Man wanted on larceny charges

Michael Allen Dunnivan

Albemarle County Police are looking for Michael Allen Dunnivan, 32, wanted for multiple burglary and grand larceny charges and known to frequent Crozet and Southwood, according to a release. He has 10 outstanding warrants– six felony grand larceny, two burglaries, and two misdemeanor destruction of property– and has been on the lam since July. The Hook ran across Dunnivan in a 2005 story, "City Sherlock : Victim says he found suspect," in which real estate broker Mike Burkoff, who lives on Azalea Drive, was convinced Dunnivan, who lived nearby at that time, had stolen $800 worth of belongings from his storage shed. "I just hope they finally get him and put him away," says Burkoff. "Running him out of the neighborhood was the best thing that ever happened here."