MY RIDE- Eric Lund- 1994 Saab 900 convertible

A lot of people think that what they drive is what they are, says Charlottesville businessman Eric Lund. They think their car represents their identity.

If thats the case, Lund has a very multi-faceted personality. Hes owned at least 60 cars in his lifetime, four of which have been Saab convertibles.

Thats pretty unusual for me because I get bored so easily, he says. Im constantly buying and selling, but Ive been coming back to this one type of car for years.

Fourteen years, to be precise. Lund bought his first Saab convertible in 1992, but promptly sold it when his friend made him an offer he just couldnt refuse.

I missed it right away, he says. So I bought another that was exactly like it, same paint and everything.

Old habits die hard, and it wasnt long before he sold that one, too, this time to a postman who happened to catch a glimpse of Lund driving by.

I regretted it again and wanted another one, he says.
Third times supposedly a charm, but Lund wanted to make sure. This time around he bought two red Saabs, upping the chances that hed be able to hold on to at least one.

Ive had this one for four years now, he says. And no plans to sell.

But dont tempt him.

Eric Lund

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