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kellyavenueLocal realtor Roger Voisinet scored a fat listing in the New York Times yesterday. In the Great Homes and Destinations section, his listing at 615 Kelly Avenue, which was still for sale back in 2008, is included in a feature titled “What You Get for”Š$1 Million.” The 4,600 square foot Quonset hut-style contemporary, which is only a short distance from the Downtown Mall and on the market for $959,500 (it was going for $995,000 in August 2008), even scored a slide show (with photos by the DP’s Andrew Shurtleff) which shows off its colorful and spacey interior.


Here's the thing. This house makes the best use of space and privacy for the size of the lot. You max out on both. It's the ideal for the amount of available space. If more developers would take lessons from the fella that designed this house... Cville would be a much better place to live. With a lot better properties, and probably selling for more money too.

Why do you poor people have to put down everything? I guess if you cannot afford it then you must find fault with it. Get a haircut and job for goodness sake.

Interesting, wild colors, not my cup of tea, but, like lovers; there's someone for everyone if you just wait long enough.

That NYT article should really be titled "WHAT NOBODY WANTS FOR $1 MILLION."

There will not be a single sale of a house listed for $1M+ in the City of Charlottesville this year. The market no longer exists for this. This particular house has been available for a couple of years now, and the market's even worse than when it was first listed.

But hey, great to see The Hook so excited about real estate that belongs to somebody other than Halsey Minor.

An example of the hubris of modern architects, ignoring the accumulated knowledge of 2000 years. The interior a hanger of wasted space and the roofline a cacophony. Heating and air conditioning a nightmare; leaks constant. Its been on the market since the day it was completed. Meantime, for less than half that, you can get an excellent solid traditional house in that same neighborhood. I suppose you have to go all the way to New York to find somebody so hyped-up over Art to throw away money that uselessly.

Hmmm. I wonder if we'll see this home in Next Month's issue of NYTimes... What You Get for”Š$1/2 Million"

@yepper: dude, if the Realtor was better at his profession, he wouldn't be advising these sellers that the price is reasonable or that the house would actually appraise for this should a buyer make an offer.

He'd be walking away from the listing b/c it's so ridiculous.

Looks ugly enough to be my new Playhouse.

Horrible disgusting home

sheesh, people. Forget about the house, how about some kudos for the realtor? He got it listed in one of the premier publications on the planet. He deserves some props for that and the hook gives it.

Man, what an eyesore!

For a million dollars you could get you a nice place in the country with lots of land. Nothing wrong with Kelly Avenue,thats a nice neighborhood- but nothing worth spending a million bucks on.