Movie mecca... in Waynesboro?

Vinegar Hill Theatre owner Adam Greenbaum announced plans to expand his cinema empire with a 10-screen multiplex in Waynesboro, the News Virginian reports. Greenbaum, who owns the Visulite and Dixie theaters in Staunton, says the new theaters will be near Lowe's and open November 2010. In May, plans were unveiled for a 12-screen complex near Home Depot, which would send River City from zero to 22 screens, all close to home improvement centers.

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With tickets so expensive and the cost of food/drink borderline financial rape and then let's not forget the 20~30 minutes of COMMERCIALS and previews, who goes to the THEATERS anymore for anything less than a known blockbuster hit like BATMAN?

I don't!

But in fairness, one of our cville theaters has DLP projectors which offers pretty good visual clarity with a digital picture. The sound at both big theaters are decent... But I do enjoy a good STADIUM theater with top-line audio/visual. I hope they do the one in Waynesboro right... I will drive over for that...


Screw stadium theaters! Who wants to sit in a stadium? Everyone knows that Charlottesville lost the heart and soul of the Downtown Mall when Hawes sold the Jefferson to Capshaw. Who amongst us didn't love watching quality movies for $2? In the summer of 2001, I saw "O Brother, Where Art Thou," "The House of Mirth," and "You Can Count of Me" in consecutive weeks.

So cool - Every one wishes they could have a cinema . When in need for a project like this be sure to look us up Contractors. We offer all kinds of Help.

Another great reason to go to Waynesboro. Much rather shop over there. The people who work in stores there are much nicer than people in Cville, who act like they're doing you a favor, that is if they acknowledge you at all. Cville isn't too swift when it comes to customer service.

WBF, I agree that watching movies at the Jefferson was quite a throw back experience, especially from the balcony. Too bad the low prices just made it a cheap babysitter and the obnoxious kids ruined that experience.

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Interviews with Visulite owner Adam Greenbaum and developer Brett Hayes.

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It's always amazed me how movie theaters in Charlottesville always seem to be 10 years behind the industry. Are there any THX halls? Are there any digital projection halls? No stadium halls, for sure.

Seeing a first-run film in a THX theater with digital projection and stadium seating is really quite an experience. Worth the price of admission. C-ville theaters are really not much better than a home theater - and a good home theater with Blu-ray trumps them.

Probably only a matter of time before theaters become irrelevant. The technology exists to stream high-def content directly from provider to the home. I'd GLADLY pay $10 per head for that, because providing our own refreshments would more than make it worthwhile and the guy in front of me would text his girlfriend at his own risk!