MY RIDE- Thomas McFarlane- 1997 BMW 318IS

Keeping up with stylin' South Beachers was the inspiration behind this sleek sedan.

"I lived in Miami at the time, and everyone drives those fancy cars down there," says McFarlane, a 2005 graduate of the University of Miami.

In addition to the car's cool caché, McFarlane says long trips to and from Charlottesville also drove his purchase.

"I needed something that's reliable and gets good gas mileage," he says. "It took only two tanks to get from here to Miami."

But even though he's back in his low-key hometown, McFarlane says the Beamer is still serving him well.

"My favorite thing is its stick shift," he says. "It gives more control, and it's more fun driving on Virginia's curvy roads." 

Thomas McFarlane


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