Where have all the gyros gone?

dish-univ-grille2Judging by the length of the grass, University Grille closed about a month ago.

Charlottesville has one fewer Greek diner. After five years, University Grille on Ivy Road has closed its doors, as evidenced by the overgrown lot, shuttered windows and empty parking lot.

In a building that used to be Hardee's, University Grille billed itself as a family restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its windows enticed with "pancakes & waffles," "milkshakes," and "Greek salads."

Last time we checked in with the University Grille was in April 2006, when a customer reporting seeing a bus tub full of water fall through the ceiling onto a woman's head while she was eating breakfast.

"I turned to see a woman sitting at a table with three other adults and a small baby and she was completely drenched with water, " reported customer Jonathan Lord. "The woman was soaked, like she'd jumped in a pool. And I think her glasses were broken."

As far as we know, no more bus tubs of water fell on unsuspecting customers at the University Grille before it closed its doors. The Grille had many regulars, who loved their chicken souvlaki sandwich and gyros, as well as their hearty breakfast, served until 2pm on Sundays, which surely served as a welcome cure for many a hangover.

The Hook was unable to locate the Grille's owner, and the management firm that handles the property at 2025 Ivy Road, as well as the nearby 7-11, had not returned a call at press time about what will next take over the prime location.

June 18, 9:20am: Misuse of less/fewer corrected, courtesy of orchid.

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I used to see Pete Gillen in there when it was a Hardee's.