Three-course deal: Restaurant Week debuts in July

food-gresgeChef Mark Gresge of l'©toile will be one of many chefs offering up special $25 prix fixe menus for Restaurant Week.

For seven days in July, the "fixe" is in–- the prix fixe, that is. If you've ever wanted to dine at some of our area's finest restaurants, without spending a fortune, mark your calendars, my foodie friends. For just $25, you'll be able to enjoy a three-course meal at places like the C&O Restaurant, Fossett's at Keswick Hall, and l'©toile. No joke! It's all part of Charlottesville's first-ever Restaurant Week July 13 through 19.

"I experienced restaurant week back in January on a trip to New York City," says Hook editor Hawes Spencer. "I thought it was neat because it allowed my wife, Mary, and I to enjoy some high-end restaurants without breaking our bank."

Since then, Spencer and Hook sales manager Anna Harrison have been busy coordinating the event. Fossett's was the first restaurant to sign on, followed by the C&O, Cassis, The Old Mill Room at the Boar's Head, Horse & Hound Gastropub, and  l'©toile. The $25 prix fixe menus, which will be unique to each restaurant, will include an appetizer, an entree, and dessert. Tip, tax, and drinks are extra.

"The response has been very positive," says Harrison. "I feel like we already have six of the best restaurants in town on board."

"We made a point of approaching some of the finest restaurants in town," says Spencer, "and overall we've been thrilled by the response. They're getting really excited about this."

"We're always interested in new marketing ideas like this," says C&O owner Dave Simpson, "We're also mindful about how people are spending their money these day, and so we're happy to help people out."

"I hope that locals will plan some amazing nights out, and try a few restaurants that they haven't tried before, "says Harrison. "In return, I hope the restaurants deliver amazing prix fixe menus that will convince first-time diners to become regulars."

If all goes well in July, Spencer says there could be another Restaurant Week in January.

"We hope this will be the first of many," he says.

For more information, visit the Restaurant Week website at

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What a fabulous idea and the web-site is terrific. This could bring a new level of dining interest to Charlottesville. Thank you Hawes for bringing this to town. Now we have the Film Festival in the Fall, the Book Festival in the Spring, the Photography Festival in June and Restaurant Week in the July, and hopefully the Winter as well.

You're right WBF, I love quotes from Hawes, especially when He quotes himself!
(was a capitalization, typo, but I kind of like it that way)

Getting hungry just looking at these menus and just discovered not only can I eat out for a great price but sleep out too --

Great! Can't wait.

There should be more stories with quotes from Hawes. His enthusiasm is infectious.

I have done restaurant week in DC and NYC for years and it is WONDERFUL ! I am so excited to have this in Charlottesville- you can count on me for some fine dining at great prices !

i'm super-excited. will the menus be published on the website ahead of time?