MYRIDE- Richard Bean: 2001 Ford F-350

Richard Bean and his partner, Jean Rinaldi, owners of Double H Farm in Nelson County, weren't looking for a pickup truck. So when they stumbled upon a enclosed vehicle with an unusual design, they were ecstatic.

Double H Farm uses the golden-yellow Ford F-350 to deliver eggs, vegetables, and meat downtown once a week and sells at the City Market on Saturdays.

"We bought it used about a year and a half ago," Bean says. "It was a really good deal."  

It also uses diesel, so it's efficient for the hour-long drive into town.

"It's unusual looking because the design came from Canada," he says. "It's great for advertising."

Bean and Rinaldi decided to keep the sunny paint job, and they added the farm logo in red letters.

"It's famous in town," Bean says. "People ask us about it all the time, and where they can find our produce."

Besides its attention-grabbing appearance, the unique design is practical for transporting the farm's goods.

"It has a sunroof so you can see into the bed of the truck but it stays cool" Bean notes. "At the Farmers' Market we can pull open our door, set up our tent, and we're ready to go."

The vehicle is tall, so there's lots of room for storage. "Last fall, we used it to drive supplies to Katrina victims," Bean says.  

They delivered water, diapers, and canned goods that people had donated to them.

"We had 60-80 cases, and the truck was only half full," Bean says proudly.

Richard Bean


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