Amtrak lot finally to be paved?

news-amtrakparkinglotAccording to recent story in the Daily Progress, the owners of the Amtrak parking lot have promised to finally pave the dusty expanse, which a West Main neighborhood association called a “a blight on the Midtown landscape”in a Hook story last November. Of course, the owners, developers Gabe Silverman and Alan Cadgene, promised to pave the lot in 2004. So are City officials confident that they will follow through this time?

“I have no clue,”says Neighborhood development chief Jim Tolbert, adding that the City has no way of forcing the private landowners to lay down blacktop.

So what makes Tolbert think things will be different this time?

“I think the added spotlight from the new Amtrak service and public gripes is getting old for them,” he says. “So we are optimistic.”

According to Tolbert, Silverman and Cadgene have told the city that they will begin paving “as soon as the weather is appropriate.”


The Amtrak parking lot should've been paved ages & ages ago, complaints do abound pertaining to the vehicular damage of flying dust, loose gravel, potholes etc. that parking lot needs to look presentable to all who utilize it.

But where will the city plant its pothole seedlings now? Larval potholes need nurtured and cared for in a quiet environment.

This could endanger our local pothole population.

Sure in a perfect world it should have been paved long ago. So much for that. Whatta buncha whiney bizniatches slow down inhale some dust and get over yourself.

Of course expect the rate for train passengers to go up from the $5/day too...

Next thing you know, they'll drop their insane asking price, too. Then again, pigs might fly.

HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will drop it if they want to sell it and no one will bite. Then again, they don't need the money, so they don't have to have a fire sale either.

>How about taking mass transit, a bicycle, a cab or, God forbid, walking to the station? $5? You get what you pay for- most pay $5- for a latte”Š”Š”Š”Š”Š”Š..

Let's see... 11 mile walk... or $20 cab each way... a bike with luggage each way would be kind of tough...

And what the heck does the price of a latte have to do with the value of parking at a mass transit facility? (One where you might park for multiple days.) And I can honestly say that I have not purchased a single latte in the last month...

I guess you can only envision people in your own circumstances... No one might live outside of town where mass transit doesn't exist that might want to drive into town and take the train somewhere.

Gabe Silverman please don't break your promise and do the right thing you should have done long ago.

How about taking mass transit, a bicycle, a cab or, God forbid, walking to the station? $5? You get what you pay for- most pay $5- for a latte....................