Snow hits Roanoke, heading this way

snow-roanoke A Valley newspaper's webcam shows that the impending snowstorm has reached Roanoke, which means it will soon arrive in Charlottesville, and a 5:19am dispatch from the National Weather Service reiterates what was released yesterday: 18-28 inches of snow predicted for Central Virginia with higher accumulations–- exceeding 30"–- at higher elevations. The snow appears gentle thus far on the Roanoke Times' webcam, but the Weather Service warns of heavy snowfall this afternoon and "near-blizzard conditions" at the height of the storm on Saturday.

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7:10 am can see the first big fluffy flakes falling in the City.

Yep, it's coming down steadily now.--hawes spencer, editor

It started snowing here on Candlers Mtn Road in Lynchburg around 4a.m. it was coming down. It is so pretty falling I just hope it dosen't make the roads bad.

It's snowing on top of the snow we already have. It, getting really bad.

I've been shoveling off the flat roof part of our house and man, is that snow heavy, and already 6" deep --been told, with this much weight; the roof is likely to collapse, so, I guess you know where I'll be tonight.

Buffalo girl

Sounds like you have been trained well :) . You wouldn't happen to be single , have a boat and love to fish also would ya .

MY GOD be careful of that roof .


Sorry none of the above, but leave your contact info -sure would love help with this roof, and by the way-- growing up in Buffalo, snow doesn't scare me, but this is one hell of a storm, even for a girl like me. I just plugged in all my devices that need re-charging; for many of us, I don't think it's a matter of- if we lose power, but when, and for how long.

Crimora VA checking in and the roads have now covered . What a great winter !


It's beautiful out now (9:30 a.m.) and I'm glad to see most people are taking heed and staying home in my neighborhood. If I could walk I'd be walking in this early part of the snow. (broken ankle,torn rotator cuff, but it could have been worse and with all this snow I have to say, I am not much more homebound than the rest of the city :) (:.

Oy vay...what a revoltin' development this is!

Glad Im in Arizona......