Cold theater syndrome spreads

In a front-page story on Saturday, the Daily Progress reported that the Regal Seminole 4 had no heat. Then, the next day, on Sunday, December 13, according to a theatergoer, Carmike 6 joins the chilly scenes of cinema bandwagon with heatless screenings and no hopes of warming up the movie-going experience until Tuesday, December 15–- because, according to a Carmike employee, a crucial part was frozen in Chicago.

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I don't believe this is a new problem.....I have been to both in the past month and BOTH were cold.....I was so ready to leave 2012 early because I was freezing!! I haven't been back to a movie since. Next time I want to freeze after spending nearly $40.....I will go to the National Park!!

I agree JLF. They are some of the coldest public places in the area, for whatever reason.

I wait for everything to come out on DVD. And of course I prefer "blu ray" if the newest releases are available. Turn out the lights, crank up the ole fireplace, pepsi and popcorn! Much more enjoyable.

This winter I even have a new trick. Found twin size Sunbeam electric blankets on sale at Walmart for $20 on Black Friday. Bought 5 of them! Plug one of them in and you can't get much warmer watching movies at home. :)

This is not a bring a jacket issue. It is like 50 degrees in these theatres. This is a bring a heater issue. The fact that these (already somewhat lacking) theatres are charging full price for viewers to freeze should be a crime. I fully understand the if you don't like it stay home mentality, but for a city like Charlottesville to be so severely lacking in the movie theatre department is a bit sad.

I completely agree. For many, many years my family -summer,winter.
always take extra warmth. Yes, I agree, movies at home with the fireplace, fresh, free popcorn are a much better buy on all fronts!

It's amazing that this town still has such crappy theaters.

why do they bring this up now i feel like this has always been a problem if u ask anyone they will tell u to bring a jacket because it is cold in these theaters