MYRIDE- Lori Patterson: 1992 Honda Prelude

Cars often reflect the character of their drivers. Think of the harried mom in her mini-van, the balding executive in his Porsche, the artist with the old bumper sticker-bedecked Volvo, or the county boy in his mud-splattered pickup.

Others aren't as easy to categorize.

With her silver tongue-stud, Playboy logo belt buckle, designer nails, wrap around shades, and compact frame, recent UVA grad Lori Patterson makes a unique match for her customized 1992 Honda Prelude.

After her dad bought the car two years ago, Patterson (with her boyfriend's help) painted it metallic blue, added flame decals on the doors, installed blue shag carpeting inside, secured a big fat tachometer to the dash, and replaced the boring old shift knob with a silver skull.

"I've wanted one of these since I was little," says Patterson. "My parents offered to buy me a new car recently, but I didn't want it. I wanted this one. I always liked the style."

She likes what's under the hood, too. "I had a new motor put in, a four-cylinder H23 JDM J-Spec ordered straight from Japan," she says, rattling off the name like a pro. "It's pretty fast."

Indeed, as Patterson drives aaway, her little blue-flame gem growls like a street rod.


Lori Patterson