QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Remember anything about Monica Lewinsky?

Laurel Cornell: "How dumb it was for Clinton to get involved in something like this. He could have just held himself in reserve. This was just such a dumb thing for a politician to do."

Heather Bergholz: "To each his own. I think it was kind of messed up on Bill's part because he was married."

Haywood Johnson: "Any man can do what he wants to. No question. That's his business. That's his thing."


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Bill is the greatest snake oil salesman ever. C'mon who can get a BJ in the White House and say, it's not sex. Whoa! And for Hillary to standby a lying, cigar tube pervert, ---tell's you that she will be the same. I bet you Bill is trying hard to get back in the White House so he can visit where it all happen.

I have to admit--Bill is the man! Vote him for president of Lewinsky Land again.