LETTER- Cats certainly are hunters

Nathan Winograd, executive director of No Kill Solutions, says, "The common belief that feral cats are serious predators of birds is apparently without basis" [Peripawtetic puss: The great roaming cat debate rages,"June 1]. This is a man who either does not know cats or is extremely dishonest. 

     Anyone who has ever owned an outdoor cat and paid attention to it would know that cats are immensely successful hunters, especially of birds, but also of much small wildlife. His own statement, "In this day and age, with our hectic schedules, there's really very little time for concentrated effort in socializing [with pet cats]" illustrates perfectly why he apparently does not really know about cats. If people do not have time to spend with a pet, they should not even own one.

      Winograd also says, "It's joyful to have your cat out romping in the garden," but this comment is actually a poor excuse for people who prefer to let a pet cat take care of itself. 

Marlene A. Condon