YIR- Staying resolute: Hotseat sitters' to-dos for '08

We asked some of our 2007 Hotseat sitters one more burning question: What are your New Year's resolutions?

Clyde Cooper, Founder, Club 216

To enjoy myself more, now that I'm retired. No appointments, no meetings, just take it easy. The first thing I'm going to do is supervise an addition to my house. To me, that's recreational.

Will Anderson, Lead Singer, Sparky's Flaw

Spend more time with my friends when I'm in Charlottesville. I've been really busy this year with touring and traveling to New York and LA. And floss everyday. All my roommates do it. 

Deborah Wyatt, Defense Attorney, Wyatt & Associates

Try to learn to turn the other cheek. It's not healthy to have negative feelings about people. Except Bush.

Beatrix Ost, Author, My Father's House: A Childhood in Wartime Bavaria

To have strong political opinions and act on them.

Brian Wheeler, Executive Director, Charlottesville Tomorrow

Limit myself to one cup of coffee per day but still attend as many local government meetings as possible.

Lee Catlin, Spokesperson, Albemarle County

Spend more time exploring our parks, walking trails, and natural areas. I spend a lot of time telling people how people should take advantage of them, but I haven't really rediscovered them for myself lately.

Dave Chapman, Commonwealth's Attorney, Charlottesville

I should be slower to become upset with the odd positions defense attorneys sometimes take in cases. I shouldn't get so upset with nagging little things like when a case gets scheduled for a bench trial when the defendant has confessed to the police.

Lisa Ferrari, Reporter, CBS19-TV

I would like to get myself to the gym more often, and when I get there, spend less time talking to people and more time actually working out. Usually I end up chatting a lot, and then it's "Oh, I've been here an hour! Time to go!"