COVER- Welcome to the 'Annual Manual'

Welcome to the online version of the Hook's Annual Manual. This special edition is our guide to life in your town.

The Annual Manual will help you discover what to do with your friends, your kids, and your entertainment dollar. You'll discover what to do with your your health, your dog, and even your weekend. In short, the Annual Manual really will help you... discover Charlottesville.

The special edition is so special that it's even got it's own website:, complete with zillions (okay, hundreds) of hotlinks to help you find your way in this great town.

The print edition was released August 3, 2006, and it is so packed with beefy information that it took 160 pages to hold it all in. We think the Annual Manual is so wonderful that we actually let it supplant our usual weekly issue of the Hook. (Don't worry: we still gather hot news during this sweltering off-week by placing stories daily at our newsblog,

Thanks for logging in– and for loving Charlottesville.

–from The Hook, the "We love this place" newspaper