Chrysler cuts back at three local dealers

news-chryslerChrysler announced today that they are closing 789 of their dealerships, and while no local dealerships are closing as of yet, three will stop selling Chrysler-made cars. According to a filing in federal bankruptcy court, Charlottesville's Battlefield Motors will stop selling the Jeep brand, Obaugh Ford in Staunton will no longer sell the Chrysler line, and Berrang GM/Chrysler will stop carrying Chryslers, Dodges, Dodge Trucks and Jeeps. More bad news is expected this week from General Motors, which is expected to close around 1,000 of its dealerships by Friday.
–updated May 14 at 11:30pm


Dear WestBerkeleyFlats,

I misread the chart I cited. You are correct, of course, and I've made the correction above.

Lindsay Barnes

Why was Obaugh Ford selling Cadillacs, a GM brand? And what does this have to do with Chrysler?