Hatton Ferry saved... for now

The Albemarle Supervisors will make their desire to save the historic but to-be-chopped-by-VDOT Hatton Ferry final July 1 when they vote for a nearly $8,000 appropriation, according to the Free Lance-Star. However, the Supes also reportedly hope to tap local citizens for permanent funding for the James River-based operation. (The town of Scottsville issued a May 28 resolution lamenting VDOT's action.)

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Which TA doesn't get rehired in September? Any white female at random.

Priorities are difficult in a time of cutting budgets, surely this piece of living history is worth saving.

The county is not broke..they just don't know how to budget. I say .10 per citizen per year to fund this is not too much to ask. (8000 dollars divied amongst 92000 people)

No, its not. This is exactly the kind of crud you cut out of a budget when you're broke so that some real person does not have to lose their job.

Teacher in Albemarle losing their jobs over money- I call BS. Last year there was a surplus in the county school system of multiple millions. That this fact is little reported and that the school system quickly "reallocated" the money is hardly a suprise. Music Lover any teacher's assistant that wasn't rehired was because of something other than money. You can take that to the bank.

No teachers are losing their jobs. Any funds used to keep ferry going would be from transportation budget, which is how the ferry is maintained now. In addition, private funds are being raised to keep the ferry going. The ferry may be irrevelant now from a commercial standpoint but why don't you try to learn something about history before making your reckless comments

Thank God the county has the surplus to fund irrelevant and unnecessary transportation projects. So, which teacher's assistant doesn't get rehired in September?