MYRIDE- Mike Johnson: 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Photographer Mike Johnson sees his 2001 Dodge Intrepid as more than a car– it's also an excellent traveling companion.

"I've driven everywhere along the east coast, to New York and Florida," Johnson says.

He says the copious trunk and interior space make it great for road trips and that the price of keeping a Dodge in good shape beats the maintenance fees of a foreign car.

The car's large body might be an asset when it comes to traveling the nation, but it is also the cause of huge blind spots, which can lead to disaster when he least expects it.

"I rear-ended my mother once when she lunged forward at a stop light." Johnson says. "I crashed into her tail light, and now it looks like one of my headlights has pink eye."

 Johnson is often on the move, taking photos for another weekly paper, and his car must also handle his fast-paced life. However, sometimes the vehicle that keeps someone going ends up getting neglected. "I'm almost out of oil," Johnson admits.