OMISSION- Queen's missing byline

We made a doozie of an omission in last week's edition. Not only did we fail to trumpet the authorship of our exclusive "Was Queen Charlotte black?" story, we somehow failed to communicate the name of the author entirely.

Nowhere on the story could the byline of the provocative piece be found. Only at the end was a hint of its genesis: the statement that the author was a businessperson who served on City Council including a stint as mayor.

"For the record," she wrote in a letter to the editor, "it was not my intention to publish the story anonymously."

Indeed, it was not our intention, either. We simply messed up in production. Big-time.

The author is none other than Virginia Daugherty. A longtime resident of downtown, she co-founded Papercraft Printing and served on City Council from 1992 to 2000, the last two years as mayor.

Recently, she grew interested in Charlottesville's eponym and wondered why there'd been no major discussion of the queen's interesting racial heritage. She set out to remedy that information gap with her story.

She never expected to become part of a new information gap!

Sir Allan Ramsay painted the queen with her two children, in 1765