MY RIDE- Charles Carrier- Cannondale F3000

While droves of area teens eagerly sign up for driver's education classes, Charles Carrier sees fitness and the environment as more important than a driver's license.

"My school is close enough to my house, and I figured riding my bike would be healthy and fun," says the rising senior at the Renaissance School on the Downtown Mall.

Unlike other cyclists who compete and bike staggering distances, Carrier, 17, bought his Cannondale F3000 second hand for the express purpose of toodling short distances around town. In fact, when we caught up with Carrier to snap his photo, he didn't even have the bike with him. Hence the Fuji he's on, a bike a friend lent him to strike a pose.

"The bike gives me time to think and reflect during my 21st century go-getter lifestyle," he jokes.

There's adventure aplenty atop a bike.

"Once I rode across some connected rooftops on the Mall," he recalls, "but after it became scary I stopped."

Sometimes, though, Carrier doesn't get to choose where he stops.

"I was zipping downhill over at the Corner," he says, "when suddenly a car stopped abruptly and I ran into it." 

On another less harrowing day, some kids on a passing school bus lobbed a banana at him.

Despite such hardships, Carrier says he'll keep on riding.

"I justify it because I'm burning calories and staying fit," he says.

Charles Carrier


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