LETTER- Vaccine opt-out available

In "Sticking point: Required shot catches parents off guard" [News, August 30] regarding the many children who were not allowed to attend the first day of school without their booster shot, TDaP, it was stated that next year all sixth grade girls "have" to get the HPV vaccine. 

This is not true. Governor Tim Kaine signed legislation to require the vaccine with a parental opt out. A parent who does not want to have their little girl receive this three-part vaccine merely must sign that they are opting out with no explanation required.

This is important to note, as Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, has been cited in the deaths of at least three girls according to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the FDA's and CDC's safety surveillance program.

Colleen Di Cesare


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FYI, there have been 8 additional deaths of young, previously healthy girls following the Gardasil vaccine.