Byrned: Jinx's Pit's Top gets 'Once in a Lifetime' visitor

news-byrnejinxFormer Talking Heads frontman David Byrne spent an hour at James "Jinx" Kern's tiny eatery on Market Street the afternoon before his show at Charlottesville Pavilion.

"My buttons are about to pop," declares James "Jinx" Kern, owner of Jinx’s Pit’s-Top Barbecue, the little barbecuery on East Market Street.

"We were wrapping up the lunch hour today, and suddenly someone walked in who looked remarkably like David Byrne."

Indeed, arriving on bicycles, Byrne and his band showed up to try Jinx's tasty barbecue, and even bought several orders of ribs and barbecue for later, perhaps to fuel up for their show at the Pavilion tonight.

"There's an irony here," says Jinx. "Back in 1985 I dated an ER doctor who was crazy about me because she thought I looked like David Byrne. That's how I became a Talking Heads fan."

As luck would have it, Jinx's brother from Chicago happened to call while Byrne was there, and Byrne was kind enough to take the phone and say hello. "My brother is a Talking Heads fanatic," says Jinx.

Jinx didn't have a camera on hand, but he says Byrne took a photo of them all together and promised he'd send it to him.

"We'll see if he ever sends it," says Jinx, "but it was my little brush with genius."


Highlight of tonight's David Byrne concert at the Pavilion in Charlottesville: Hundreds of people, both hands high in the air, shouting in unison: "MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?" It had a gleeful, come-to-Jesus, revival vibe to it.

At the beginning of the concert Byrne commented on how it had been a nice day until a few minutes before and said they had been down to the river..."is that a river?" (and the crowd shouted back "yes" and "The Rivanna!") and then to Jinx's for bbq. We knew at that point that he could not avoid playing "Take Me To the River."

Anybody else think this was one of the best shows at the Pavilion ever? Riveting! Theatrical! Fun! And they gave us three encores!

David Byrne's concert > Jinx's BBQ

Byrne did mention his visit to Jinx during the concert..

Among the best shows I've seen at the Pavilion if not THE best. Cheers to those that brought the show to C'ville.

I wish they'd sung "Psycho Killer"...