UVA brings cult classic John Waters to Film Fest

news-john-watersThe filmmaker who has made a career out of pushing the boundaries of good taste will headline this year's "Funny Business"-themed Virginia Film Festival. John Waters first gained notoriety with his 1972 film, Pink Flamingos, which made his Baltimore pal Divine one of the premier transvestites of the 1970s and '80s and secured Waters' title of "Prince of Puke." Waters became more PG rated with Hairspray in 1988, and both of these films will screen November 6 at Newcomb Hall.

Also a writer, photographer and actor, Waters will do his "This Filthy World" talk at 4pm that day at Old Cabell Hall and it's free, courtesy of the Arts Assembly at UVA.


John Waters could find suitable material for his trashy satires by rolling up to the Darden School where Divine wannabes sport similar grins. Hah.

Brilliant! John Waters at Darden. Sadly, what Waters would consider satire is seen as serious business by the money-minded folk at UVA's MBA program with the free-falling national and worldwide rankings.

John is a funny guy.