cases together? I'm curious.. and please inform me what's got you attempting to start rumors? Trying to devert attentions somewhere else ,instead of the investigation and bringing the perp/s to light? Seems to me the money would be the least of anyone who is wanting this murder/s stopped instead of making up rumors.

I did say "anyone else"- so how about "we bust out Cville creds here on the spot", no need to wait. Come on big boy, you offered- come on, "we" are waiting.

I would say that, just like any other periodical or media- free or not, The Hook profited from their advertising due to the current news stream of the day. If that news stream carries that news to the next level, whether it be investigative or fact gathering, that they are welcome and driven to do that.

If you don't like what the The Hook has done, then don't take their free copy or utilize their free website to express your take on their reporting.

Again, waiting for the "Cville creds"

"No journalist, or anyone else, has to answer any question..."

This is the Hook. The question is "did they profit from Morgan Harrington's murder by selling pix to a tabloid?"

We left journalism behind long ago.

I really hope Hawes Spencer has not stooped so low as to start selling such items for profit....it would change my opinion of him completely. So please Wondering...let's hear the Cville Creds.

OK- the challenge is now made to "wondering".....if that is your real name.....

you started it, now finish it and have your 15 minutes of "fame".

Did The Hook sell pix of the crime scene to a tabloid? Aside from all of the deflection and near ad hominem, I note that no one from The Hook has honestly addressed this question.

As for cred, I haz it.

Let's see your "creds", right here, right now...no one from The Hook has to address anything. BS is best left ignored, and they have done that.

Bring it on.

Rather than attempt to discredit the questioner (a common deflection), let's see if The Hook ever decides to put the question to rest. As the question remains unanswered, it will continue to be asked until answered.

Did The Hook profit from the murder of Morgan Harrington by selling pictures to The Globe?

Members of the Harrington family are friends of mine. I'll keep asking until an answer is given by The Hook.


What pictures did The Hook sell to The Globe?

Daisy, unless you are "Wondering", I am still waiting for the aforementioned "Cville creds" as promised and threatened from "Wondering".

I do not work for The Hook.....I have a real job.

Just an average person getting ready for work, or bored, looking to see the "Cville creds".

I am not "wondering" and i have no idea what these creds are. I am 100% certain that you do work for The Hook. No person would be this passionate about defending a freaking newspaper unless they had personal ties to it.

However, I will humor you for a split second. If you have no connection to the paper why do defensive? Why not let the employees of the hook come on here and say it aint so.

Selling pictures of Morgan's crime scene to a tabloid doesn't count as advertising, but thanks for the laugh and the attempted explanation. Like I said, sleep tight Harry!

Dr.and Mrs. Harrington and son,
I just wanted to offer my deepest condolences to you. You should know that a lot of people care about your pain, and are praying for you. I hope that they catch the "monster" that did this. I think that the farmer who found Morgan should make a list of hunters that he gave permission to hunt on his land, and then investigate everyone on the list. It's sad that our children aren't safe from predators. I hope that you can go on with your lives, even though your daughter isn't there, and you will miss her greatly. I hope that you can find some peace in your lives.
It was poignant how your son had his arm around his Dad to try to comfort him, at the memorial service. Your daughter was very lovely. She wouldn't want you to grieve yourselves to death. She was "shiny," you are right. You will see her again, one day, in heaven.

NO parent should ever have to bury their child. .

I hope peace and closure find it's way to the Harrington's soon . Morgan has made an impact on people they will carry for life . As sad as it sound's ,I feel so much good will come from the Harrington's from this terrible loss . It's not right , but it will happen .



Pictures of the crime scene were available from numerous resources , both aerial and ground shot's . If it weren't for the Hook Morgan's story would all but have dried up in this area , by design I will add . I am thankful for the aerial shot's as they gave me some idea of what they were looking for . I am of the opinion the search grid was typical when looking for a trajectory or bullet casing . With the element's in play and a quick cause of death ruled a homicide I feel strongly it was trauma present and most likely a GSW .

I am also in the minority that believes the investigators have nothing other than a crime scene . I certainly hope I am wrong but as it stand's I feel the VSP needs to turn this investigation over to the DOJ so they can move along with putting the killer in cuff's before another young lady is ripped off the streets .

Now if your interested in rumors, I heard Saturday evening the accumulated cost thus far into this investigation has reached the 250,000 dollar mark and no result's .



I heard it from a reliable source or I wouldn't have asked. Shall we bust out Cville creds here on the spot or would you like wait until an answer is received?

"Investigative journalism doesn’t come cheap"

Until it devolves into tabloid journalism.

Which brings me back to my unanswered question. As no staff member at the Hook has deigned to answer this question or even deny its premise, I'll assume the worst until I hear otherwise.

Still holding on to "the spot"- patiently waiting for the "Cville creds" to appear.....

Of course they profited! They sold advertising.

Unfortunately, you have discredited yourself by suggesting something that you refuse to back up with your supposed "cville creds".

Regardless of your friendship with the Harringtons, you have asked a question that does not require an answer. Just as if I questioned whether or not you were really friends with members of the Harrington family. That doesn't require an answer either. Nor does it matter.

But you initially posed the question, and offered evidence supporting your suposition, without producing the evidence you say you have.

Why don't you call Mr. Spencer up and ask him? You might be surprised.

I'm done- good luck in your pursuit of the balance of your 15 minutes of fame- you have only about 4 minutes left.

Perhaps "wondering" sold some pix and just wants to divert the fact that "wondering" profited from the murder.....hummmmm?

Still waiting for what are apparently unbelieveable "cville creds".

Not passionate at all- just have nothing to do at this hour of the morning and don't believe that anyone whould insinuate somehting, offer "cville creds" and then never come through with them when they threaten to do so.

You didn't get it- The Hook sells advertising because of the content. Advertisers pay because they know that a periodical will be picked up and read and their advertising will be seen. That is how they make money- they don't make money selling pictures. That is what I meant. They don't need to sell pictures, or anything except advertising space.

Not defensive either- just trying to get "wondering" to come through with what they promised. As I have said before "money talks and BS walks"......"wondering" is someone who made a charge by claiming the "heard" a runor and all I was doing was accepting the challenge.

If "wondering" has such proof and is so sure it is not a rumor and wants to pursue it, then they should contact The Hook and ask them directly. Perhaps even go to other periodicals in town, or regionally and "break the story".

That's all I was doing- perhaps I am "passionate" about challenging someone who makes a "charge", offers "proof" and then walks away without producing anything. Now that's real journalism.

Where I work, has nothing to so with what I write or a stand I take- but I certainly do not work for The Hook, or any other media.... I have a family to support.