BLIND DATE CHALLENGE- Funny people: Jess and Jeff

Jeff is 26 years old, 5'10" and describes himself as "slightly balding, with the general build of a fading college athlete." He graduated with a degree in economics, now works as a restaurant manager, and says his "general awesomeness, wicked verbal skills, and impeccable fashion sense" make him stand out. Jeff's interests include music, football, food, and Snuggies TM, and to keep active he plays lacrosse and soccer for area teams. He was raised Catholic and considers himself fairly conservative. His favorite book is Bo Knows Bo, an autobiography of Bo Jackson, and if he had a superpower it would be "that trick Crocodile Dundee does to water buffalo." Jeff is looking for a woman who is in her 20s with "strong genetics and an appreciation for fun."

Jess is 25 years old, tall with blondish-red hair, and has been called "gangly" at times. She graduated from UVA and is a co-founder of a web company. Her interests include music, painting, and photography; she's a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys local organic foods. Jess says she's laidback, funny, easy to talk to, and she keeps very active working out 5-6 days a week, especially doing yoga and pilates. She is Episcopalian, pretty liberal, and her favorite books are by Ayn Rand and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. If she had a superpower it would be to time travel. Jess is looking for someone fun and outgoing... will Jeff fit the bill?

The pair met at Camino, a new restaurant off the Downtown Mall on Market Street that features rustic Mediterranean dining. 

What did you do to get ready for the date? 

Jess: Finished work, then the normal routine, nothing special.

Jeff: Flossed, shaved, and ironed a shirt.

How long did that take to get ready? 

Jess: 45 minutes.

Jeff: 30 minutes.

Did you get there first? 

Jess: Nope– I was late! I couldn't find parking!

If so, what did you do while waiting?

Jeff: Had a cocktail, chatted with the owner who was very nice.

Were you nervous? 

Jess: Not really.

Jeff: A bit, but the cocktail calmed the nerves.

What was your first impression of your date? 

Jess: Nicely dressed, acting cool. He was not overly enthusiastic, so it was a little intimidating, but he ended up being very very nice!

Jeff: Very pretty.

What was he/she wearing? 

Jess: Argyle sweater, khakis, maybe? It was nice that he got dressed up!

Jeff: Uggs, that was strike one.

Was he/she your type? 

Jeff: Yes, very much so.

Jess: Lookwise? I guess you could call him preppy, which is fine with me, though I wouldn't call it my type.

Did you order drinks? 

Jess: He started with a drink before I got there. We both had wine with dinner.

What did you order? 

Jeff: The linguine with clams, which was wonderful, and the stuffed pepper appetizer, also delicious. It was my first time there. I'll be going back.

Jess: We split the appetizer, and I had mushroom pasta. So good!

What did you talk about? 

Jess: We figured out we had some mutual friends (small town, of course) so we talked about that and work.

Jeff: We lamented dating in Charlottesville and pretty much touched on all the first date stuff, work, life, etc.

How did the conversation flow?

Jeff: Smoothly; her parents instilled solid social skills in her, and they should be congratulated.

What did you find most interesting about your date? 

Jess: He's got a great energy, is witty, and seems just like an all around cool guy.

Jeff: Her entrepreneurial determination and her justification for Uggs.

Anything you didn't like about your date? 

Jeff: We touched on that already. 

Jess: Nope, he was pretty awesome, nothing big that stood out.

What did you all have in common? 

Jess: Friends, both into starting our own businesses.

Jeff: Several past partners. KIDDING!

Did you feel any chemistry? 

Jeff: Yes, with the food and with the date.

Jess: I don't know... there definitely wasn't any awkwardness, and we got along great, but I don't know if we had any major sexual chemistry.

Any surprises? 

Jeff: She didn't turn and walk out when she saw me.

Jess: Stevie Jay walked by and was waving at me through the window. I had no idea who it was, like, "who is this crazy guy!?" Then realized who it was, and he came in and chatted with us.

What was your favorite part of the date? 

Jess: It was all pretty great, and the food was delicious! I'm a big foodie so food is important!

Jeff: When she made fun of my sweater and showed her witty side, which I appreciate.

How did the date end? 

Jeff: I wish I could say, "She made me breakfast." I've always wanted to read that in the BDC, but sadly, I had to head to work later that evening, so I had to cut it short.

Jess: He had to work so I went there and had a drink with him before his shift.

Kiss? or hug? or handshake? 

Jess: Hug.

Jeff: Fist pound into explosion, followed by awkward ass-out hug. In a word, perfect.

Would you go out again? 

Jeff: Absolutely.

Jess: Yes! Even if it didn't go anywhere, he seems like he would be a great friend.

What actor/actress does your date remind you of? 

Jess: Woody Harrelson.

Jeff: Cuba Gooding, Jr. or Katy Perry.

What would your theme song for the date be? 

Jeff: Bel Biv Devoe, "Poison."

Jess: "Two Become One," Spice Girls.

Rate the Date: 1-10  

Jess: 9. The date was great, but I don't know if we had any major romantic connection which would have made it a 10. Other than that, you couldn't ask for a better blind date.

Jeff: 9.8, had to deduct .2 for the footwear, but I had a great time.

Note to self: do not wear Uggs on a Blind Date! Seriously, sounds like these two made a great pair, and maybe that romantic spark will catch fire... are you up for the challenge? If so email: [email protected] to find your Valentine.