4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Biggest crime spree: Greenbrier neighborhood reports three stolen cars and numerous car larcenies during the wee hours of June 21. Stolen are a red 2001 Toyota Tacoma pickup, license ADK-7935, a white 2004 Kia Sedona van, license JJH-6645, and a white 2002 Volvo V70, license AEC-4027.

Biggest yanked earmark: Larry Sabato's Center for Politics has received over $7.7 million in federal funding since 2000 for its Youth Leadership Initiative, courtesy Sabato classmate and buddy Virgil Goode, whom Sabato incorrectly predicted would win the 2008 5th District race. According to Politico, the winner of that race, Congressman Tom Perriello, has rejected the Center's request for $1 million, but his spokeswoman denies it has to do with Sabato incorrectly calling the race or his friendship with Goode, or that Sabato spokesman Cordel Faulk is considering a challenge to Perriello.

Worst news for truants: Students who skip 10 or more consecutive days can have their driver's licenses suspended starting July 1, courtesy Virginia's always-looking-for-a-new-way-to-punish General Assembly. And if the student drives anyway, he's looking at a Class 1 misdemeanor with its up to one year in jail and/or $2,500 fine.

Worst alleged domestic violence: Mark Lewis Franck, 21, is charged with assault and battery of a household member and murder of a fetus after allegedly punching his eight-week-pregnant girlfriend June 10 in their Mineral home, according to the Daily Progress.

Worst sludge accident: John M. Carden, 20, of Irvington, Kentucky, dies early June 20 after he falls into a vat of semi-solid sludge at an Henrico County reclamation plant.

Largest body count: Police are looking into a third death connected with Louisa woman Ulisa Mary Chavers, whose boyfriend's body was found in the bottom of a well and whose husband's body was found buried at a former home in Amelia County. Chavers was the caretaker of the boyfriend's mother, Eleanor Bowles, who died in 2004.

Most crime-ridden: Libraries. Joshua Alan Lafferty, 26, pleads guilty June 17 to credit card theft, B&E and computer theft in UVA buildings, and is found snoozing in front of a stolen laptop in Clemons Library, according to an article by Tasha Kates in the Progress. The Jefferson Madison Central Library is broken into over the weekend of June 13-14, NBC29 reports.

Most 911 calls: Linda Lee Dunnivan, 61, clocks in with 755 calls over the past two-and-a-half years, and she explains to NBC29, following her arrest, that she was followed by a strange car. Dunnivan was invited to Albemarle General District Court June 19.

Most taxing: Scottsville Town Council considers raising its meals tax from four to five percent and decal fees from $25 to $30 at its June 23 meeting, on the heels of a 10-cent-a-pack increase on cigarettes a week ago. Jason Bacaj has the story in the Progress.

Most retro: Two Darden grads eschew electronic communication and come up with stationery packaged as "Forgetful Gentleman" for those times when only a handwritten note or masculine birthday card will do. They're marketing the set for $25. 

Latest entrant to the Charlottesville sheriff's race: Paul Best, a detective with the Charlottesville Police Department who works on the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force, announces his run for office as in independent in November, when he'll face off against the Democratic primary winner James Brown.

Creepiest headline: "Librarians determined to entice youngsters" appears in the June 19 News Leader in Staunton. Stay away from the stacks, Johnny!