Restaurant Week Watch: Fossett's offers up first menu

food-hartman-bChef Craig Hartman of Fossett's.

Chef Craig Hartman of Fossett's has already cooked up a menu for the July Restaurant Week event. You can check out the yummy selections here–- and it's all only $25!

“Some restaurants, for whatever reason– maybe because they worry they’ll lose money– make up a menu of items they wouldn’t normally offer,” says Hartman. “But we don’t do that. This is a chance for people to see exactly what we do.”

Over at l’©toile, chef Mark Gresge is also busy planning his offerings for the week.

"I'm very excited to see the menus from the other restaurants," says Gresge. "We plan on putting together a wine list that will match with the entrees for the week."

Gresge says he's heard that other communities offering restaurant weeks have had great success, and he thinks it's a great way to get people who've heard good things about the restaurants involved to give them a try.

"I like the time of the year with all the fresh produce that will be available for the menu," says Gresage. " I think that this is great for the Charlottesville dining scene. It presents the restaurants as a united front, all together trying to show our guests the best we can do for them."

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