MY RIDE- Flame Bilyue: 1997 Saturn Station Wagon


As a masssage therapist who makes trips to her clients' homes, Flame Bilyue likes her Saturn wagon because it has the perfect amount of trunk space to fit her folding table. However it's what on the outside of the trunk rather than what's in it that sets her car apart. 

"If it were up to my husband, the entire thing would be covered in bumper stickers," Bilyue jokes. While she enjoys the honks she gets for her honest opinions, she actually appreciates some of the more moderate ones. She points to the "Another World is Possible" message, one of the less controversial slogans, as one of her favorites.

Another mode of travel is possible as well, for Bilyue, who does most of her local travel on two wheels, not four. It saves gas and burns calories, but it can't compete with the Saturn on one front: space for opinions.