HOLIDAY- QUESTION- What is the worst holiday present you ever received

Rowan Bruce:"I think stationery is the definitely the worst."

Gayle Floyd: "I was a teacher, so I had plenty of odd gifts. Exotic soap. It stunk."

Cresap Szarwark:"Those cheesy horrible craft sweaters that are ageless. They're like fruitcake. They don't have a decade, but they're terrible sweaters with big appliqués. I actually got a vest last year... a big giant red and green and randomly purple vest with jingle bells all over it and random appliqués."

Pamela Lamb:

"A vest when I was a little girl; it was the most horrible thing. It was just scraps of old quilting material put together from probably 1940."

Will Boast:"I got a set of three figurines. One was Santa Claus, one was a snowman, and one was Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They had switches on their bums to turn them on and they would sing "Jingle Bells" in round."

Mick Watson:"A camera. The person who gave it to me was really giving it to themselves."

Jesse Hooker:"An ugly, ugly sweater. I know it sounds like a cliché. It was striped and woven in a weird material, and had an off-the-wall design. It was something that's just not my style."

Jocelyn Pace:"It was a whisk broom, decorated with lace and calico to look like a dog and it had a little hat on it. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen."