LETTER- Knowledge is not the issue

Lisa Provence let a wonderful opportunity slip away at the very end of her article about the three Scottsville candidates.  "Who knows the Scottsville district best?" [Cover story, "Hot races: All politics is personal," October 18] 

That isn't the issue. The question is "Who will best represent the interests of the citizens of the Scottsville district?" The answer to that question is "not Lindsay Dorrier." He has a long track record of ignoring what his constituents want. Ask anyone in the Village of Rivanna. Ask the folks near Biscuit Run.

Knowing and representing are two very different things. Dorrier may know a lot, but he certainly hasn't used his knowledge to represent his constituents.

There's only one candidate who will best represent the interests of the Scottsville district: Denny King!

Lynda Harrill