LETTER- Fine the demolishers

A few weeks ago, I walked past 310 6th St. SW, the building featured in October 10's "What's Going Down" column. I noticed a bulldozer behind the building as well as utility boxes still connected.

I presume that demolition began prior to disconnecting gas, water, and electrical services as the appropriate permit had not yet been issued. This, to me, seems quite dangerous to anyone working on site as well as to the adjacent property owners and the neighborhood in general. In addition, we have lost yet another piece of the historic fabric defining our city.

This is a disturbing trend, and there is recourse for stopping unpermitted demolition. It's called law enforcement.

If this building came down without the right permits, then both the owner and the contractor are liable. If the city wants to slow down demolition in Fifeville prior to passing an ordinance or listing a historic building, why not start with what's on the books?  

Levying a serious fine would send a signal to others wanting to try such a stunt; not levying a fine will only encourage them.

Gina Haney