One of a kind: School wedding's unique, personal


Brad and I met at Walker Upper Elementary. At the time, he was teaching math, and I was the Reading Specialist. We both were at the end of previous relationships, so we were strictly platonic, but there was always just some connection between us. After our other relationships came to a close and we were able to truly let ourselves fall in love, it was like a fairytale. All we want is to be together, to make each other happy and to let the other person know how truly special they are each and every day. He makes me look forward to waking up each day. 

 Our favorite way to end the day is cuddled on the couch. We read, talk, watch TV, whatever.  I always said that is the place I feel the safest, in his arms. I had had a really crappy day, so Brad asked if I wanted to just sit on the couch and hug for a bit. So we did, and he proposed. He had the ring designed from a diamond solitaire that had been in my grandmother's engagement ring. 

 When trying to decide where to get married we knew only one thing for sure– we wanted it to be small and casual. We talked about all of the places we'd gone hiking, had eaten, etc. Then, one afternoon, Brad came running into the office and said that he had found the perfect spot for us. We walked outside at Walker and saw the tree shading the back patio.  Walker is where we met, and since we spent 10 hours a day there, it is really our "home away from home."The Walker community– staff, students– is like our family.  It has been a constant source of inspiration, commitment, encouragement and love. That's why we got married there.