QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Are you taking the new Amtrak train to New York and Boston?


Nikki White: "I like to get in, get out, so I don't like waiting, I don't like all the stops."


Jim Perriello: "I would probably do that [stop in Washington, DC]; occasionally I need to go up there for the day."


Jeff Pamer: "I definitely think I'd probably use it to New York City; I guess I'd probably use it to Boston too."



Which Amtrak train is the "new" one?

No use for this train -- it leaves too late in the a.m. for anyone going to DC to work, and even cuts a museum-goer's day in half. Best option to get to DC is to drive real early to Manassas and pick up the VRE train. Lots cheaper than Amtrak, free parking at the VRE station, more options for a.m. departure and evening return, and no need to make an advance reservation. Check out for more info.

What are the times for the train? Amtrak's hasn't bothered to unpdate its schedule posted online, although it has for the extension to Newport News that doesn't start for a while.