LETTER- WINA 'frenzy' is too much

Thank you for the cover story on the WINA Morning Show shake-up [September 13]. I've been a faithful listener for ten years, from 7 to 10am. Now I find that by 7:30 I'm jumping out of my skin, and by 8, I turn it off. The frantic pace is too much.

I miss the well-modulated voice of Rob Schilling, his scope of knowledge, and pleasant personality. I thought "Rob & Jane" was the best combination in my 10 years of listening. Also, Rob brought a Charlottesville perspective to the table, being an involved resident in the city.

Now, I tune in after 9 to see if some of the regulars– Ed Burton, Nathaniel Howell, the Sherases– are on. If not, I turn it off and sometimes try again after 10.

Marty Chaplin



You hit the nail squarely upon the head. I have been a listener for far longer to WINA. I remember when Wells Bunyea used to do his Aunt Emma persona on AM 107 as a child.
While no one could replace Dick Mountjoy, I agree withyour assessment. Rob and Jane was a good fit. At 06:00, I enjoyed having Rob and Jane join me for toast and coffee. Nothing against Rick, but I lost interest after the first day. Rick is used to the RAT-A-TAT-TAT of the FM dial. I attempted to keep an open mind, but I find that Bill Bennet's "Morning in America" on 1260 WCHV to be more my style.
I hope that WINA can get back to its decades successful formula soon. I miss my old breakfast buddies.

I am so glad that I am not alone. I listen whenever I can and I have to turn Rick off. He talks over Jane and tries to run EVERYTHING. I am so sad. I loved to listen to WINA in the morning.It was so interesting and now I find myself being more agrivated by Rick's voice. I miss Rob too!

Well maybe 97.5 will take him back because he was great there!

The biggest tragedy is that Neal Boortz is no longer on after 12:00, they used to air Boortz from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM but cut him back.

If I were a sagacious program director at Monticello Media, I would be in contact with Rob Schilling. The replay of weekday broadcasts on Sat and Sun mornings leaves a might big hole that Rob could fill.

I agree with the comments others are making.The chemistry between Dick,Jane,and Mac was great.Rob was a good match with Jane as well but Rick drives me up the wall and I now no longer listen on my morning commute.