LETTER- Essay disgusting, despicable

Your publication of the article by Ted Rall in your September 19 edition, Essay: "The Nazis: We have met them, and they are us," was probably the most despicable and disgusting abuse of the First Amendment and freedom of the press that this 83-year-old American has ever seen.

If this country were truly Nazi-like, a dirt bag like Rall would have been history long ago.

Frederick W. Kahler



Maybe someone ought to cue up a bit of horrorcore rap for Mr. Kahler. It would be interesting to see where he ranks Mr. Rall after that.

We are silently condoning torture. Er, rather 'enhanced interrogation techniques'. Anyone will admit anything when someone is pulling your fingernails out or pretending to drown you. It happened during the Crusades and the Reformation. Oh, and we also decided to removed the Japanese to internment camps during WWII 'just in case' they formed sympathies with their 'fatherland'. We're also thinking of building a wall because our country is being flooded with illegals because 'they' are taking our jobs and taking over our country? And we need to take back 'our' country? From who? From what? I haven't seen any real numbers.

Who else performed these atrocities? Those who ignore history...