MY RIDE- Brooke Buesking: 2004 Honda Element


There's plenty to recommend the Honda Element– lots of cargo space, washable interior, funky design. But those aren't the only pros, according to Brooke Buesking. 

"It's a four-cylinder, low-emission model and doesn't use too much gas," she says. It's also great off road. "I use it to go camping all over the place," she adds. The Blue Ridge mountains, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky are some of the places she visits in her all-purpose car. 

But since she considers herself an environmental steward, Buesking wants to curb her gas emissions further, and she's made the tough decision to say farewell to the Element in December in favor of an even more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly car: a hybrid.

When she gets that, she'll really be in her element!