QUESTION OF THE WEEK-What do you think of zero tolerance policies in schools?

Frank Richards:"I think they can be overly harsh. A lot depends on the age of the student and the nature of the offense, but I think people are way too willing to be punitive. The notion of zero tolerance, being that absolute about anything, is, to me, a little bit distressing. Schools are becoming mini prisons. I'm not a fan of that."

Stacey Smith: "I think that it's a little too strong for the younger age group, for the little ones that are five years old. They don't understand, so if they were to make a comment like, 'I'll kill you,' some of them don't truly mean it. They'll be back to being friends the next day with the kid. That age group, I think it's a little too forceful for them, but for the older ones, we do need that."

Allegra Studnitz: "It's too complicated to put it only into two words."



one word says it all,


Zero tolerance in schools = Police state....
Let's turn it around, zero tolerance if our children don't get the education they deserve....find the staff that can give this to them. Let the police state rein from both directions. In other words, give em a taste of their own medicine.

It's been done before.

Ending water fluoridation would do wonders for kids ability to learn, and taking children out of public schools would do wonders for kids ability to think.


Since this just happened in February...wonder if it worked? I think its too soon to tell....

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What is needed is zero tolerance regarding those teachers and school administrators as well as parents who could care less about the education of these children.

The policy takes the heat off them and lays it on the kids who are not being taught or disciplined properly.

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