GIMME SHELTER- Got mosquitoes? DEET beats them all

John Ashcraft
Holistic Pest Solutions


Q: I've heard that spraying Listerine, the original medicinal type, is the best home remedy for getting rid of mosquitoes. Is this true? And are there any other natural home remedies that work?

A: Over the years I've compiled a list of what people consider "home remedies" for getting rid of mosquitoes, along with their true impact, and it isn't pretty. While Listerine might kill the mosquitoes you spray directly, it has no real impact on keeping them away. Same goes for fabric sheets, Vick's Vap-o-rub, Vanilla, using lemon dish soap in a plate of water, planting marigolds in your yard, taking B-1 daily, and eating or rubbing garlic on yourself– that only gets rid of the humans around you!

In addition, I've encounter no sound-emitting devices that work. While Avon Skin-S0-Soft is one home remedy that works, it's effective for only about 20 minutes. Of course, these are only the ones I've heard of, but all are ineffective, and any positive results from their use is simply coincidental or anecdotal. 

So what "natural" remedies do work? Soybean oil will help for about two-and-half hours, and citronella will help for about 30 minutes. However, the only truly, long lasting product that one can apply directly to the body is DEET, which is produced by a company called Morflex, Inc. Personally, I hate it, as is makes my skin tingle/burn, but it does work! Depending on the concentration, it will last for two to five hours. If used according to the product label, it's the best, on-person, material.

But in order to reduce the amount of these products one might need to apply to self or children, a thorough, professional mosquito service can significantly reduce the mosquito population on one's property.  In other words, get them before they can make it to you!


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I live in Florida and they tell you to go inside at dusk. We like to sit outside until about 9pm just shootin the breeze. Problem is mosquitos carry disease and I dont want the disease so I run inside when one lands on me. But I have found a temporary solution. I dabbed Rawleighs Medicated Ointment behind my knees, on my inside of my elbows, behind my neck and dabbed some other spots that i cant remember. But the mosquitos stayed away for HOURS!