Kitchen confidential: Mark Gallaudet, Boar's Head Inn


Boar's Head Inn's Mark Gallaudet with his savory scallops

The secret to great cooking is... quality ingredients. If you start with old, or low-grade ingredients, the quality of the dish will be sacrificed. Don't skimp.

The secret to success in the restaurant business is...  taking care of the people who take care of you. If you don't surround yourself with good people, you're going to fall short.

The secret to making Boar's Head Inn's hand-seared scallops with warm frisée salad is... drying the scallops with a paper towel before seasoning them. 

Boar's Head Inn's hand-seared scallops with warm frisée salad 

12 large scallops

2 oz. olive oil

2 oz. soft butter

4 heads frisée, cut and washed

4 strips Virginia bacon, diced to 1/4" portions

2 Fuji apples-cored and diced to 1/4" portions

6 oz. goat cheese, crumbled

6 oz. simple sherry vinaigrette

Kosher salt

Black pepper


-Season scallops with the salt and pepper. Place half the olive oil and soft butter in a hot skillet. Once melted, gently add half the scallops, let cook on first side for 90 seconds (do not move them). Then turn scallops over and let cook for 30-45 seconds. Put them on a dry paper towel. Repeat with the rest of the scallops. Keep in a warm place.

-In the same skillet, on low-medium heat, add the bacon. Cook for three to four minutes or until crispy. Add the apples and let cook for another two minutes. Add the simple sherry vinaigrette and the goat cheese. With a whip, incorporate the whole mixture. Turn the heat off and add the frisée until completely coated by the dressing mixture.

-On a rectangular plate, place three scallops in a row followed by a nice bundle of salad. Garnish with chives or apple chips. Serves four.


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