W'boro to trump C'ville with 12 screens?

Less than a week after an executive with Regal Entertainment Group announced plans to add five screens to it Seminole Cinema in Charlottesville, making it the town's biggest theater complex, local government officials in Waynesboro say their fair city may soon get a 12 screen theater. That would be 12 screens more than that river city currently holds.

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Dan, if Charlottesville actually follows through on their plans to build a road, I'll eat my shoe.

Talk is cheap.

Sign of the times ? People can't afford big ticket items but are movies the current economic engine --guess these folks think so.

Agree Rambo. I was there Saturday.

I'll probably be there again this Saturday, or next. I need an air conditioning unit for my detached garages. And Home Depot prices prices certainly have Lowes beat out this year. I can't figure out why, but it seems like Lowes doubled the prices on their window units this year. So, more power to Waynesboro for giving people an option.

Damn, I hope everyone doesn't leave here and move to Waynesboro for teh Crackerbarrell and teh Home Depot. I really hope. Really! That's some damn fine eatin thogh. Who could blame em?

Yeah, homes and land are cheaper over there too.... what's the big deal?!
Hongrie - DITTO on the ESPN Zone.... that would just be marvelous

Regal is going ahead with plans to expand the Seminole theatre even though the City of Charlottesville seems to be under the impression that the theatre is directly in the path of the new road they're building there. Curious ain't it?

#$@@! They will probably get an Olive Garden before us too!! Lucky sedentary over caloried (#@#s!!!! Only way we can beat them now is with an ESPN Zone.

Waynesboro was light years ahead of Charlottesville and Albemarle when they got a Home Depot. I have driven to their Home Depot on more than one occasion because of selection and price on comparable items from our Lowes.

I'll drive 50 miles to go to Home Depot. They have better rpices and customer relations than Charlottesville's Lowes. Waynesboro also has better shopping with a Kohls and even has a Crackerbarrell. It seems I will going there to see movies.