Stressing location: Police want terrain tips in Harrington case

The Virginia State Police issued a new call to tipsters for information about people who know people who live, work, play, etc. in and around Anchorage Farm, the place where the body of 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington was found three months after disappearing from a Metallica concert in Charlottesville.

The Police press release stresses that only someone intimately familiar with that area would have taken the woman–- living or dead–- to that remote and rugged location about 10 miles south of Charlottesville. The Police have also set up a special tip line just for information related to the Anchorage Farm property: 434-709-1685.

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Sorry, I failed to teach you this when you were younger. The use of 's indicates possession and the word "of" is not a substitute for the word "have." Example: Bob's boys could have had a red wagon.

The Lynchburg College student has since been found alive.

That's the ticket , make the list LONG , general and always include WATER . Wait sorry that's not a profiler it's a psychic .... I get them confused .

I do hope the locals are thinking hard about the LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION ! The answer is here local . The Bass farm is the biggest and only clue available to work with . I am afraid the local's know the answers and they don't realize they know the answers .

GSOE be careful , I hear the shiffletts are right behind the Morris's as the next prime target of accusation in Morgan's death . Your first name doesn't start with C does it GSOE . I think I may have seen your name pop up in a good way somewhere else .


Dakota, until just now I never had any idea what blinkoncrime was. I went over there to find what you mentioned. For the life of me, I can't figure out who the Shifflett brothers are they keep mentioning.

IMHO there's a bunch of nut cases over there. One of the first things I noticed was the fact they think the Roger Shifflett murder was solved. It wasn't. The suspect was found not guilty as we all know.

I finally had to close the site and stop reading it. There's so much foolishness over there it's pathetic. :)

Ohh, just great! Another FBI profiler. :)

I'm sure you got a few facts right with a list that long though. Good work!

What does this fugue foolishness have to do with Morgan Harrington? Isnt this supposed to be about her. Why do you waste peoples' time pontificating about your theories and interjecting yourself into what has been determined by the MEDICAL EXAMINER as a homicide?

There isn't much national coverage any more about this and I come to the hook for local info. Unfortunately, there doesnt seem to be any oversight on this board. Dakota arent you the moderator? Can't you do anything?

Dakota --

Why do you use the word "serial"? You can't say that unless there is some reason to think that the person did it more than once, and I have not heard any reason to think that the police have any clue at all about any tie to any other crime.

"Serial" means that it is part of a "series," and at least so far, there is no evidence of that.

Cat - let me quote Caesonia -

All of us however have opinions and bottoms, and we can decide which one we want to show in a public forum. My opinion is that there are a lot of unanswered questions, enough to place a seed of doubt about this being an up and up homicide. Tucker just happened to pick up ona few of those points.

That’s all. - End Quote

Guess what I am trying to say is that Tucker has an opinion like the rest of us and he just wants to be heard. Whether we think it is relevent is for the reader to decide.

I do agree with you that the ME has declared this a homicide for reasons not devulged to us at the moment. So we have to make decisions based on this information as to what theories are relevent to us as readers. Otherwise, I just scroll thru the BS and get to real information that may lead me to another website with more information.

This is worth reading if any of you know bike club members . I am glad to see the FBI involment .


I hear ya! More power to them if they can put their collective brains together and come up with a reasonable suspect. Right now they are just pulling stuff out of their butts! Let's see... I once had an uncle who knew a guy who spoke of an older lady who had known her mail carrier had mentioned the son of a pastor who had been suspected of stealing a TV, he could be involved in the Harrington case!!! Absurd doesn't even describe most of their ramblings, IMHO.

I feel sorry for the coppies that are assigned to keep an eye on the blinkie site. I am sure they are forbidden from drinking coffee or soda while reading the replies. Otherwise they would be replacing their keyboards every day from laughing out loud and spewwing beverage on them. :)

Where is the sim card to Morgans phone? Her killer is a coward. He took her life because he has no love or compassion. Her killer was likely abused by his father who is likely deceased. Her killer has dealt with death before. Death is not fair to this person. He is angry. He is coy. He will be found. Soon. Morgans killer has been watching her. Her killer lured her to behind the JPJA using a trick to help her regain entry. Morgan may have been drugged. Morgan probably saw her killer on campus or in a store. Morgans brother is morose. Does Morgans brother hold clues he may not even know. Morgans killer has shoulder length frizzy hair. Morgans killer has been on the farm property previously. Morgans killer drinks liquor. Morgans killer may be responsible for the dissapearence of a neighbors pet. Morgans killer has a menial job or may not work. The killer may have a brother that has been in jail. Pray to find Morgans killer and god will answer.

Ohh, by the way.... I still think more than one person was involved in whatever happened to Morgan Harrington. And I firmly believe one of them turn state's evidence against the others. It's just a matter of time.

Whichever one turns "state's evidence" first will get the best deal.

Won't be the first time I have been falsely accused of a crime. But you do bring up a good point.... I wonder what a premeditated and malicious false arrest for a felony such as murder or abduction is worth? $7 million? $10 million? :)

C? Probably me. If anything good was said about me anywhere, I am sure they spelled my name wrong. Where did you see this?

Cassandra Ann Morton's body was found in Campbell County, just to the South of Lynchburg, on wooded property owned by Liberty University.

Still wondering if The Hook sold pix of the crime scene to a tabloid. As The Hook won't answer either way, I assume yes.

The story, as I heard it, is that the Cville was also approached by the tabloid (The Globe) but The Hook asked less money for their pix.

Hawes Spencer: Is this story true? Don't make me come down to your office with a video camera and ask you, son.


Morgan was a beautiful person inside and out. Everyone is consumed in finding the killer. Leave the finding to LE. It is great to be helpful. However, sometimes being helpful can render the investigation. We need to focus on spreading the word of safety and putting an end to senseless murders all together. Stop the fighting over meaningless grammar. Focus on what we can do.

couldn't it of been someone who picked it randomly and decided on a good spot upon arrival? I hope it is someone local so they catch them soon but I hate to wonder if this could be, as some suggest, a serial killer.

No, Weed-guy, stop toking and think about it. You have taken a girl in your car. Her purse and her cell phone left behind: the trouble already started before or shortly after she got in the car. She is tied up or knocked out, or you already have done what you intended to do, and she is a limp body. Would you risk dumping her someplace you might be seen? No. You'd go someplace you knew there were no houses, no people, safe from prying eyes. The police are right: whoever took the trouble to drive her ten miles knew where they wanted to go.

I would start with the previous parties reported to have happened on the Bass farm including live band's.

This gives me clear indication the investigators have not a clue what direction to turn in catching the perp(s).

I was hoping for quick apprehension and some closure .

I would start looking for a serial or practicing serial killer in the immediate area of Charlottesville .Law enforcement needs to express the need for extra precaution /safety as UVA needs to be diligent in student awareness of the situation . LE needs to quit dancing around the threat and act NOW before another young woman is ripped off the street and KILLED .

Charlottesville has a serial psychopath that has completely duped 5 investigating agencies and stole a human life among thousand's of people without a trace!


J4...sorry, got carried away in the is a somber subject, should stay on task.

I hope the police catch this lowlife soon. We have had several young women vanish over the years. (Texas)
We also have a serial rapest of old women,60 to 93 years old. They have his DNA,but no suspect. He also steals clocks from them. I don't know how someone can wander around in small Texas towns and not have everyone talking. Cauldwell county,if you want to check.
They have a photo of one of the clocks..

Bob’s boys could have had a red wagon.
????? have had????? Somehow that just doesn't sound right, but who am I to argue with the "Publick Skool Punctuashen Poleec"...:)
I am a geek!

HOw about remembering Morgan...a little respect.

I second. Go away LKT!

You do not refute the facts but want to name call. This is not intelligent college level discourse.

The facts that support Subliminal Distraction as a cause of sudden student disappearances are taught in first semester college psychology. It is under the physiology of sight.

I suggest not continuing to name call until you have someone who teaches this course explain the phenomenon to you.

Tuck, I have a Ph.D. from Berkeley. What are you academic qualifications? And can you please refer us to some peer-reviewed journal articles that you have written?

Yo ... WestBerkeleyFlats,

What evidence can you show us you have a Ph.D. from anywhere. You want to dismiss the evidence and have us bow to your "degree." That is hardly the level of intelligence and debate expected from someone with an advanced degree. You appear not to understand what "peer review" means. Peer review does not speak to the accuracy or in some cases the quality of an article just that it falls within the parameters and standards for publication in a specific journal.

I didn't dream up the situation. The facts I cite have been reported in other Hook articles.

When my wife had a psychotic break thirty days after the University of Alabama changed her work desk eliminating Cubicle Level Protection I discovered a problem I have known most of my life is unknown by anyone in medicine or psychiatry.

The Virginia Tech shooter created the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction exposure. Since then there has been a suicide and a beheading murder in the grad center snack bar at Tech. No school provides Cubicle Level Protection where needed or warns students. (A library carrel is full Cubicle Level Protection.)

This is a problem discovered and solved forty years ago. It's that simple. No one should have mental problems from it much less die during the onset of the episode.

Gas, speaking of coffee, I did about spit mine out when I read this from Blink today on her site "NOW HEAR THIS: EVERYONE IS COOL HERE. EVERYONE GETS PICKED FIRST FOR DODGEBALL"
lol! Who does she think she is kidding? She has been holding their hands and encouraging them to act this way for months and now she wants to try to act like she's tired of it? That she would even say something as ridiculous as above is reflective of the lack of quality of that site. I still laugh when I read that line at the absurdity of it all. Did you see the one on that site that said they called a jail and did their sleuth work? Now they are calling around acting like detectives? lmao. Shaking head.

Dakota, if you had too much testosterone, you would have a job.


I went to your webpage to be fair and then found your name all over the web interjecting your theory. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, when would Morgan have created your special circumstances? How long after the circumstances would the psychological "break" happen? Or is that a random thing with every person? How can we theorize on what happened to Morgan PRIOR to her disappearance? Meaning hours, days, weeks...months...some of the examples about your theory seemed to be stemmed from historical sitations (before computers)and according to your website the trigger can be so subtle. So being fair here, wouldn't just driving down the road in your car create these "special conditions"? The trees, other cars, people etc should be passing your perpheral vision constantly. So could this add to your theory of Morgan's disappearance as well...just curious.

So correct me here if I am wrong, but you are saying that Morgan MAY have just had a psycological "break" and started walking south on 29 and ended up at that farm a half a mile into the woods, in the dark, then MAY have died from exposure because she never really came out of the "break"?

When I realized the significance of the problem and that it is unknown in medicine or psychiatry I also realized that if it is a serous problem evidence would be everywhere in plain sight if you have one piece of information. That information is that designers and engineers solved a simple problem with the office cubicle when it appeared in business offices forty years ago.

Mental breaks happened to one person in one defective workstation. That means all you have to do is create those "special circumstances" for long enough.

In the site introduction, 400 words, I give four examples of exposure and they outline how long exposure will be to cause a full mental break. But there is a qualification. Exposure is cumulative once your brain learns the behavior for exposure. None of the cases allow us to know how much previous exposure the subject had. I also theorize that low but significant levels will alter thought and reason enough to produce psychiatric symptoms. I saw that happen (Personal Experiences page) but can't prove it yet. I have interviews of people where their experience shows this but no one has been willing to have their story put in the project. Without their cooperation and pictures of the location for exposure the story alone would not prove anything.

Too-close side-by-side seating in classrooms is the design problem but there must be large movement in peripheral vision to be detected. Reading a book, performing math calculations, even daydreaming all create the level of dissociation to allow exposure. Everyone has exposure every day. It is usually harmless.

The most likely source for Morgan would have been studying or using a computer in the apartment where her roommate moved nearby.

A picture of Peka-Eric Auvinen's computer on the Redlake school shooting page shows one such defective workstation. He was alone using that computer.

I have video of Tommy Stein's bedroom computer but can't find it. The son of actor Ben Stein had trouble with Everquest, the Sony video game. He put a lighted aquarium bedside his computer. Ben Stein answered an email saying there was one huge fish in the tank. Your brain does not identify the source of movement to trigger an attempt for a vision startle. You do that when you turn and look. If you identify the movement as safe you consciously ignore it but can't stop subliminally seeing it. (Basic first semester psychology the physiology of sight.)

Understanding that Culture Bound Syndromes, around the world, are the same mental event shaped by cultural and ethnic beliefs was one of the seminal discoveries.

In an altered mental state Morgan may have acted out of character to get into a car with a stranger. The location of the body suggests that she walked into the field alone.

There are people who cannot ignore movement in peripheral vision. They are always distracted. That eliminates Subliminal Distraction for them.

Dr L. Stephen Miller, UGA, performed MRI's searching for a commonality between Schizophrenics and their close relatives. He found hyperactivity of the M-channel for vision. That might mean that some people with this defect are sensitive to the problem.

When engineers found the problem they didn't worry about who might be at risk. They solved the problem for everyone.

Gasbag, if you make a post on BOC using your own name no doubt someone there will speculate that you are the killer, come to gather information or perhaps even play games with all the virtual sleuths who are convinced their theories will help the state police solve this case. As for the Shifflett references, there have been multiple posts suggesting that certain registered sex offenders in the area may be involved in this case. Other posters have suggested that the recent house fires in the Charlottesville area are somehow related to Morgan's death. A perfect example of collective insanity.

So the M.E. "ruled it a homicide"...on the basis of what? They would of course rule it thusly, but probably on the basis of surmisal as much as anything. I'm with those who suggest she got to her final resting place under her own power (after who knows what precedent conditions). History of such crimes suggests people who kill generally discard bodies by dumping them down a convenient embankment, not struggling through underbrush and creeks to deposit them in BFE. That she didn't walk there from JPJA seems a given as well as something sinister being involved, but I doubt the "perp" or "perps" carried her to that field.

This one may be hard to solve, as is often the case. Look at Gary Ridgeway who murdered dozens of women in the same area and dumped his victims like garbage, sometimes multiple victims in the same dump site and didn't get caught until 20 years later. GBSEO's theory about multiple perps doesn't fit the usual pattern of what is assumed to be an abduct/rape/kill scenario.

I seen this comment at blinkoncrime . I think they are about to tie the shiffletts , the sheriff and the rt 29 stalker together .... I am not sure lol . But relax they mean well and will move on to somebody else in a few days . Any talk Keeping Morgan's name alive is needed at this point .

By the way , I removed the full name and if this is you , Outstanding for the input about your friend . The name is at the end of this following post .


moon says:
February 11, 2010 at 3:15 pm
@ Phyl:
I read an interesting comment on another site. The poster (a hunter) was commenting on how difficult it is to drag a dead deer, through that kind of terrain, alone. And suggested that maybe 2 people were involved in bringing Morgan to AF (if she was brought there after she died.) What I found chilling, in an enlightening sort of way, was his (I’m assuming poster is a he) comment, ââ?¬Å?2 can keep a secret when 1 is dead.”

ââ?¬Å?Hmm. Who do we suppose he is referring to?

The only recent death i can think of in that area is that of the former Sheriff’s. But I am hesitant to bring that up b/c Blink has stated that it wasn’t related. It’s just such an odd coincidence.

Unless by 1 being dead, the hunter means Morgan? But that wouldn’t make sense unless he’s alluding to the fact that Morgan went willingly out to that specific area on the farm with the BG, which Blink has also stated as one of her beliefs ââ?¬Å?she was marched”Š”. I don’t know if her cheese is still on that belief or not.

But the mystery remains still: why was she in that location? how did someone coerce her into walking out there? it’s hard for me to believe that she was convinced there would be a party out there - 1 mile out from any roads? but hey, you know, if i were cold and someone promised me that there was a warm bonfire, all i have to do is walk for 20 minutes”Ši might do it. but it would all depend on TRUST. I wouldn’t trust a random stranger. I’d trust someone I’d met and seen before.

2nd theory - how did she get there? ”Šif B says she was marched out there”Šby gunpoint?


There has been some cheese adjustments. They are all on here, but in the interest of brevity:

I believe Morgan was dead when she was placed in the field. I admit it is possible she was ââ?¬Å?near dead”, but imo, not probable.

I have stated Willie Morris’s suicide, according to some close to him, was health related. To date, there is no connection.

That said, one of the blinkoncrime editors just sent me this:

Susan Gibbs Record Reporter
Published: February 8, 2010
» 0 Comments | Post a Comment

He liked to be called Will, or William, but he was known to legend as Willie.

ââ?¬Å?His deputies were known as ââ?¬Ë?Willie’s boys’,” said former Greene County Deputy Brian Rochefort.

Recently published reports have already documented some of the stories that made former Greene County Sheriff William L. Morris a legend in his time: the arrest of his own brother; the arrest of one Supervisor’s brother and the son of another; the marijuana plant he kept in his office because it would not survive the evidence room; and the bake sales he held to raise money for investigations and equipment.

Morris was known for ruthlessly ticketing speeders on U.S. 29, and for his benevolence.

One Sunday afternoon when there was no more room at the jail he held a convicted felon in his living room for two hours. The prisoner sat in an easy chair, watched TV and dined on baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and chocolate mousse pie.

That benevolence was evident on the day Morris died, said his long-time friend C*** Shifflett

Wondering, what's the point of the question? I just bought a new car. Elliott Chevrolet in Stauton, Virginia kicked Charlottesville's Jim Price Chevrolet around like a red headed stepchild.

Wondering- still waiting on the "spot" for your "cville creds" to appear- come on big boy. Before you attack The Hook, after you created a rumor that they sold pics to a tabloid, give us those "cville creds"- remember Big Boy, "money talks and BS walks!" Show us the money............


Hear me out here please . I know it doesn't look the best over there but one thing I cannot overlook and I am so going to get hammered for this ! but its ok . I really feel they mean well , I have read every word written over at Blink's since the day she made Morgan a priority . Here is where I get hammered as I did over there LMAO . The SITE is just about all WOMEN . We love them emotional creatures don;t we ? There are so many women there it's like a hormone fest but they have good hearts for the most part . I had too much testosterone to fit in I guess and YES the moderator or owner or whatever of that site clearly has more patient's for women , I found out quick but I am a big boy and I am ok with it .

I heard what you said GSOE and I understand it all looks jumbled at a quick look at the site but I can only stand up for one thing there . People do care and they are doing the only thing they know to do . Understood , the name dragging is out of hand , I too was disappointed at times but understood . I am not defending the site but the people really mean well , ALSO I can assure you a few names and theories have been and will continue to be looked into by the investigators that were found at these very sites including the HOOK . I say just let people keep TALKING until justice is served . I don;t post over there ( I can't I promised I wouldn't lol ) so I have only one interest and that's the truth of the matter . You have to see the whole 4 month s picture to get a real feel of what is going on over there .

Besides did you know VSP had two investigator's assigned to reading the online chatter . Things are changing in investigation's and ONLINE is a valuable resource .....Ask some of ya buddies GSOE , if I am lying I am dying :) .

Anyway I wanted to say if that was your quotes I was referring too . Your a good MAN , I don't go with the flow , I make my own decision's . I like when I see people stand up for their friends !
I love old stories of all account's , I am one of those weirdoes that sit's down at his adopted elderly neighbor's and listens to some great stories for hours ( psst he is 39 years retired LE )and has the best stories . I even overlook when the storied run together and change lol , he is 87 years old . I knew he was the real deal when he told me he had been the best of cops , the worst of cops and everything in-between . He is a GOOD man ! I even think the world of him when I go over for 4 day's and shovel his walk's to hear him tell me "not bad for a half ass job" I have yet to ever mow , sweep , blow leaves or shovel snow anywhere near what he would have done LOL and for free . I always remind him for the 13 years I have known him I have never seen him get off his Butt .......he laughs and slams the door .

OMG sorry for the ramble



Excuse me . DO you know something I dont ? Did they fire me and not tell me ,lol .



and or practicing serial killer , he may just be getting started . But I am hearing you , I add a side note though , we as it stand's have no idea what else the perp responsible for Morgan's death has gotten away with here or away from here . With that said , we cannot say it's NOT a serial killer can we ?

I will say I walked away from that VSP release with not even a hint they have even a POI . NOTHING , I also feel NO DNA or anything else other than COD was found .

I hope I am wrong but when Lt. Rader dodges question from the beginning he in my opinion does not want to add salt to the wound and answer the hard question's.

as always I hope I am wrong ,The Perp did a clean sweep and LEis holding an empty hat even after the remains were handed to them . This just does not look good .


The police have used the terms "Serial rapist" and "Serial killer" several times - although I see no evidence of either yet.

I'd focus on the JPJ parking areas. Better to begin at the beginning of the timeline than at the end of it.

public schools, you must be new here.

On this board, you're taken more seriously if you use incorrect spelling/grammar than if you're literate.

Oh, sorry, I slipped there...

On this bord your taken more serious if you use incorect spelling/grammer then if youre smart.

public school's

The problem is in your screen name , public schools/government schools.

I am a proud government edumacated citizen . :)

While your at it can you stop me from always mixing up to/too , there/their and the over use of the word "and" . I also find it ironic as a proud product of WVU I am famous for misspelling the word collage .

The real problem is I never look back because I feel no need . It is the job of the reader to decipher what I say LMAO .

HA HA HA skool is out today !


I take people who spend more time focused on the substance of their message than they do the delivery . Substance comes from the soul ! Spell check is a no brainer . One of my online pet peeves is when someone comments on a single misspelling or error in grammar in a story and focuses on the mistake and forgets the story .



Speelling and grammer be not impotent as lung is people can understood wad ya says.

and now back to Ms. Harrington! PLEEEEEEZ!

Virginia Tech student and Roanoke resident Morgan Harrington’s disappearance from a Charlottesville concert in October has been widely reported.
Two others have recently gone missing from Lynchburg, he said.
Cassandra Ann Morton, 23, was last seen in Lynchburg on Oct. 10. A student at Lynchburg College from Pittsylvania County was also recently reported missing, the sheriff said.

Gotz ya

translation "Spelling and grammar be not important as long as people can understand what you say . "

Hooked on crack worked for me :)


Does Charlottesville really need the puncutation police on top of the health police, the plastic bag police, the buy local police, the no plastic bottle police? I think not :)

Until there is a cause of death you do not have a potential killer.

One of the officers gave an interview in which he said the terrain was not traversable in the dark by anyone.

There were no points that would have allowed a car to pull off. Who would leave a car blocking a road no matter how remote for long enough to carry a body even half a mile?

Why did they have to carry it that far? Wouldn't just dropping it in a creek where water would wash away DNA clues be enough?

Who would have seen it had it been left in the trees surrounding the field? It was on top of the ground with no effort at concealment.

Criminals want the exchange to drop something to be short. In and out quickly. The longer you are exposed the larger the chance someone will come by and remember the description of your car months later.

Worse yet someone suspecting a car left on the road might record the license number.

None of this makes sense unless you view the bizarre behavior Morgan exhibited at the concert as the onset of a mental break.

There is something that would cause just such an event and Virginia Tech is having a problem with it.

L.K. Tucker - you are an idiot. The death has been ruled a homicide. Your crackpot theories are absurd. Go somewhere else.

After looking at the pictures of the location in The Hook, I belive Morgan could have been running on foot (being chased) from Red Hill Road. I think the person who did her harm is familiar with the Red Hill Road area. Whats your thoughts?

WestBerkley, the name calling is unnecessary. If you disagree, state why. With a PHD you should know that.

I have heard the State call it a homicide, yet they say they have no cause of death. Well, without a cause of death, you can't really say for sure it's a homicide. Maybe they are withholding that, I don't know. Until then, I am with Tucker on this: I am not sure it was a homicide, or even an intentional death.

WBF: I hear they make good Post Hole Diggers out in californee (They gots that long ol border fence) but please, stay on track here.

WestBerkley, the name calling is unnecessary. If you disagree, state why. With a PHD you should know that.

I have heard the State call it a homicide, yet they say they have no cause of death. Well, without a cause of death, you can’t really say for sure it’s a homicide. Maybe they are withholding that, I don’t know. Until then, I am with Tucker on this: I am not sure it was a homicide, or even an intentional death.

First, you misspelled Berkeley. Second. you misspelled Ph.D. Third, your third statement is a sentence fragment. Fourth, I have already made the obvious point that Tucker's "vision and psychosis" theories are generally pseudo-science at best, and regardless of their limited validity elsewhere are completely beside the point in this matter. Fifth, a death can clearly be judged a homicide without a particular underlying cause of death being identified. The medical examiner judged the death to be a homicide although it was not clear from the remains what means (e.g. strangulation, suffocation) were involved. Sixth, what type of intentional death other than homicide could be involved? The only other type would be suicide, and that's essentially impossible given the circumstances.

You appear not to understand what ââ?¬Å?peer review” means. Peer review does not speak to the accuracy or in some cases the quality of an article just that it falls within the parameters and standards for publication in a specific journal.

Tuck, I certainly understand what peer review constitutes, given that I have published peer-reviewed articles. I'm assuming from your response that you have not. As you suggested, peer review does not guarantee the accuracy of findings (that is the responsibility of the authors), but it ensures that published articles meet basic levels in terms of methodology, analysis, and interpretation for that discipline.

When my wife had a psychotic break thirty days after the University of Alabama changed her work desk eliminating Cubicle Level Protection I discovered a problem I have known most of my life is unknown by anyone in medicine or psychiatry.

Tuck, why is this problem unknown in medicine or psychiatry, if it's so important? Why hasn't your important work appeared in JAMA or NEJM? As I am sure that you are aware, believing that one's theories are exceptional or unfairly unknown or ignored by authorities is a hallmark of exponents of junk science.

"First, you misspelled Berkeley. Second. you misspelled Ph.D. Third, your third statement is a sentence fragment"

1st - How doo u kno its mispeled, kuz u mahd it up?
2nd - brilunt math peepul lik me sufer frum typoz kuz uv dee direkt inverze relashunship be tween verbal an mathimatiks ability. luk it up. sorry I got an ekinomiks degree den an injuneerin one.
3rd -sentenze fragmints iz dee normal mode its cawled converzashun mode in blogs.
3rd - cawlin peepul namz meenz u got no argumint I aint seed one yit. all I seen in diz thread iz dee name cawlin.

When ever you want to get your head out of your bottom, and actually posit an argument in this thread, I might actually take you seriously about your degree. I won't eve expect you to cite cite it correctly, becuase this is a blog, and we aren't writing any papers here.

So far all you have is a bit of name calling and a lot of focus on typos and a single item that a TA in his first year of grad school would snit about.

Caesonia, LKT's rant is so disjointed and incoherent that it would take far too much room to refute it point by point. It's hard to figure out what any of its points are actually. His/her website is much like the lunatic "alternative physics" websites that litter the internet.

"The solution for this problem was the office Cubicle.

This site argues that the this phenomenon causes College Suicides and Missing Students.

The phenomenon causes mental events around the world, Chaco Canyon.

If you use computers in unprotected workspace such as homes, dorms, student apartments, and small business offices read ...Prevention... at the bottom of most pages.

Long term exposure can cause severely altered mental states. Qi Gong Kundalini Yoga"

LKT has been prolific, not only in inventing pseudoscientific terminology, but in attempting to interject that pseudoscience in to discussions all over the internet. Because of that, there are already an number of places where one can read commentary from people who actually know something about the field of psychology who think his theory is garbage. Tucker's qualification on the other hand supposedly come from a single intro course to psychology. Read more here and decide for yourself.

CC - I am only paying attention to what is relevant: the commentary on Morgan,s' case. That is what is this thread is about. Whether or not Tucker has a silly website, or WBF has a post graduate degree from Berkeley is not really important in this. I don't think either of the squabblers has a degree in Forensics, as I most certainly don't. i would rather read what WBF has to say about the case, instead he/she chose to do something petty and judgmental but unrelated.

All of us however have opinions and bottoms, and we can decide which one we want to show in a public forum. My opinion is that there are a lot of unanswered questions, enough to place a seed of doubt about this being an up and up homicide. Tucker just happened to pick up ona few of those points.

That's all.

Well put! But I didn't just happen to pick up on these things. I have been following student disappearances for seven years. I have Google Alerts that pick them up.

At any time in mid semester there are as many as a half dozen missing students.

Yes, some are accident or crime victims but a very few recover and return in altered mental states that give an insight into what is happening.

What is throwing everyone off is that the stories are different. No one is looking at the month or so before the disappearance to see if that student created the circumstances for Subliminal Distraction exposure.

None of this need happen. None of the posters here have made the phone calls or gone to the psychology department to see if what I am telling you is true. There is a list of Cubicle manufacturers on the Modern Cubicle page. Good luck!

The point of the question is to get a straight answer from The Hook.

Yes or no will suffice.

Gas, no doubt about that Blinkoncrime site lol. Some of the people on there are real crazies. She allows it and encourages it too. Notice how her favorites on that site are the ones that come off as the most off the rocker? You have to see it as more entertainment than anything else. Blink has had about 15 different theories and acts like each one is spot on and that she has the inside connection and then someone else turns something else up and she acts like everyone forgot she posted an entirely different theory that she was sure about not even a couple days before. Because she preapproves every message, she has access to everyone's thoughts before they post and if something is good, she'll use it to respond to someone else first and act like that information was hers. Did you see the other site that spoofed her and the site? and you can't call her out on it either because she won't post it. You nailed it, "foolishness".