Shovel stampede: Shoppers make last-minute buys amid flakes

A journalist decided to roam from Charlottesville business to business this morning in the opening hours of Snowmageddon to see how shoppers and managers were dealing with lovely little flakes–- which will grow in intensity tonight and tomorrow into a record-challenging, or even record-breaking, blizzard.

Since every school system–- including the almost-never closed UVA is closed today–- as well as most businesses, the Hook would like to publish a running list of things that are OPEN. (Feel free to email with additions, and you may also telephone us at 295-8700x230)

The Free Trolley
The Haven - (the place with the snow shoveling guys) - 973-1234
Bodo's - downtown
Bodo's - Corner
Bodo's - Emmet
Reid Super Save Market
Bellair Market - Ivy Road
Caf© Cubano - Downtown Mall
Fardowner's - Crozet
Shenandoah Joe - Ivy Road
Martin Hardware - Preston Avenue
Suds laundromat - Preston Avenue
7-Eleven - Ivy Road
Shell station - Ivy Road
Shell station - Preston Ave

Integral Yoga Natural Food - Preston Avenue

Durty Nelly's - JPA

Market Street Wine Shop

Riverside Lunch

Boylan Heights - on the Corner
Miller's - Downtown Mall
Ventana - Downtown Mall
Maya - West Main Street

Earlysville Market

Wahooptie is working in the snow tonight in case people need a ride home:  249-TAXI

Beer Run - Belmont
Bel Rio - Belmont
Rapture - Downtown Mall

Shell - Pantops

UVA men's basketball game with Wake Forest - noon Saturday

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That's great. Thanks Hawes! Nice job.

Hawes, you crack me up! Great job!

Neither picture in that link does justice to the actual burgers. Reminds me of the movie Falling Down. Michael Douglas order a nice attractive Whammy Burger from the menu, but he gets something that resembles a Whopper thats been run over by a Mack truck.

The 5 Guys burger is never as sloppy looking as in the picture.

And the Riverside burger is never that tall and attractive, it's always mashed FLAT like in the movie I spoke of above.

What a fabulous idea to list whose open --let's all help hawes and call and e-mail in when we see those brave souls keeping the lights on and serving the public.

Just heard the train go by, sounds like it is struggling, but freight still moving. Gotta refill those shelves.

I'm with Gasbag. That isn't a very accurate comparison of the two burgers. As much as I'd like to root for the local guys, the 5 Guys from NOVA have them easily beaten in the burger game. Back home, 5 Guys is knocked out of contention by Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, but nothing else comes close around here.

This was such a cute video. VERY entertaining, yet informative for those who venture out.

Speaking of shovels, I just heard about Meadowbrook Hardware charging people $30 for snow shovels of dubious quality. Shame.

Funny , I liked the interviews lol .

Enjoy the weather , have fun with it !



Market Street Wine Shop is open. They're still planning their Friday afternoon tasting today. Buy your Super Bowl beer and wine now!

While I was there, Robert noted that McGuffey Art Center didn't place a First Fridays order. Which reminded us all that the galleries are undoubtedly cancelling. Not that it necessarily needed to be said, since it's that obvious. But there you go.

Riverside Lunch, Hazel Steet -best burgers in town is open

IMHO, I think 5 Guys has Riverside beat now.

I'll have to check them out later this afternoon.

Burger rumble!